[EQ2] Dipping the toes again in Everquest 2

Rakuno, Wally (his pack horse) and his wolf puppy in an empty house

Some of my friends had decided to go back to Everquest 2. With that and the changes to their subscription matrix, I decided to check it again.

If all you want to decorate it is pretty much viable to do it now as a free player which is exactly what I intent to do. And well, even if I wanted to do anything else my connection has been so horrible as of late that it is practically the only thing I can do safely in there.

So, if you see a house post in the near future don’t be surprised.

3 thoughts on “[EQ2] Dipping the toes again in Everquest 2”

  1. bah sorry after all that messing around trying to comment, colds hit me and the littlun and actually commenting here went totally out of my head 😛

    anyway… I’ve been back on and off, starting to decorate my guild hall, getting sidetracked by all the changes, new (to me) content… I’ll probably also do some posts of anything I actually manage to finish 🙂 will be looking forward to seeing yours (ps what server are you on? can i visit? :))

    • No worries. It was my fault for screwing up things with the blog that made you have problems with commenting. Once again, sorry for that!

      I’ve been in the same boat. So much has changed that I am still trying to catch-up with everything. Currently I am a break from decoration since I hit a problem in the house I was working on and was getting burned out of it. So adventuring it has been! At least I am also getting some new furniture with the adventuring too. 😉

      I am playing in the Antonia Bayle server. And of course you can visit. It would be an honor. 🙂

      Right now none of my houses are decorated. Only place I have decorated is my guild hall, Deus Ex Arcana, a Tier 1 hall in Gorowyn. It was made back before the building blocks was introduced. If you do visit it, make sure to check the behind the painting in the crafting area.

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