[FFXIV] Becoming a monk, crafting and other stuff

I am making my own gang. This random guy is my first recruit just because we are posing the same way.

I was planning to post about something else today but since I’ve been pretty addicted to Final Fantasy XIV that wasn’t possible. So I might as well write what I was planning to Monday now and then figure out something to write that day (spoiler: It will probably be more Final Fantasy XIV. :p)

I a monk!

I wonder if it s a cultural thing...
For someone doing plot exposition Wildargelt is certainly economical when it comes to words

I became Pugilist level 30 this week. Since I already have the (current) required level 15 Lancer class I went ahead and started on the quest to unlock the Monk job. The quest was pretty amusing with some unexpected moments and the two NPCs that were part of it were pretty interesting.

The change itself to monk was a bit underwhelming though. It is not that different than changing to any other class (you just equip the job stone and that is it, you become a monk). Which is pretty reasonable I guess. But for some reason I was expecting the first time to change to a Job to have a bit more of fanfare.

Speaking of unlocking, I decided to also unlock the Marauder class this week. I got it to level 10 though I don’t know if I will get crazy enough to ever trying tanking for a PuG. For now it is just to unlock some skills (before the changes from the Blood Storm expansion) and for fun.

I also have been leveling the Lancer class, giving a try to Guildhests which are kinda like instances that serve as Dungeon 101. The other way I’ve been leveling the class was through the Duty Roulette which as the name implies gets you into one of the dungeons you unlocked. There is a bonus reward for doing it, once a day. Both were very interesting experiences and I feel more confident now in my role as DPS.

Craft, craft and more crafting

It is a long path ahead...
You must hammer it 100 times. Then once you are done another 100 times. Do it until you are a master!

Most of my week was spent crafting and gathering though. There are a few reasons for this: The first is because although the gear in Final Fantasy XIV looks good it is still pretty easy to look like a mismatched clown. Specially in the lower levels. So my hope is that by crafting my own stuff I will be able to get to the higher levels without looking like I had an accident at a clothing store.

The second is because I want to have some good gear. Again, my hope is that I can craft my own since I am too cheap (and probably poor) to buy the  good stuff. Even if it just introductory gear to do the higher level dungeons it will still be nice to be able to craft it myself.

My original plan was to focus on Leatherworking since that should be able to produce most of the gear I will need as monk. Then I got Blacksmith and Armorer to produce my own tools and before I knew it I got all the crafting classes unlocked…

One thing that changed though was my plans. After doing some research it seems the consensus is to get first get all crafting classes to level 15 for their cross-class skills. Then get Culinarian to level 37 for its cross-class skill and because it doesn’t have too many dependencies on items from other crafting classes. After that slowly raise the others.

Right now my highest crafting class is Leatherworker at 17 with the others ranging between 12 to 15. My plan is to focus on Culinarian next week while still raising the others through the Grand Company requisition quest.

The gathering classes are going pretty fast though with Fisher and Miner at 17 and Botanist at 19. It is all because of the huge amount of materials I needed to gather to level up my crafting classes plus trying to fill the gathering log and doing the requisition quest for the Immortal Flames (my chosen Grand Company).

Maybe I should change it later...
This screenshot could certainly be better…

Another thing I just did tonight was to unlock the ability to have my chocobo fight alongside me. He can only fight in the outer world so I can’t join PuGs like my chocobo was another player. :p

One interesting thing is that in this mode chocobos earn xp to raise their Ranks (kinda like levels for the characters). With each Rank they gain points that you can spend in 3 different skill roles: Defender, Healer and Attacker. I am going with Healer right now since it should prove the most useful to me while soloing.

Oh, I also found this guide for progression and level-locked content. It is pretty handy as I found a few side-quests I missed like some minion (cosmetic pets) rewards (I am pretty close to becoming a collector of minions!)

So that was a pretty busy but rewarding week for me in Final Fantasy XIV. How was your week? 🙂

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