[FFXIV] All Saints’ Wake 2017

Rakuno howling with the werewolf costume

This was an eventful weekend for me. First I got my Red Mage to level 60. Then the Halloween (aka All Saints’ Wake) even in Final Fantasy XIV went live and I decided to do it. It was pretty short and fun. And since I was at it I decided to get my Astrologian to level 50 too.

Since getting it all in one post was getting too long I will get to the Job achievements in another post in the next few days. :p

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the All Saint’s Wake 2017 quest!

All Saints’ Wake 2017

When I saw the first announcement about this event I was wondering how they would tie the werewolf gear to this year’s event. I don’t think I ever saw a werewolf in this game. I am not even sure the lore covers that. It was only when I did the quest that I understood: the wolfmen tribe from Doma, of course!

So basically the story is, the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator, the only person that is certain that the Continental Circus is up to no good, asks us to convince a wolfman  from Doma to not join the circus troupe.

To be fair, he did try to convince the wolfman himself but failed. So he came up with a plan: have us join the Continental Circus with the wolfman just to keep an eye on this doman and ensure he will never get involved in anything darker than some pranks.

Soga just hanging out while a mother and boy approach just before they start to run away scared
Look at his face? Does that look like the face of a monster to you? Wait, don’t answer!

Chatting with the wolfman in question we find out his name is Soga. He decided to travel through Eorzea but found one small problem: everybody is scared of him since nobody ever saw a wolfman on this side of the world. So he figures that at least the Continental Circus would appreciate this “talent” of his and he would make some new friends.

Side note: It is cool that in this conversation the game acknowledges if we finished Stormblood and freed Doma. If we didn’t then Soga gives another explanation on how he came to Eorzea. 🙂

With that explained it is off to talk to Impresario to join the Continental Circus. Impresario of course welcomes them to the circus. Anyway, they give us a werewolf costume and ask us and Soga to go scaring people. Totally as a prank, of course. Definitely not for some ulterior motive.

So it is off to scare some people, explain to them it is just a prank and they too can get get a werewolf costume for free so they in turn can scare other people!

After doing a bit of that, Impressario is happy with our perfomance and Soga realizes that the people in Gridania  got used to him thanks to all of this. So he decides to not join the Continental Circus anymore and journey throughout Eorzea to befriend more people. The Adventurers’ Guild Investigator is happy with this outcome and no harm is done. Or was it? An otherworldly voice seems to indicate there may have been some ulterior motives  after all! Dun dun dun!

Soga, Impresario and Rakuno talking
Impresario totally doesn’t have any dark plans for this holiday

After this we get the chance to revisit the Haunted Manor from last year’s event. For those who don’t know it the Haunted Manor is a kinda like a special dungeon where we can join people of any level and class to do some mini-games.

The mini-games are stuff like find  the secret code to open a pumpkin chest, find the four magic circles to stand in, discover the imp disguised as a chest and so on.

We have to do this while dodging evil eyes and imps that will turn us into pumpkins. If any of the party members are turned into a pumpkin the party loses sanity and once the sanity bar gets to 0 the party is kicked out of the manor.

The rewards are pumpkin cookies that can be traded with the even merchant for Halloween themed items.

I like the manor as those mini-games are pretty fun and I am really happy they brought it back again. 🙂

And yes, the werewolf costume is a bit silly and I probably won’t be using it in any way after the event is over. But that is fine for me. Halloween in games for me is all about running around in silly costumes for a few days so that works pretty well for me. 🙂

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