[EQ2] My goals for August 2015 – The results

Casimir doing a hello... supposedly!

You know what they say about the plans of men and mice…. And so it was  for me, with my plans for August being derailed almost to the point where I didn’t get any of the stuff I was planning done. It started simple enough, like all my derailings usually happen, by getting more interested into another game, namely in this case Dark Souls. It was one of those games that makes you forget about all other games and want to play just that one. I just stopped playing because I got to a part I wasn’t figuring out how to get past and got annoyed enough to get some time off it. Then a few days later after that my CPU started overheating when I played pretty much any game. I was able to fix it but it did end up leading to other hardware problems which I didn’t fix yet. But at least I can play games now without my computer getting so hot I could fry eggs on it. :p

There were also a few other things here and there that has left me with a scattered brain but those are the more “note-worthy” ones. So my original intention was to make this a monthly thing, where I’d set some goals to accomplish in Everquest 2 and by the beginning of the next month see what I actually got done and else I intended to do for the new month. But with my current state of mind I really don’t feel like playing Everquest 2. In fact, I don’t feel like playing anything in particular right now. If I do play anything this month I might just putter around in different games. So for the time being this little experiment ends here. I might pick it up again at a another date when I feel more involved with Everquest 2 (or even another MMO).

With all that rambling aside, what did I actually accomplish in the game? More than I actually thought!

Getting Kahlef to level 100 adventurer and gearing him up – Completed (Sort of)

Reaching level 100 with Kahlef was easy peasy since he was a stone throw-away from that. Getting some decent gear upgrades though… That is still a work in progress. Since I don’t have the max level crafters in Crushbone that could make him mastercrafted gear he has been having to make-do with whatever he can from the advanced solo dungeons. I think I got upgrades for almost everything but jewelry. But I don’t feel really like grinding for those, specially since in a few months there should be a new expansion/campaign/DLC/whatever-they-are-calling-it-nowadays for the game and I am pretty sure they will add some new gear that is better than anything else we already have. That is how it has always been in Everquest 2 and I don’t have any reason to believe it will be any different this time. So I might just wait and see what what they do instead of just burning myself out prematurely.

Getting Casimir to level 100 adventurer and gearing him up – Completed (Sort of too!)

This was one I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do because of all the troubles I ran into this month. But fortunately I did it! I was able to get him to adventure level 100 last Friday evening.

I was also able to upgrade all his armor pieces and weapons with some mastercrafted stuff. It took quite a bit of money to buy the rares and I blew a couple of pieces while trying to experiment on them too. :p His ranged weaponry and jewelry are still quest-junk/level 95 handcrafted stuff. They probably won’t be upgraded for anything much better than level 98 handcrafted though for the same reasons I am not bothering to do it with Kahlef. Still I am happy to have another character at level 100 in Antonia Bayle!

Finish gearing up Rakuno – Incomplete

He is still lacking in some jewelry pieces and once again, I am not going to bother grinding some advanced solo dungeons for those with a possible expansion/campaign/DLC/whatever a few months away.

Finish Rakuno’s Crafting Hall – Incomplete

Even though this project is still barely started I am still having doubts if the location is a good one or if my ideas will work out well. So I hadn’t really done any work on it and probably won’t in the near future. I’ve been pondering about trying to tackle a more simple, easy to implement project to see if I can get out of this self-doubt funk but then again I am always thinking that and never going ahead with it. :p

Start doing crafting writs daily or semi-daily for Deus Ex Arcana – Not achieved

I haven’t really playing Everquest 2 regularly. And when I did I was more worried about getting Casimir to level 100 just to say I achieved something in the game this month. This is another thing that is unlikely to change in the near future given my current feelings.


So, all in all I think this a wash. I accomplished more than I thought I did but less than what I planned for. If that makes any sense. This month is starting with some loose ends from last month I need to take care of but after that hopefully things will go back to normal here. Because I am really tired of this string of bad luck I have been having recently and could do with some stability in my life. Specially considering how uncertain everything outside of it feels right now.

2 thoughts on “[EQ2] My goals for August 2015 – The results”

  1. Hey, cheer up, games are there to lighten up your life, not to make you feel bad about achievements and other things you ‘should have done’! 😉

    You made some of your goals and that’s great. And it was awesome to see you post a bit more regularly last month (even though I was too occupied to be much involved with them). I hope you’ll soon find a bit more stability in your life. Taking roller-coasters can be fun for a bit, but in between you have to be on the ground.

    • Oh, I know that. It is just that the story of my life is pretty much 1. Come up with a plan for something. 2. Start working on plan. 3. Abandon plan in the middle as I get distracted by something else. By this point I am pretty tired and sick of half-finished projects so every time that happens it sucks, no matter how important or not it is.

      This one sucks doubly so because I really wanted to have that crafting house done. Been too long since I had even one house built in Everquest 2 plus this one would solve a  few problems for me.

      Anyway, enough whining for me and thanks for the comment!

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