[EQ2] Perrin Wanderhoof is mine!

Rakuno and Perrin scheming

After many months camping for the elite mercenary Perrin Wanderhoof I was finally able to hire him. Now he is mine! All mine! Mwahahahaha!

Now for those wondering what an elite mercenary is and why it is a big deal for me, let me give a quick explanation about the mercenary system in Everquest 2. Back in the expansion, Age of Discovery, the Everquest 2 developers introduced a system where we could hire mercenaries that had the same classes as players and would take one slot in the group. The idea wasn’t for them to substitute real players but to make it easier for certain classes to solo as well as to make small parties of two or three people into something viable. The common mercenaries are weaker than regular players and can be found in any of the player cities. All you have to do is go them, talk to them and choose the option to hire the mercenary. Each player can only have one mercenary hired at a time plus they need to pay an hourly rate for them (dependent on level).

Now there is also the elite mercenaries who are much more powerful than the common mercenaries as well as more costly. The first ones you could only find if you were lucky to see one of them in the overworld and beat someone else to hire them. Because once they are hired they aren’t available again for a few days. I  guess the developers were dismayed about how little use those mercenaries saw as they eventually changed the system for those to a contract drop in certain dungeons that can then be used to hire certain mercenaries. I believe the contracts may also be tradeable, not too sure about that right now.

Anyway, Perrin Wanderhoof is one of those old elite mercenaries, where you need to find in the overworld. He is a healer so I was hoping he would be a good help for Rakuno to tackle some more challenging content. My strategy to get him was to camp a known spot where he spawns. I would log out Rakuno in that spot so every time I played him I would log right in to see if Perrin was up or not. That took months and yesterday, I logged on a whim, just to check it out, not expecting him to be there. Much to my surprise Perrin was there and I didn’t think twice before hiring him!

I haven’t been able to test him out yet though as I am suffering from a flu from hell (I am getting better as you can see. :p). I also feel a bit bad about retiring Raffik now since that little ratonga saved Rakuno’s hide more times than I can count. But after trying to get Perrin for so long I intent to make this mercenary earn his pay. :p

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  1. Congratulations! I’m so jealous. I have never been able to find any of the elites – but I’ve never camped out for one either. That’s dedication!

    • Thanks! The camping part wasn’t that big of a deal, just a bit annoying to have to move Rakuno to Withered Lands every time I was going to log out/switch characters. I am also not even sure if this one will be any better than Raffik too (still recovering from the flu from hell) so it might not have been all that worth it besides bragging rights.

      In any case, I do intend to play in the lotto as soon as I am fully recovered because luck like this doesn’t come often. :p

  2. That looks like an interesting system. I’m enjoying the pictures of weird EQ animals (even though I have no idea what most of the posts are about) – I had no idea there were so many in that game!

    • It is an interesting system indeed. Specially for soloers like me since it makes it viable to play with a class that does very little DPS without depending on  getting a group every time I want to play or see who dies of old age first: me or the mobs.

      And if it makes you feel better, I don’t understand half of your posts about SWTOR either (since I don’t play SWTOR) but I still enjoy them!

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