[EQ2] Deus Ex Arcana – T2 Evil Hall

This took forever and 3 months to build but it is finally done and now I am free. FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Mwahahahaha-*coff*coff*coff*. Sorry about that. The work on this hall just took a bit of a toll on my mind. :p

Anyway, this is the Deus Ex Arcana guild hall, located in the Antonia Bayle server, Freeport city, Tier 2 guild hall. If you are interested feel free to visit in person. 🙂

Now for some pictures!

First, we come to the entrance. Which isn’t in any way meant to overcompensate anything of the guild members or make the visitor feel diminished. No siree!

A view of the entrance just as the visitor enters

Closer view of the reception desk

If we go to the left we can find some of the amenities like banker, broker, comodities seller and even a tinkered “vault” where members can store their hard earned money.

View of the left wing of the hall

Banker, broker, commodities seller

The tinkered "vault"

Nearby there is an area for portals that lead to member’s private crafting centers. The alcoves were based on a design that Gracee, one of my guild members,  got from a guild hall in Crushbone. I don’t remember the name of the guild though, sorry! Anyway, I modified and simplified it a little for my own needs.

Portals to personal crafting halls

Further along we can find the crafting area. The crafting circle was based on an old design by Jazabelle which I modified for my own purposes. Jazabelle herself even gave me some info to help out and her own blessings!

The crafting circle

Custom built forge

A small area to discuss business

The fuel and recipe sellersGoing to the right side of the hall this time, we find a small training arena. Pretty boring, I admit, but it is here for future reference purposes. Just in case I decide to change it later. :p

Mini-training arena

Further along, we have another area for portals. This one is for houses that belong to friends of the guild. Kinda empty now since most of them are away from the game now and I wanted to leave some space for expansion too.

Area for portals of friends of the guild

In the back we can find the conference room where the leaders discuss their plans on how to conquer the world topics of importance to the guild.

Conference room

Snacks for people to munch on while a meeting is going


Just outside the conference room there is a waiting area where employees can wait to give some report or for representatives of other guilds/organizations that come to discuss business.

Waiting area

On this side we can also find the guild’s library. It is stocked with any book that the guild may need and also serves as place to display the guild’s trophies. It also has a librarian to keep everything organized and tidy!

The library

The guild trophies

The guild's librarian. A very zealous man!

Going to the middle and then up the stairs we find the garden/teleportation amenities


The guild's druid

The guild's wizard

The guild's... sailor?!?

Going down the basement, we find the guild leaders’ offices. Right now only Leontius, my coercer, has his own office decorated. The others will be decorated by their respective owners whenever they feel like it.

Leontius' office

A couch for chilling

Some knick kacks that may give some hints about Leontius' studies

The desk!

Thank you for reading and a special thank you to my guildies who were very patient and kind enough to let me build everything by myself. 🙂

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  1. I still feel very lucky that I am allowed to use this beautiful hall! Good job! Though I would put the timeframe for completion at something more like forever and 6 months… 😛

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