[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 3 – Suspicious Turians

After all the trouble S-Hole caused last session I am getting the impression our group is now just suspicious of any new NPCs that gets introduced in the story.

Granted the new NPC that showed up in this session didn’t give the best first impression and there are some other circumstantial evidence he might be trouble. But for now I’d like to believe that his only problem is his personality, that he won’t be S-Hole 2.

I am getting ahead of myself again though. So let me give the usual disclaimer and get on with the story.

Disclaimer: English is not my native language. Although I can write and read it without issues, hearing and speaking is a different matter. I’d say I am at best 90% skilled at those. Also I have a terrible memory.

What this means is that there may be mistakes here. In case my group corrects anything I will make a note about it here later and in the next post.

The Session

As we started the session we figured out it was best to decide once and for all what to do with our prisoners. We quickly came to the conclusion that only S-hole and Lutis needed to be treated as criminals. Everybody else that were involved in the attempted hijacking of our ship were just being manipulated by those two.

As for Jack Knight we still couldn’t reach an agreement on what to do with him. Sidona then suggested that we get in touch with commander Yulaya for advice.

After 10 to 20 minutes to make a connection with HQ, we reported to the commander everything that happened then asked for his advice on the colony’s leadership situation.

Yulaya said that the news about the Hades Initiative were very concerning but for now we should just bring S-Hole and Lutis to HQ for further interrogation. He also had some new priority missions for us.

As for the Head of Security, a.k.a. HOS, as long as he was fit and ready for duty then there should be no problem with him being a temporary leader. Yulaya however was concerned that we wanted to put a guy in that position whose name we didn’t even know.

We promised to get back to him on that and asked if the commander could provide us with the files on HOS, S-Hole and Lutis.

Before anyone could go to ask HOS for his name, Kronk just pulled up his VI assistant, GM Mk. IV, what was HOS name. Turns out it was Joris Knoll.

We sent that information to HQ then an hour later we got the files on the three men.

Starting with Joris, this was the information we got: About 40 years old, former alliance recruit that was going through training before being dishonorably discharged for starting a lot of fights. After that he worked as a mercenary until the Reapers attacked.

When the Resistance formed Joris was one of the few to actually sign up for it. Due to his hothead personality he was sent to work on rim planets, usually small ones. Eventually Joris ended up in the farming colony where he has been working for 2 years.

There weren’t any real complaints about his work but his methods tended to be on the militant side, treating even civilians as if they were military.

With that information we agreed that Joris was still our best option for temporary leadership until HQ figured out a permanent solution.

Next was the report about S-Hole: There were very little negative marks about him. Until this point the Resistance considered him a good, reliable leader for the colony.

Before everything went to hell, he used to be a senator for the Alliance, posted in Tessia, the homeworld for the Asari.

Lt. Ramirez then pointed out that for such a public personality there was surprisingly little information. We started to wonder if the rest of it wasn’t redacted but unfortunately we would need to go back to HQ to verify it.

Sidona then checked who assigned S-Hole for the colony’s leadership position. The name that came up was of Tiberus Kryik, a turian commander for the Resistance.

Digging into who this Tiberus fellow was, we found out that he was a Specter but gave up the position to become a commander. Tiberus doesn’t lead a specific squad, instead just taking charge of special units as the need arises.

He also wasn’t the one that chose S-Hole for the job, just the one that signed on it.

Lastly was the report on Lutis: He was close to his 30ies, used to be a quartermaster for the Turian military before the Reapers invasion.

In the Resistance, Lutis always worked in a subservient position, serving as assistant to different commanders. When the colony was formed, he was chosen by S-hole to become his assistant. There was also some indication about a prior friendship between the two but no real details about it.

As for any connection with Tiberus there wasn’t any indication they knew of each other.

I really should get an image of the ship without the “lazors beanz”

After reading all these reports it was time to land on the new planet for the colonists. Joris proved to be actually a cool guy and, with the help of 3 other people, he brought to us the device they used to communicate with the Hades Initiative. So at least that got sorted.

Joris also reported that there were whispers among the colonists about what happened to S-Hole. The former head of security then gathered all the colonists and explained that there was an incident on the ship with S-Hole and HQ would pick up a new leader for them. Until then Joris would be their temporary leader.

Some of the colonists looked to be a bit concerned about the news but most seemed to be amicable to the idea.

Sidona then handed over the drugs to the local doctors in case the colonists went through withdrawals. Apparently some of them were already suffering from it, forcing the doctors to start treatment. Sidona then promised to talk with HQ to send further help to deal with the situation.

On the way back to HQ, it was mostly business as usual.

Lorik decided to check on the prisoners just to be on the safe side but fortunately they were all where they were meant to be. Novus however approached him and asked Lorik to keep an eye on Sidona for anything out of the ordinary. That took Lorik by surprise and to be honest, it took me, his player, by surprise too.

Novus said it wasn’t anything to worry about, it was just that if there was anything going on she wanted to help Sidona with it. Lorik promised to tell her if anything happened and asked Novus to do the same for him, which she agreed to.

This is a good point to note that Lorik and Sidona are cousins. They are also, as far as I know, the last members of their respective families so you can imagine how Lorik would be concerned in a situation like this.

Anyway, back to the story. Sidona decided to analyze the blood samples she got from the colonists to figure out what was causing the allergies. She found out that there were minor amounts of element zero in the samples, which were causing the allergic reactions.

Most likely the element zero was getting attached to a plant native to the planet and its polen was what was causing the allergies.

Labor then brought up we haven’t decided yet what to do with Jack Knight. After some more discussion we came to the agreement we would offer the smuggler a job with the Resistance. Nothing big, just supply runs with his own ship and a small crew that could keep an eye on him. The ship may or may not have a tracker too.

Then Labor went on to propose the idea to Jack. The geth buttered him up a bit before offering the position, making it clear that Labor still would need to convince the Resistance to accept it.

Jack asked then what he would have to do in return for this new job. The answer was that he needed to share any information he had on the Hades Initiative. Since Jack’s other options were to end up in prison or executed, he accepted the job offer and they shook hands to seal the deal.

Back at HQ, we were requested to meet commander Yulaya at one of the conference rooms. Everybody headed there except for Labor who decided to check small ships in need of a new pilot as well as a possible list of crew members. Once he gathered the information he joined the others.

With everybody gathered, Yulaya congratulated us on the mission success. He also said it would take at least a couple of months to get another ship to the colony but he would try to speed up the process.

Sidona brought up the topic of the drugs to which the commander promised to look into what kind of supplies HQ could send to help.

As for S-Hole and Lutis, they would be interrogated for more information then judged. Since the Resistance doesn’t have the facilities for long term imprisonment, their sentences could end up being either exile or execution. Given the nature of their crimes it would most likely be the latter.

Labor also brought up the case of Jackson Knight to the commander. He also provided the transaction logs, the lists of available ships and available crew. Yulaya took some time analyzing all the data then asked how much we believed Jackson to be trustworthy.

Labor replied that Jackson was unlikely to betray us but when talking to him earlier the smuggler clearly embellished his skills.

The commander then said he would see what he could do about it.

Next it was time for us to choose our next mission. The current priority missions were to follow some leads on the Hades Initiative or to investigate that mining colony we avoided the first time.

Apparently there has been some pressure from the higher ups to investigate the mining colony as there might be an useful item for us there. But if we chose to pursue this mission there would be the risk that the Siwaloo Station, our only lead to the Hades Initiative, might not be in the same place when we got back.

Lorik asked for more information about the item in the mining station. Apparently it was an experimental missile system that they were developing.

Labor however was more concerned about the Hades Initiative. His worry was that if we went to the Siwaloo Station with our geth ship we would lose a possible advantage over the enemy. Yulaya replied they thought about that already and they could provide us with a shuttle for the mission. This way we could leave our ship at a safe distance from the station and just use the shuttle to go the rest of the way.

Given all that information we decided to go to the mining colony this time. Now that I think about it I wonder what would happen if we chose to pass on this mission again. Would it keep coming back until we had no other option to check it out? Like “Hey, I know you guys are about to go defeat the Reapers but we still need you to investigate that mining colony. Can you do it now? Please?” XD

I don’t think we would be that mean to our GM, nor that he would keep trying to make us investigate it but it is still a funny thought.

Anyway, the commander asked his assistant to bring up the map for the mines. We saw a lot of buildings with a large shaft in the middle. There was a different area to the side that looked to be a weapons facility.

The commanding center was in the shaft itself, where it would supposedly be more secure against theft or sabotage. The plans for the missile were most likely there.

The commander also told us to be on high alert since the Resistance didn’t know what happened there and we should expect hostiles.

There was also a minor caveat to this mission. Before Yulaya could explain what it was, we heard the door opening behind us and a voice saying “I am going to join you for this mission”. The owner of the voice was a tall, white turian that we recognized as Tiberus.

It makes me wonder if he was all this time outside the door waiting until we picked the mission to make his dramatic entrance. Or if he was just passing by the hall at the time, heard we talking and then decided to enter.

I know this was just the rule of cool and I shouldn’t overthink about this. It is just that I find it funny now that I have time to think about this. XD

I am also probably being mean to my GM so I will stop here least my character suffers an “unfortunate accident”. XD

The bio that the GM gave about him. Also I have no idea why he wants coffee. I mean, he certainly didn’t look like he needed it!

Back to the story. There was a brief, tense, exchange between the two commanders as they disagreed about how a squad should be led. We also found out during this exchange that Tiberus had a personal investment on the missile project, hence why he was joining us.

Linus obviously didn’t like this turn of events and protested about Tiberus taking over command just like that.

The turian squinted (or as close as they can do to it) at Linus then replied that the mission should be quick and he would only be taking command while in the planet itself. Inside the ship it would be just business as usual for us.

With that, Tiberus left and Yulaya let out a sigh. Linus asked if the commander wanted us to get rid of Tiberus while at the mission which brought a small smirk to the Yulaya’s face.

The commander explained that although he didn’t see eye to eye with Tiberus, the latter promised to not interfere with the ship operations and that was why Yulaya agreed to let him join the mission.

Linus also asked what we should do if Tiberus ordered us to do something counter to the mission. The response we got was, if that happened we should treat him as someone who went rogue.

Sidona asked if Tiberus always inserted himself in missions like that. Yulaya answered that this was a pet project for the turian, otherwise he didn’t tend to take command of missions unless necessary.

At this point, Sidona decided to bring up that it was Tiberus who signed up S-hole for the leadership of the colony. The commander thanked her for that information and that he would do a personal investigation on the turian.

Since it required some secrecy it would take time to do it without Tiberus finding out.

At the end of the briefing, Yulaya said he was able to allocate the next round of credits to us, giving each of the party members seven thousand credits.

With all that business sorted out we decided to do some investigation ourselves about Tiberus. We asked around but couldn’t find much. What people said was basically that he was a “tightass”, “too much of a turian” and that he didn’t tend to have much patience for bureaucracy.

Labor also took the time to update the ship’s databases while we were at HQ as well as do some investigation on S-Hole. Again, we couldn’t find anything meaningful as most people just didn’t seem to know him and any related files required a rank higher than ours.

Commander Yulaya however thought it would help us to have access to the files his rank allowed to. The catch is that Yulaya will be notified of any file we access by using his permissions. Guess we won’t be able to secretly look into his shopping list for anything embarrassing…

Anyway, Labor decided to be on the safe side and made sure that access to all our files were restricted to people of rank Lieutenant-Commander or higher.

And with that our session ended. Next time we’ll finally find out what happened to the mining colony!

Notable Quotes

If there is another mutiny feel free to come and knock on the door.


Everybody in the galaxy is a geth in disguise. Yes, even you.

The GM

The Reapers appear and we are in an existential debate.

Sidona, Out of Character

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