Deus Ex Arcana T1 Hall

Since guild halls were introduced to Everquest 2 I’ve been wanting to decorate one. I wanted it so much that I decided that the only way I would be able to do it would be by making my own one-man guild and getting a hall. Well, eventually it became a 3-person guild as a couple of friends who were returning to the game asked if they could join my guild. They were also kind enough to help get the guild level and status to buy the hall, despite all my protests against it. I think they regretted that a little though due to my constant changes to the hall while I was trying to decorate it. Although they probably forgave me once it was finished since they still speak to me. 🙂

Anyhoo, the idea for Deus Ex Arcana is that it is a group of evil people who got together for the convenience of sharing resources to advance their own agendas. It is disguised as a sort of “gentleman’s club” as to not attract the attention of the powers in charge since they probably wouldn’t like too much what the guild was doing. This meant that the hall should been elegant, a place that looked like it was built for social gathering and with some secret places here and there. Putting it in practice was very challenging and I had to cut a few ideas due to item count and physical space limitations. Still I love the place. All the effort we put to get it was worth it. I will also be eternally thankful for all the help my friends gave to me in getting that hall, for letting me being egoistical and decorate it all by myself and having tolerating my constant changes to the design.

With all that explained let’s get to the hall, shall we?

The entrance which serves as a sort of checkpoint to see where people can go in and what services they can use

DXA Entrance

Both visitors and members were required to sign the log book. Also depending on the case they could be required to leave their belongings by the entrance which the staff would take care off until the person’t business there was concluded.

The DXA staff

In case someone had to wait for further clearance, comfortable sitting is provided. They would also be offered some coffee or reading material.


If the visitor decided not to sit or maybe if they didn’t feel like reading they could rest their eyes on some exotic plants brought from all over Norrath for the hall. Also shown in this screenshot is guild’s burynai mascot.

Exotic plants and a burynai mascot

If anyone tried to force their way without authorization they would have to deal with the guards. The guild takes its privacy and rules very seriously!


Going to the east wing first, we get to the guild’s library. It contains books on all kinds of topics, surely to please even the most unique tastes in reading.

Library 1

Library 2

Library 3

Going back, this time to the west wing of the hall, we first end up in the teleportation room where the guild’s wizard will teleport people to different places of Norrath. It also has a convenient teleportation pad that can take guild members back to their homes if they so desire.

Teleportation room

After the teleportation room we come to the crafting area. On here the members have all the conveniences they need to practice their more mundane crafts.

The circular crafting station is my version of the crafting station created by Jazabelle for the Homes and Tomes guild.

Crafting area

Crafting area 2

Crafting area 3

In the crafting area there seems to be just another giant painting….

A giant painting or...?

In reality the painting is a secret passage to places that only a few know of!

Secret passage

There seems to be doors to two more areas down there. I wonder where they lead to…

Secret area 2

Secret Area Door 2

Going through one set of the doors we come to what seems to be a ritual chamber. What goes in here only the guild members know!

Ritual Chamber

Ze Altar!

Going back to check the other room we seem to have found a meeting room. This is probably where the guild’s council meet to discuss anything pertinent to the guild’s interests.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room 2

Thanks for looking! 🙂

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