[FFXIV] Alts everywhere!

Final Fantasy XIV character selection showing my Au'Ra Altani

After finishing with Stormblood my plan was to focus on Rakuno’s other jobs, specially the crafting ones. But due to Final Fantasy XIV’s Moonfire Faire event my plans got derailed.

I decided to do that event with my alts too and for some reason I thought the minimum required level would be 15 and unlocking the airships just like previous events. Turns out the minimum required level is 30, a level none of my alts had reached yet!

Since  the rewards won’t come back next year (unless they decide to sell it in the Mog Station for real money) that meant I would have to do some level grinding with the alt army!

P.S.: Since I still don’t have a house or apartment of my own I can’t show you screenshots of the house rewards. So just check the event announcement for it.

Small rant about event in MMORPGs:

Everquest 2 for all its faults at least it spoiled me when it comes to events. Not only they try to make events accessible to as many people as possible (I think some you can do it even at level 1!) you can always get rewards from previous years.

I get why Final Fantasy XIV put a requirement to level 30 for this one (the zone where it is happening is a level 30-ish one), with special fates where you can earn the tokens to buy rewards. Plus every year they do something  different so it wouldn’t make sense to bring back the old items.

But in Everquest 2 there are events in zones of different levels too and people always managed to make to the event area without problem. They did even before conveniences like guild flags or that veteran reward to teleport to someone’s else location. Plus they also add new quests with new rewards in addition to the old ones.

Even if the events on Final Fantasy XIV are good, comparing it to the way Everquest 2 really makes me slightly grumpy about things.

End rant

I have 4 alts to get to level 30 so they can do the event. Due to time constraints my plan right now is to do it with only 3. Here is where each one is at and my future plans for them post-event:

Kaneli Raneli

Kaneli Raneli as a level 30 summoner

This is the potato lalafell I created in the Louisoix server for the 1 million gil and free 15 subscription days after reaching level 30. Since the server is also providing bonus XP until level 60 I decided to focus on him first. 🙂

Turns out that was a good idea for my morale. I was able to get him from 15 to 30 in a couple days. I also finished the event with him and got all the rewards.

My original plan was to make him a Black Mage but since I wanted him to start on Limsa Lominsa he had to start as an Arcanist and changed my plans to make him a Summoner instead. To my surprise Arcanist also unlocks Scholar which was the other job I wanted for him. So win-win. 🙂

Eventually I want him to get the Paladin job too as my plan is for all my characters to have one DPS, one tank and one healer job. I might get him a melee DPS job too but I am not sure which yet, maybe Samurai.

The Other Rakuno

The Rakuno from Leviathan doing a thumbs-up
Besides looking like the long-lost twin of Thancreed, it appers this Rakuno doesn’t know how to do a proper thumbs-up either

When I decided to join my friends and play the ARR version of the game last year this was the first character I created, named of course, Rakuno. He is on the Leviathan server and looks extremely similar to Thancreed pre-Heavensward due to a character creation accident. (No, really, I swear I didn’t know about the similarities in looks when I was creating him!)

Originally I wasn’t going to do the event with him but then I remembered I did all the events with this character as long as I had an active subscription. Might as well do this one too and turn this into some kind of personal tradition.

Only problem is he had only done Sastasha when I last played him. I have been doing some catching up with him and he is level 23 now.

After this event is over I am not sure what I will do with him. I want to leave him in Leviathan in the unlikely case my friends decide to play again. But I’d also like to change his race and name so I don’t accidentally buy him an item intended for my Rakuno on Ultros when I buy something on the Mog Station.

Besides that I am not sure what to do with him right now.

Altani Borlaaq

Altani posing with her arms crossed in Limsa Lominsa
She actually looks pretty fierce with her arms crossed

During the Stormblood storyline we meet an Au’Ra woman called Sadu. I liked her so much that I got an urge to create my own dragon girl warrior.

When I started  the character creation my first thought was to copy Sadu’s appearance but then decided to make some small changes to see if anybody would notice it. What can I say? I get amused about the weirdest things. :p

Upon playing  for a couple of evenings though I am thinking of tweaking her appearance again to make her more my own character. It is just the female player characters have an animation that gives me more of a girly vibe than the “I live for the glory of battle!” vibe that I got from Sadu.

Sadu crossing her arms looking at the battlefield
This is Sadu for the sake of comparison

The last name is kinda bothering me too so I might change that as well. I got it from the random name generator which should teach me to think more about it before hitting that “Accept” button. :p

Right now she is a level 22 warrior but hopefully I will be able to finish the event with her in time.

Besides Warrior, I am thinking of unlocking Ninja, Black Mage and White Mage with her. Not necessarily in that order. 🙂

Side note about tanking in Final Fantasy XIV: In every other MMORPG I always felt comfortable tanking after I got over the initial period of figuring out the tanking differences in each game.

But with Final Fantasy XIV I am still not there. I know the tools my character has, I know what I have to do and yet I feel nervous every time I tank.

I guess the difference is because in every other MMORPG I always did dungeons with my friends, only doing it with other people very rarely.  By contrast in Final Fantasy XIV I did the majority of the dungeons with random people from the Duty Finder so I got to see some pretty good tanks playing. I guess that every time I make a mistake my mind makes automagically makes a comparison with that people and tries to convince myself that I will never be as good as them.

I am trying to ignore that part of my brain and just allow myself to make a mistake here and there while I hone my skills as a tank in this game. I will also probably need to get the courage to just go by myself in the Duty Finder as a tank to overcome this fear.

End side note about tanking

Those are my plans for these characters for now. If there is time I might try do the event with Casimir too. But on the other hand I have been thinking of deleting him and just transferring Kaneli to Cactuar. It is something I will have to think about more.

Have you done this event too? What are your thoughts about it?


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