Favorite games of the decade – Part 1

Since it seems to be the trendy thing among the blogosphere to make a list of their favorite games of the decade I figured I might as well join in!

Before we start though, let me explain my criterias.

First I am sticking only to games that I actually finished. Or at least finished one route if it has multiple story routes. Otherwise this list would be much bigger.

Secondly, I am not sticking to any particular number of games or ranking them. This is just the ones I can remember from the top of my head and they are all special in my heart for different reasons.

Lastly, this is my personal list. Yours will surely be different. In fact, if you made a blog post like this feel free to link it in the comments below or if you don’t have a blog of your own feel free to write down your list there. 🙂

This post will be only for the console games. The PC games will be on the next post.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get on with the show!

Splatoon (Wii U)

This is actually from Splatoon 2 since I don’t know how to take screenshots with the Wii U. Still the core gameplay is pretty much the same.

Usually I don’t enjoy shooter games as I am terrible at them and the gameplay doesn’t feel very satisfying for me. There are exceptions of course, but they tend to be single-player games. With multiplayer ones I tend to leave it as a platonic, distant love, since I know my lack of skills would only make me a dead weight.

When they did a free testing period for Splatoon I decided to give a try. I mean, it was free and it looked different enough from your conventional multiplayer shooter for me to give it at least a chance. Much to my surprise I found myself enjoying it so much that I decided to buy the full game when it released.

For while I played the game religiously every day, for at least 30 minutes. I would never say I was any good at it but I had fun and always tried to do my best to help my team.

I think what worked for me in Splatoon is because it is more about territory control rather than defeating the opposition. This way I always felt like I could contribute something even if I wasn’t good at shooting my opponents. But even on Ranking Matches, which were closer to traditional multiplayer games, I found myself enjoying it.

For some reason I never got the same kind of addiction with Splatoon 2 on the Switch. Nothing wrong with the game, it is just as fun as the first Splatoon but I guess I just got my fill with that one.

Also, because Splatoon gave me some confidence with multiplayer shooters, I tried Overwatch, years later, because I heard it was pretty good for newbies of the genre. Unfortunately I found that Overwatch wasn’t for me and all my fears about being a dead weight becoming true. Still, as long as I have some version of Splatoon to play I can always use it to scratch that multiplayer shooter itch.

Persona 5 (Playstation 4)

I’ve known the persona series for years but unfortunately wasn’t able to play any of them since I didn’t have a console when those were available. One day I started watching someone streaming Persona 5 and I loved so much what I saw that I broke down and bought the console just to play this game.

I wasn’t disappointed either as this game not only lived up to everything I’ve heard of the previous entries but also feels like close to perfection to me. It is one of those games with a pretty strong theme where everything is built around it: the gameplay, the art style, the sound track, the story and so on.

I will go even as far as to say that just this game alone already made my purchase of the Playstation 4 worth it. Now I am looking forward to see what they added in Persona 5 the Royal as well as the sort-of-spin-off Persona 5: The Phantom Strikers!

Nier:Automata (Playstation 4)

All the feels!

Another game I’ve seem someone streaming before I bought it. What they streamed was only the demo of Nier:Automata though, which covered the tutorial. At the time it seemed like a fun and stylish game and that is all I expected of it when I bought my own copy. Then as I got deeper and deeper into the game I realized it was so much more than that.

Just like Persona 5 it is a game with a strong theme where everything else is built around it. It is also one of those themes that make you think and if you are the creative type even inspire you to create.

It almost makes me want to check its predecessor as well as the Drakengard series if I can ever do so. But at the same time I am kinda hesitant as I hear the gameplay of those ones are…. not as good. So I guess I will just stick to Nier:Automata for now and any potential sequel.

Fire Emblem Fates (Nintendo 3DS)

Just like Persona 5 broke me down and made me buy a PS4, Fire Emblem Fates did the same for me and the Nintendo 3DS. This time though it was because of some videos and trailers I’ve seem on YouTube that convinced me this is a game I wanted to play.

You see, Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite games of all time1. It is one I’ve been itching to play again for years but have never been able to do so. When I saw those trailers and videos of Fire Emblem Fates it seemed like it could scratch that particular itch. It not only did that but also made me a fan of this franchise.

I’ve only finished Conquest so far and got close to the end of Birthright. One of these days I need to go back and finish Birthright as well as the Fates route. And finish all the other Fire Emblems I got my hands on. Too many games! /sigh

Yakuza Kiwami (Playstation 4)

I couldn’t describe Kiryu better myself.

I first got interested in the Yakuza series thanks to a friend who was streaming Yakuza 0. Then I gave a try to the demo of Yakuza 6 and decided, yeah, this is a game I want to play. So I ordered a copy of Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami.

I decided to start with Kiwami because I knew I was never going to catch up to my friend in Yakuza 0 and that this game would be the next one to be streamed. So it felt logical for me to start with Kiwami to avoid as many spoilers as possible. 🙂

There is a lot of things that I love about this series. The main story that does a good job with its crime drama, the side stories that are often silly yet somehow feel natural to the setting and the characters, the over the top combat, the mini-games, the list goes on. Honestly, I can’t think of the Yakuza series without a smile appearing on my face. It is just that good. 🙂

After Kiwami I’ve played every Yakuza games I could get my hands on, falling in love with the series all over again with each entry. I will admit to be a bit hesitant about the next game in the series though, Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Not because of the new protagonist but because of the changes in the gameplay. I am sure it will be fine but until I can actually play it I can’t stop but feeling like that. However things turn out with that game it won’t change how I feel about all the other Yakuza games that came before it! 🙂

  1. It also happens to be the only Final Fantasy game I’ve ever finished which, in a way, is kinda sad.

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