[EQ2] My goals for August 2015

Rakuno pondering

Usually the way I play is a pretty ad-hoc way with some nebulous goals in mind. But I thought it might be interesting to try formalizing these goals for a month then look back next month to see how many of them I accomplished, which ones I didn’t and why. If this works out I might make it a regular thing. So these are my goals for EQ2 in the month of August. Keep in mind they aren’t in any particular order!

Short term goals

These are the goals I believe can be achieved in a month. Well, as long as nothing happens to keep me away from the game or my fickle nature kicks in and I go on a sabbatical from MMOs. :p

Getting Kahlef to level 100 adventurer and gearing him up

Getting the levels should be pretty easy. He is already level 99 and some percent towards the next level. That should happen in the next few days in fact. Gearing him up will be a bit more complicated. I do not have a tailor in the Crushbone server yet to make him some level 98 mastercrafted gear. Actually I don’t have any crafter that could make him some level 98+ mastercrafted gear. I don’t even know if I have  enough rares to do it anyway. So I will have to rely on whatever I can get as drops from the Advanced Solo dungeons and Yellow Gems to upgrade those gear. It will take a while and depend on the RNG gods so might not be all that feasible in a month.

Getting Casimir to level 100 adventurer and gearing him up

Similar to my goal with Kahlef. The difference is that Casimir is still level 96 and questing on Tranquil Sea. I also found last night that doing the solo dungeons with him can be extremely slow due to him being a mystic with crappy gear and a crappy tank mercenary. Once he gets to level 98 things should get better though. Unlike Kahlef, Casimir is on Antonia Bayle, where all my 9 crafters are. So it would be a question of saving up enough rares to gear him properly.

Finish gearing up Rakuno

One of the trends that Daybreak Games seems to have adopted with Everquest 2 is to make it more and more important to gear up before you can start group dungeons. Yes, that is right, group dungeons. Not raids. This means that you just can’t reach level cap anymore and join your friends in dungeons like in the old days. Now you need to either get some pretty good mastercrafted gear or grind the advanced solo dungeons for drops. And adornments. Can’t forget the adornments. Those have become quite important now too.

With Rakuno I was able to upgrade almost all of his gear already to mastercrafted. He still needs some jewelry and charm upgrades though but I am lacking the rares  for those. In an attempt to speed the acquisition of rare harvests, I’ve set all my goblins to the level 96-99. Ponies are currently gathering holiday harvests due to Tinkerfest but once that is over I will set them to that too. It helped a little but not all that much. I am also harvesting with Casimir while he is questing and from time to time I will also get Rakuno to go out and harvest himself.

I also need to get more adornments. That is another tricky one because I found that those blank runes and far seas kindling can take a lot of tokens. So I started doing the daily and weekly tradeskill quests with Rakuno to get the Far Seas tokens too. Occasionally I do those quests with another character too, particularly the Tuesday daily since it gives a chance for a bigger bag.

All in all though I am not too much in a hurry with this one. My small circle of friends haven’t been really doing any group dungeons in a while. Plus they aren’t all that different from advanced solos (they tend to be just harder and give much better loot).

Finish Rakuno’s Crafting Hall

Another tricky one. I’ve started to build this a long ago and keep going back and forth on it. A crafting hall would be important to me as a location where I can have all my crafters apprentices in one central location. It also where I store all my rares, shinies that gives furniture and a few other ammenities. It would also be a place to fall back to if the rent on the Deus Ex Arcana hall isn’t paid and I don’t want to pay it up just to do some basic crafting. It would also be a nice place from where to sell all my stuff.

Right now I have a bit of the entrance built. But I am already running into some challenges. Some of the pillars I built out of Blocks of Sumac just stop rendering after a short distance. I could change my settings so that problem doesn’t happen. But I need to assume people who visit the house will be using default settings where the problem would still occur. I am playing with some different options but haven’t found one that I like yet. The second floor will be another tricky thing. If I build it of only tiles I won’t be able to sink anything in the floor. Might not be a problem but I am not sure yet about everything I will put on the second floor. So it is something to keep in mind!

Once I finish it I can just copy the layout for Kahlef and then I will have a nice Crafting Hall on Crushbone too!

Start doing crafting writs daily or semi-daily for Deus Ex Arcana

I just feel like I’ve been neglecting my little guild Deus Ex Arcana. There are a few amenities I’d like to buy for the hall and getting more guild levels would also be nice. The amenities are costly however and guild levels should be pretty slow right now. So my plan is to do a few writs a day or maybe even a couple days a week. This way I shouldn’t feel too frustrated because I am not getting those and make a progress at a pace that won’t burn me out. Plus it would give me City Festival tokens to buy more building blocks the start of every month!

Long Term Goals

These are goals that I don’t have any time-frame to accomplish. Just  things I might work on here and there while working on other goals.

Get all the 9 crafters at the level cap in Crushbone

Right now I only have one crafter at the level cap in Crushbone, Kahlef who is my carpenter over there. But I’d really like to have the full crew of crafters over there too to make it easier to gear up my characters. Hopefully it won’t be as hard as it was in Antonia Bayle. If for no other reason than having 200% veteran bonus XP from all my crafters should make it faster. :p

Leveling the alts

Another one of my oldest goals has been to have more alternatives for grouping at the high levels. But instead of playing my alts I always find myself focusing in one of my tank characters (first it was Ramalis, now it is Rakuno) simply because I need to have them geared up and my skills honed to do a proper job at it. It is not something I mind much since I like to play tank characters (except when I don’t). This can be frustrating  though when someone else wants to play their tank and I just don’t have another character to fill another role. Getting Casimir to level 100 should help with that a bit since then I could fill in the healer role (doing it well is another matter though!).

After completing my goals with Casimir though I am thinking of playing a bit of each of my alts and level them all steadily. Part of it is that I hope that by not focusing solely in just one  character I will keep my fickle nature sated and less frustrated because some of my characters aren’t getting any love. I tried it a bit before and it worked well. So I’d like to give it a try again.

Decorating Houses For Each Character To Sell Their Own Stuff

I assume most people in Everquest 2 are just fine by plopping some sales crate into an empty house and selling from there. Not me though, if someone is coming to one of my houses to by my stuff than I’d like them to have something nice to look at even if they never go farther than the entrance.

My original plan was to just do it whenever I built the houses for my alts. Since building a house for each one is a huge undertaking in itself I thought it might be best to instead to take advantage that each character can have multiple houses and build a simple shop for each instead. Nothing fancy, just enough to give the impression of a shop and the personality of its owner. My plan is to use the prestige houses I can claim for it too since I find it very annoying when I want to go to someone’s house to buy something and the house rent is unpaid. I don’t want my clients to go through that kind of annoyance. :p

Get a Guild Hall for Cookie Armageddon

A while ago I made another guild on the good side (Deus Ex Arcana is evil). There were a few reasons for that: I wanted to decorate a good-aligned guild hall. I never felt too comfortable with my good characters being in Deus Ex Arcana so this one makes more sense to them. And also because apparently I am a masochist (Yes, this might just be my excuse for all my insane decisions) :p It is a one-man guild only so if anyone wants to join in I will just point them to Brave Legion or Wayfarers as they will find much better homes there. :p

Anyway, Cookie Armageddon has been eligible for a guild hall for some time now. But I have been postponing it due to have other decoration projects I want to work on  first (i.e. Rakuno’s Crafting Hall). The lack of a “Call to Guild Hall” with my good characters is starting to annoy me though. So after I get a few more decoration projects done I think I will be getting a good hall and start working on it. I already have some ideas as far as themes go.


I think these are all the most important goals I have right now in Everquest 2. If it all works well, by the end of next month I should have a new set of goals and maybe even add a few more to the long term list. We’ll see how it goes!

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