[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 20 – Cold Hearted Geth

During last session, Lorik revealed his first encounter with the pirate Zissou’s crew, plans were discussed on how to get to General Dawn Hammer and an agreement was made on one of those.

They also found themselves rescuing a friend of Lorik’s, a quarian engineer called Suzan vas Squidward. Small, but important, sidetrack aside, they finally made it to the pirate’s/heretic geth’s base to execute phase 1 of their plan.

Before we get to the session itself, there is a correction I need to make. In the last post I said that Bygone hunted down turian biotics for the Reapers. The part about him working for the Reapers was an assumption on my part as I couldn’t see any other reason for him to be hunting down turians.

After reading my post, this is how the GM explained this part of Bygone’s background:

Although Bygone is not one of the original geth created by the quarian, he is still pretty old. In fact, he was around long before the Reapers contacted the geth and the subsequent split between the True Geth and the Heretics.

At some point in that past, the turian government decided to go against the Council’s will to let the quarians deal with the geth problem and decided to act on their own. They did it in secret, of course, to not upset the other Council members, launching some covert ops against the geth.

This was pretty much just due to turian pride and to save face. It was also common for the turians to employ biotics in these kind of covert ops.

So that is how Bygone end up fighting them back in the days. Not out of any ill intent but just because he was defending his people from invaders.

I honestly didn’t expect to have to do any more of these corrections since I started recording our sessions for the write-up. The recording may give more accuracy on what everybody is saying but it doesn’t prevent me from doing wrong assumptions. /sigh

I will try to be more careful about those in the future. My apologies to the group and to the readers about that mistake.

The Session

Before I start on the write-up, just a small disclosure. I will cut some parts that weren’t too important to the story, like bits where we had to choose which path to take. Although they were fun for us to play through they don’t make for great reading.

With that said, let’s get this going!

The party started off in a docking bay on the heretic geths side of their base. This time we decided to not take any NPC with us. We felt that with less people it would be easier for us to sneak around.

After walking around a bit, trying to avoid as many geth as possible, we reached their generator rooms. Inside it was cold, with only one geth inside working on an inactive generator.

Bygone then contacted Labor, informing that the next room was where the servers room, where one of their processes were located. He also found a node there that looked like it was hiding something. Bygone probably could hack it but wanted Labor’s authorization first. Labor agreed to it.

After that Labor started to hack the generators, setting the ezo core to overload. At this point he didn’t set a specific trigger for it. That was something he planned to do after we achieved our goal.

Bygone then came back, telling Labor that he wasn’t able to hack into the node. He could try to force it open but that could alert somebody. Labor told him that wasn’t necessary as we were going to access the systems from our side.

In the server room there were only a couple getting making sure the servers were running smoothly.

Labor immediately went to hacking the servers to find out what was hidden in that node Bygone found. It contained an omni tool program called “Expert_Hand.exe“.

We also found out that they had contact logs with the Hades Initiative. I guess we couldn’t download it from that terminal since we just moved on.

To avoid more geths the party decided to proceed through some vents to get further into the base.

When the party reached the other side, before getting out of the vents, they saw what looked like a bloated, big husk devouring a corpse on the floor. Given it’s characteristics we assumed it was a batarian husk.

Once the creature left, so did the party leave the vents and Sidona decided to examine the corpse on the floor or what was left of it. From her examination, it was clear it was another husk with a lot of its implants being fried. That was probably what caused it to die.

The dead husk also happened to be a human type of husk. After discussing the matter we theorized that this might have been a human that has been captured during one of their raids and experimented on.

That or some human pirates made an alliance with the batarians then was somehow turned into a husk. In a post-Reaper invasion universe anything is possible after all!

Oh, if the idea of that wasn’t bad enough, Bygone contacted Labor to tell him we were in an area cordoned off by both the pirates and the geth. Apparently this is where they left all their husks that they didn’t have the time to shoot off into space.

The good news is they didn’t monitor the area at all, except for a few key entrances and exits, meaning we didn’t have to worry as much about sneaking around.

Not too far from that area there was a room, with no lights on, with a door slightly open. Since Sidona and Kronk had night-vision mods in their helmets they also could see some work benches and turned off computers inside it. The other option was an area with some servers bashed in by blunt force.

After a brief discussion our party decided to take a risk and check out the small dark room first. Inside they found out some tinkers tool on a work bench, some ammunition and data pads. We looted everything then made a note to check the contents of the data pads later on, when we had the time.

While investigating the area, a husk sneaked close to Kronk, trying to grapple him. If that wasn’t bad enough it had a red glow instead of a blue glow and our characters knew from prior experience that it was about to blow up.

Thankfully Labor reacted fast and shoved Kronk out of the way, keeping both of them out of harm’s way when the husk exploded. It also didn’t look like the explosion attracted anyone or anything.

Back to the hallway, we decided to investigate the server room. At first it looked like another dead end but then we noticed a catwalk that possibly led into another room.

Looking around, Labor managed to find some power coming to the room the through some applied engineering he was able to get it working again. That booted up the servers and without thinking twice, he hacked the servers. This time he found the Active_Cammo.exe program.

Every other information inside them was corrupted, most likely from the bludgeoning damage.

Going forward, through the catwalk, it was still pretty dark. Looking down Kronk could see about a dozen husks meandering around down below, with some entrances into it. Kronk shared that information with the party and they tried to go through as quietly as possible.

Luck wasn’t on our side as at some point the catwalk started to fall around us. But at least we all managed to jump to the other end, safely. The husks down below didn’t look too happy though and by the sounds they were making there was a lot more after it, probably attracted by all the noise.

Hello, fellow geth! I am your geth-map and I am here to enhance the aesthetic of this post. My presence here is totally not to just break a wall of text written by an inferior organic who can’t properly summarize a game’s session.

After facing a couple more dangers that aren’t that important for this story, our party found themselves in a hydroponic bay. There was a closed door to one side and of course, a bunch of different plants being grown there. There were about 8 stations with 4 to 10 plants on each, depending of the species, with bright lights on top of each station.

Kronk decided to examine the plants, finding one that tended to be poisonous to many species, salarians being one of them. The other plants had different uses between medicinal, hallucinatory and different levels of poisonous. Kronk decided to pocket the one that was poisonous to salarians.

Just as we decided to check on that door, Bygone conveniently chimed in to inform us there was one heat signature in that room that wasn’t moving.

We decided to send Kronk in first, given that he is our stealth person. Since his stealth roll wasn’t that good, all he did was open the door and poked his head in. It looked to be a hallway that was transformed into an improvised crew quarters with bunker beds on each side.

In one of the beds there was a batarian lying down, probably the source of the heat signature. And of course, a small alarm had to go off at that exact time to woke them up!

Just as that person was becoming conscious, Kronk closed the door leading into it then he declared to the rest of the party “Yeah, there is a guy over there.”

We briefly discussed our options then agreed to jump on the batorian if he came through the door. Sidona stayed to one side of the door, while Lorik and Labor hid behind some of the hydroponic bays, waiting to see if the enemy would come our way. Kronk banged on the door then moved to the side of it.

Obviously that was enough to call some attention to our side. In a few seconds the door opened revealing a batorian in some disheveled clothes, with a lab coat quickly thrown over it. He was shacking, with a small pistol on his hand, like he was expecting to find a husk.

Sidona just knocked him with the pummel of her sword before he couldn’t even notice any of us.

Because it is our group there was of course another discussion on what to do with our unconscious victim. We quickly came to an agreement that we didn’t have much time to wait for him to wake up and interrogate him. Plus any information he had we probably could get from a computer anyway.

The next question then was what to do with him then. Sidona and Kronk wanted to tie him up then hide him somewhere. While Labor argued that would be too dangerous and if he was going to die anyway, which was the most likely scenario, we might as well kill him ourselves.

Lorik agreed with Labor, arguing that the mission was dangerous enough as it was and leaving someone behind that could potentially alert others would be too much of a risk.

Sidona gave in, reluctantly agreeing with them. As for the form of killing, they decided to poison the batarian. Kronk quickly made an improvised poison with one of the plants then gave it to Labor to inject it into the batarian.

Labor quickly injected the poison and volunteered to hid the corpse. Nobody saw a problem with that and started to move to the next room, when Labor took his omni-blade out, stabbed the batarian in the heart then hid the corpse in the vent. Nobody noticed it.

Side note: If we hadn’t gone with the the poisoning idea, Lorik would have stabbed the batarian himself, in front of everyone while making it clear that wasn’t something he felt was right but it was something that had to be done.

A couple rooms later, the party was facing another door when Bygone piped in. According to him, there was a geth platform in there with a strange signature. He was still pretty certain it was an heretic though. There were also several heat signatures inside which led him to conclude the protean artifact was inside. Lastly there was another mysterious node he could hack into.

Labor asked Bygone to try hacking into the node which started well enough, with him noting that the enemy geth was trying to create some kind of backdoor into the device. But then everything went to hell as Bygone reported there were other enemy geth in the network trying to stop him, even making him unable to get out.

Thinking fast, Labor called Seraph through the omni-tool and asked her to get Bygone out of there. Whatever she did worked because soon enough Bygone was warning Labor that there was something wrong with the geth inside the room, it somehow had individuality.

With that little crisis averted, we decided to peek into the room. What they saw was a big square room, with some catwalks, a crane on the ceiling for some heavy-lifting, a bunch of lab equipment, some tables and a computer. Working at one of the stations there was a geth and a batarian nearby. Near one of the doors there was a guard while a human in a lab coat was working on something else. In the center of the room there was table with a bunch of junk with a device that glowed like a protean beacon.

Lorik also recognized one of the batarians, as one of the pirates that he encountered about 8 years ago. He even remembered that particular batarian being called by the others by the name “Rashad”.

Seeing that pirate made Lorik a bit angry. Lorik pointed at him then told the others that the batarian was one of the pirates involved in the incident 8 years ago. Lorik pretty much told the others that they should try go get the pirate alive for questioning and if that wasn’t possible then to make sure he was killed.

We also decided to go back and destroy all the teleportation devices we could just to make sure there wouldn’t be some reinforcements coming the same way as us. Meanwhile Labor would stay by the door trying to figure an escape route for us.

After pondering for a bit who he could count on to help with this task… he decided to call on Tiberus. Even Tiberus himself couldn’t believe it, wondering if it was really Labor who contacted him. Awkward start aside, and a quick explanation later, Tiberus managed to hack one of the pirate’s computers and got a map of the pirate’s base for us.

Labor also asked Tiberus to set a trigger for the explosion we set up earlier, just so we could activate it when we left. He also requested for Destin to ready a shuttle to pick us up at any moment.

Once all of that was done they rushed into the room, guns ready to shoot… only to find out there was a lot more batarian pirates inside than we thought.

I will admit at that moment I thought “Mistakes were made…” But since we couldn’t go back in time, we just tried to get cover where we could and started attacking Rashad, as he was our primary target.

The party rushing into a room full of enemies.
“Oh, sorry, I thought this was the door to the bathroom. Don’t mind me, I am just going to make my way back and find it on my own.”

After all that beating, Rashad was dazed, confused and near death. Then he desperately looked towards his geth ally, which he called AZP, and begged for help. AZP however decided to answer with a “Your services are no longer required” and shot Rashad.

If that wasn’t enough, the geth typed something on the computer console in front of him and all of the batarian pirates, except for Rashad, disappeared. Our GM explained that AZP had just teleported all of the pirates, including the ones on the ships, to the vacuum of space.

That shocked all of us because, I mean, yes, they were evil people but even then that kind of betrayal was very cold hearted.

Lucky for us Sidona was able to stabilize the unconscious Rashad before he bled to death. With that worry out the way we all focused our fire at AZP.

AZP however didn’t seem to care much about all the shots he was getting as he walked, terminator style, towards another terminal, while occasionally shooting back.

Again, we got lucky as we managed to finish him off just as he reached the other terminal but before he could do whatever he was planning to do.

Also, in the middle of all that, Labor in a crazy gamble rushed into the room, grabbed the artifact and put it in a bag. Ceni, one of Labor’s drones, were also destroyed in the middle of it.

After combat was over Labor picked a bunch of the random stuff that was on the same table as the artifact, shoved it into Ceni then tried to use it to do a jury-rig on the drone. Somehow it worked but now Ceni was glowing like a protean artifact and we have no idea what the long term consequences of that will be.

Kronk also picked a bunch of glowy stuff that was lying in a corner of the room and shoved it in a bag.

When we were almost done looting the place, a couple of geth reinforcements entered the room. We decided that we had enough fight for now and decided to run away as fast as possible.

Oh, and we didn’t forge to take Rashad with us. Sidona picked him up and slung him over her shoulder then started to run away too. Labor also took the time to radio the Plankton, telling them to get Donk on the ship’s ramp, ready to shoot.

As we made our escape the geth overseer kept taking control over geths units in our way to try to kill us. It would be kind of amusing if it wasn’t, you know, the whole bit about it trying to murder us any way it could.

When we finally made to the Plankton, we started to shoot back while getting on the ramp, with Donk also helping with some covering fire. The geth overseer still tried to jump on the ship but it got blown back by one of Donk’s grenades.

Destin then flew away and we could see through the windows of the ship hundreds of batarian pirates corpses floating in space.

Then as soon as we had made enough of a distance, Labor ordered Tiberus to activate the explosion we had setup before. It only blew the geth part of the structure, not the whole thing as Lorik hoped for, but that at least would keep them busy for a long time, in case they tried to rebuild it.

And that is where our session stopped.

Next time! Kronk finds the bones of Tiberus inside a dog house! The party does what they do best a lot: interrogate a new prisoner! Labor activates the Plankton’s secret mode, transforming the ship into the mighty giant robot, Gunplankton!

One of these might be true!

Notable Quotes

Hello fellow geths!

Lorik, Out-of-Character

I kinda feel like if we are going to, you know, starting blowing up a place, maybe we should take care of everything else first?


Well, what do I look like, MacGyver?


What is a geth going to do with a plant? Plant it? I don’t think so.

Labor, Out-of-Character

Decide what to do with it later. *wink* Melt it down.

The GM

Fine, we are just going to murder everyone we come across now.

Sidona, Out-of-Character

Well, you know what has information and won’t sell us to the Reapers? Computer terminals.

Labor, Out-of-Character

How about this? When we go back Ramirez go like “Commander you have a new message on your terminal” and we look at it and we got e-mailed a monologue by the Overseer.

Labor, Out-of-Character
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