[EQ2] It is not over until it ends

Kahlef sitting on his office

So, if anyone has been wondering why the sudden stop to posts… Well, I blame it on Everquest 2 and my tiny guild on Antonia Bayle getting a Tier 2 guild hall. Which means a new place that required decoration. Anyone who knows me know that once I get into a decoration project I really get into it: all my free time is spent working on it and when I am not working on it I am thinking about it. That is just how much I love decorating in Everquest 2.

Now the problem happened because I thought it was going to be an easy project. I thought I knew exactly all the features I wanted, how everything would look. I thought I would finish it in two weeks tops then I could just go back to my regular posting, even showing off the new shiny hall and make a decoration for Frostfell (that would be equivalent of Christmas in Everquest 2). You would think that after decorating in Everquest 2 for such a long time I would know better than that. Long story short, the hall is yet to be finished. It is at best about 50% done. Even what I did was done with much cursing, whining about the shape of the hall and requiring some good breaks in between to avoid complete burn-out.

The good news though is I think I got almost all the hardest parts done. There are still some parts down the hall that I am trying to figure out how to build. After that it is mostly filling up space, thinking on how to make they look interesting, adding little details here and there and so on. My goal is to try making all that before February so I can also do add some temporary decoration for Erollisi Day (Everquest 2’s version of Valentine’s Day). We’ll see how it goes.

In other news, I finally got Kahlef’s epic and his enervated weapon. Many thanks to Rkulaa, Skarllet and Frep who helped to make this possible. I also decorated Kahlef’s office in the Pirate’s guildhall (it is another guild I am part of and not the one responsible for decorating the hall). Having an office in the guild hall was something that Skarllet, my guild leader in Pirates, allowed us to build. It was also another project that was bugging me since I was having trouble coming with the right materials for it. I am really relieved I finally got it done. The picture above was taken inside it. 🙂

Oh, and special thanks for Skarllet for being so kind, separating a space for all of us to build an office in the hall and being very supportive through it all. 🙂

That is it for now. Hopefully now things will be going back to normal on this blog too!

EDIT: Gracey, my guild leader at Crushbone, posted pictures of the hall in the official forums. All I did was to decorate Kahlef’s office, everything else is her amazing work. You can find it here. If you prefer to visit it in person the hall is on the Crushbone server, Qeynos, Tier 2 under Pirates.

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    • Thank you. As always it looks better visiting in-game than in a picture but one does  try to do what one can with a picture.

    • Thank you. I will need to check with my guild leader over in Crushbone if the rest of  the hall is ready and open for visitors. If so I will mention the address in another post so interested folks can visit it and see the rest of the hall as well. 🙂

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