2 thoughts on “[EQ2] Limitations of a Silver Account”

  1. I was wondering which tokens you were talking about until I read the last paragraph and realized it was about those loyalty point tokens. So they are doubling for gold accounts then…that’s great! That means one could get the Kromzek house in one month instead of two, among other things.

    I found out too that there’s a heritage painting available on the loyalty vendor that I’d wanted since the game first started, but wasn’t able to get it since my account was never linked to a previous EQ1 account and so I’d missed out on that option. It wasn’t a huge deal, of course, but I still really liked that painting and now it seems I have the option of getting it!

    My gold account ends tomorrow unless I subscribe. I’ll probably go ahead and do that even though I’m not playing much due to work and school and other things, but it would be nice to be able to get double tokens, and Frostfell is coming up soon too.

    • It is not only loyalty tokens. It is any quests that given tokens. So that includes writs (for city tokens), grottos (for the elemental tokens), the new quests in Tears of Veeshan that give etyma (I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong!), and so on and so forth. We’ll certainly get double tokens of whatever Frostfell gives too and the same with Erollisi Day.

      And yes, there are some nice painting and other furnitures in that merchant. I am still aiming to get the Kromzek house first though despite not having any idea for whom or what I would use it for!

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