[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 9 – A Hitman mission gone wrong

I thought our plan in the last session was kind of ridiculous (but fun!) . I found out I can do a lot worse with the right mix of inspiration and desperation. I am not sure how to feel about it.

But before we continue let me just put the usual disclaimer here:

English is not my native language. Although I can write and read it without issues, hearing and speaking is a different matter. I’d say I am at best 90% skilled at those. Also I have a terrible memory.

What this means is that there may be mistakes here. In case my group corrects anything I will make a note about it here later and in the next post.

The Session

We started with Linus and Lylid checking the local markets for supplies. Once they were done they went back to the ship to find Chanka Vox alone, taking a nap. There was no sign of Jack Knight anywhere. I also have no idea what Lt. Ramirez was doing, probably snuck out to join the circus or something.

When they woke up Chanka, he was very surprised and angry about Jack’s disappearance. According to the krogan, Jack went to sleep and Chanka thought it would be safe to take a small nap too.

I guess that should be a lesson to never trust anyone who is apparently sleeping. But lucky for us we did have a tracking device to locate Jack. Lylid took it out and together with Linus went to search for the smuggler.

The device took them to a hotel nearby, made out of shipping containers. The signal took was coming from one of the rooms there where Lylid decided to listen on the door. What she heard was a very angry lady asking about where a lingerie came from then the sound of stuff being thrown around.

The door suddenly opened and there was a surprised shirtless Jack there trying to make his way out as a shoe flew over his head.

I think this might have been the first time Jack was happy to see people from our party as he was very eager to leave. The lady however was not so amused and asked who they were. More specifically, she asked if the lingerie came from Lylid.

Lylid then explained that she was just the custodian for Jack and had full authorization to use violence if she saw fit. This made the woman back down a little but also didn’t surprise her. Apparently this isn’t the first time Jack got into trouble.

Linus thought it was a good opportunity to get some more information about Jack and asked the woman about it. Unfortunately all he got was some useless gossip about the smuggler.

Without nothing more to gain from this they all went back to the ship, with Jack receiving a warning from the woman to never come back again. She didn’t mind if Linus paid another visit though.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Kronk finished downloading his files. He then checked where Lorik and Sidona were. About Lorik there was just some generic information about a male turian being put in jail to be released in 24 hours. Sidona though there was not only her full name on record but that she was to be picked up a by an officer called Benia and to be taken to the Warden.

Kronk then sneaked to the lobby, making it look like he was just another visitor. He went to the front desk to see if he could get them out in a lawful way. The only response he got is that there was only a male turian who was still being processed but Kronk could wait at the lobby if he wanted to. And that is exactly what he did.

Lorik on the other hand had other plans. Since Sidona was taken he got a bit desperate and tried to cause as much of a ruckus as possible. A human officer came, telling Lorik to shut up but the turian instead tried to pick a fight with him, in the hopes of using the opportunity to make a escape.

Unfortunately the plan failed as a nearby salarian officer came to calm his colleague down. Without any alternative, Lorik just sat down and waited for one of his squad mates to get him out of jail.

Almost on cue, Labor got to a terminal on the station where he was able to change Lorik’s holding time to 15 minutes. He also found out where Sidona was taken to. Without anything else to do at the station Labor decided to go back to the maintenance tunnels and made his way to the the Warden’s office.

Let’s make this into a game. Take a drink every time you see the galaxy map in one of my Mass Effect 5E posts. Don’t do this if you are catching up on the posts though.

As for Sidona, she was taken to a large tower in the middle of the station, where a pink asari woman was waiting for her. The woman dismissed the guards then escorted Sidona into the building.

They took an elevator to the 60th floor of the tower, went past a hall that looked back at the station into a large office.

The office was so large it even had a second floor, with a massive window at the back. At the center, in front of the window, there was a white male human, with grey hair and what looked like cybernetically enhanced blue eyes.

Before anyone wonders, no, apparently this was not the Illusive Man. At least, Sidona’s player asked out of character if he sounded like Martin Sheen and our DM said his voice was different. So take whatever conclusions you want from that.

Anyway, the man was smoking an e-cigarette and working through multiple computer stations. Once he noticed Sidona’s arrival he politely asked her to sit down and then ordered the pink asari, Benia, to wait on the first floor of the office. Benia didn’t like the idea much but obeyed the orders.

To summarize their conversation it went more or less like this:

The Warden asked Sidona what was her business in the station. But she just pretended to be hired by Jack Knight and played the “no questions asked” mercenary card.

Maybe to show that lying wouldn’t work on him or to show his power, the Warden then pulled some data about Sidona. He was able to tell her full name, the name of her former cabal and even show an old picture of her from before the invasion. The Warden also knew the serial number of her biotic implant. All of which Sidona confirmed to be correct.

Finally the Warden came to the point of this whole interrogation. According to him there was a resistance group that believed they could defeat the Reapers. Someone in that group wanted to buy people who had biotics like Sidona. But the Warden didn’t know the reason for that kind of purchase and he wanted to know why. Specially since there was a lot of money involved and depending on the answers such individuals could be more valuable to the Hades Initiative.

Sidona was honest and admitted she didn’t know the reason either. She tried to convince him that if they worked together they could find out.

The Warden didn’t look convinced so he just asked Benia to take Sidona to the biotic clinic to be examined.

On the way out of the building, it was clear that Benia had some jealous issues with Sidona getting this much attention from the Warden. But Sidona didn’t really care and eventually she was taken to a muscle-car owned by the asari.

Back at the station, the guards were surprised that Lorik’s holding time was changed down to 15 minutes. They started wondering if he had friends in high places that could just change jail times like that. The human guard then just got angry and stormed off, leaving his salarian colleague to open the jail door to Lorik.

As the turian made his way to the lobby, the human guard was waiting in an empty area and tried to pick a fight. Since this wouldn’t help the mission in any way, Lorik just told the guard that he had better things to do and walked off, leaving the guard flabbergasted.

On the lobby, Lorik met up with Kronk then thanked him and Labor for breaking him out of jail. He paid the fee to get his stuff back then they contacted Labor.

They shared all the information they had so far and decided to meet up at the Warden’s office to see if they could rescue Sidona.

It took about an hour for the trio to meet again. Labor decided he would enter the building through the maintenance tunnels while Kronk and Lorik decided to go through the front door.

If they only looked to the left at that time they could have seen Sidona being taken away in a car. Unfortunately they failed their perception rolls and didn’t notice it.

Inside the building, Lorik went straight to the reception desk then told the lady they were informed there was a female turian there. Their job was to bring her back since she was sick with a highly contagious and deadly disease. It was also imperative that they checked everyone that had contact with the female turian to make sure they weren’t infected.

Oh, before anyone thinks I got this idea from current real world events, I actually got it from a video that Sidona’s player posted into our Discord the day before. Warning, spoilers for the Patient Zero campaign in Hitman (2016):

If any of these three were playing Lorik, they would have done a better job at this mission. Ok, maybe not Mike. He probably would make it a lot more entertaining though.

The lady at the desk just freaked out, went as far away as possible from them and called security. When they arrived Lorik told them the same story but they were not convinced and asked him to accompany them to the security room.

Labor, who already had hacked a computer, was monitoring the whole situation through the security cameras. He activated the building’s emergency system and talked through the speakers that the building was being closed down due to a biological contamination.

He also told Lorik, through their communicators, to cough. Oh, Labor also found out that Sidona was taken to the biotic clinic then decided to take the maintenance tunnels to there, leaving both Kronk and Lorik to fend for themselves.

At this point Lorik was in some tunnels that led to the security room. When the emergency alert started, most of the security left, leaving the turian with only one security officer.

Lorik got the message from Labor about coughing and started to do it. He also tried to convince the security officer to let him go back into the building to find Sidona because otherwise he would lose his job, without which he couldn’t pay the pension for his ex-wife and kids. Also that he was totally not sick.

It was the worst acting in the history of the galaxy and all that accomplished was to make the security officer to think that Lorik was infected with that mysterious deadly disease. He pointed the exit to the turian, telling him to leave while at the same time trying to stay as far away as possible.

Lorik then pretended to leave while looking for a place to hide. His sneaking failed though as the security officer noticed it and as he was approaching, Lorik panicked and knocked out the security officer.

Determined to still capture the Warden, Lorik picked up the radio from the security officer and told the rest of the security team that the turian was loose in the building and they should look for him. His reasoning was that this way they would all get away from the Warden.

Lorik then went into the vents and started to climb up to the 60th floor…

Clearly, I should not be allowed to make plans. Specially when I need to make important decisions on the spot.

In any case, Kronk was a lot smarter. Taking the opportunity from the confusion, he used his cloak device then sneaked up to the 60th floor. On the way, he saw the Warden being escorted by security to one of the exits.

We’ll get back to these two in a bit. Back to the ship first.

Linus and Lylid noticed a lot of cars with the biological hazard symbol going around the station. One of those cars stopped by the ship with it’s occupants quickly getting out and putting a “Do not cross” barrier around the perimeter.

One of the biological hazards officers then told them, with a speaker, that they were under quarantine and were not allowed to leave.

Linus tried to argue if that was the case if it wouldn’t make more sense to allow them to leave. But the officer told him that they could not leave until the station finished jumping.

Not understanding much of what was going on, Linus contacted Labor to ask what was happening. The geth explained the situation so far while Linus informed him about the station’s jump.

After that and without anything better to do, Linus decided to watch some pre-invasion TV shows.

At that same time Sidona was on the way to the biotic clinic, completely oblivious to all the trouble her cousin had just started. She took the opportunity to ask Benia how much experience the staff there had with turians. The answer was none. The closest thing they had were some turian anatomy diagrams.

Obviously this didn’t instill Sidona with much confidence so she convinced Benia to take her to a different biotic clinic, run by someone that had experience with turian anatomy. There was only one clinic in the station that met this criteria but it was in the slums.

When they arrived there, Sidona found out that the clinic was really run-down, with a broken window and some quarians outside huddling with blankets. It owned by an old salarian doctor who apparently who apparently was used to working for the Warden as he didn’t ask too many questions about it. At least he had some experience with turians, from before the invasion. Just not turian biotics but he was confident that he could handle the work.

Benia decided to wait outside, by the door. Sidona was able to hear her whispering something on her communicator but not the exact words.

When the doctor sat down to start the examination, Sidona decided to take the opportunity to escape. She pushed the doctor away then used her biotic power to fling herself through the door, knocking down Benia to the floor.

Sidona then went to an alleyway to hide. Through sheer strength she somehow managed to break the cuffs and waited for Benia’s car to pass through. Once that happened Sidona went accross the street to a pawn shop where she bought an used Omni-Tool.

With the Omni-Tool she called Labor to ask for help. The geth was surprised someone in this station was calling him in an unsecured line, to the point he even though it was some kind of elaborate spam. Fortunately he did recognize Sidona’s voice and the two chose to meet up in a nearby maintenance tunnel.

Before that though, Sidona wanted to get her stuff back which was in the back of Benia’s car. To that end she made an anonymous call to the police telling them there was a suspicious turian woman in front of the pawn shop.

In a few minutes Benia showed up, parked the car in front of the shop and went inside. Sidona used this opportunity to go to the car and retrieved all her gear. Before she could flee though there was a loud bang coming from the other side of the car. As Sidona looked over Benia was there, with a gun, waiting for her.

The two had a short fight which ended up with Sidona somehow getting enough of a distance to be able to flee. Once she was far enough, Sidona went to the maintenance tunnel, met up with Labor and the two went away.

Back at the Warden’s office…. Kronk managed to sneak into the office itself. He then started to pick any paper, disc and whatever else that may contain valuable information and put it in a bag.

While this was going on, Lorik dropped from a vent. He asked about the Warden but Kronk told him the man was already gone. Since extracting the Warden wasn’t an option anymore, Lorik helped Kronk to fill the bag.

Once they cleared the place up of any valuable documentation, Lorik went back into the vent with the bag and started to make his way down.

Kronk snuck out the door, but as he went down the stairs, some security found him. Through some ingenuity and a smoke grenade, Kronk managed to escape them, making his way to outside the building. He ended up in a parking lot where there was a crowd trying to get to their cars, making it easy for Kronk to blend in.

He contacted Lorik and the two agreed to meet in a nearby maintenance tunnel.

This is where our session ended. With any luck we’ll be able to make our escape from the station in the next session.

If we can do it without the whole place catching on fire I will consider it a success!

Notable Quotes

Sock in a door sounds like a good way to hide your crimes.

Lylid, Out of Character

I am not pimping her… I am just offering a different solution through relationship…

Linus, Out of Character

We’ll need to get Chanka Vox here and pretend he adopted Sid. He is the only one among us old enough to have adopted her.


Thanks for making me the Typhod Mary!

A sarcastic Sidona, Out of Character

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