[FFXIV] Ding! All crafters and gatherers level 60+!

This weekend Ultros, the server I play in, finally completed the last phase of the Ishgard Restoration. Now we just need to wait until they release the next parts of this event.

Even with this part completed we can still craft the event items and do turn ins for some crazy amounts of XP. In fact that is pretty much what I did this entire weekend!

By Friday all my crafter classes were already level 63. No special reason for that level, it is just the level that I happened to end at and a level where I would had to upgrade all my crafting gear too.

Upgrading turned out to be more expensive than I expected though and once I finished upgrading all my body pieces, accessories and some tools I was pretty much broke. I saw myself forced to sell all the materials I was hoarding in my inventory “just in case” to make back some money. I only made back about 1/4 of what I spent and I still have some classes whose tools aren’t upgraded.

On Saturday and Sunday I continued the process and was able to get my Carpenter to level 71. Again, no special reason to end on this level. I just figured it would be a good one to get some gear upgrades later on.

This one took more time because the required materials for one of the parts was a bit of a pain to get in large quantities so I spend more time out there gathering.

But there is one particular reason I’ve chosen to level Carpenter first. Since I got my house in Kugane, back when its residential district was released, it has remained pretty much empty. I’ve been meaning to decorate it all this time but I also want to make my own furniture. Unfortunately all the kugane/doman themed furniture are all 60 to 70 and until this event started my crafting was pretty much stuck around somewhere around in the 50ies.

Wanting to craft the furniture myself might be seem like a silly proud thing to do but if my days decorating in Everquest 2 are anything to go by it is just the best option for me. In that game crafting the furniture was pretty much a necessity for me because I was always experimenting with different furniture and using large quantities of them to get certain looks I wanted. Buying the furniture from other players were just economically unviable. I assume it will be the same thing in Final Fantasy XIV so crafting myself it is.

As for gatherers I somehow got all of them to 60+ during all this process. I don’t remember the specific levels of each one right now, only that they aren’t too far higher than 60.

I did do some levequests to level them up though, specially fisher since nothing in the event requires fishing. I will probably have to figure out a good way to keep leveling them since gathering classes don’t contribute directly to the Ishgard Restoration in this part and thus don’t gain the same amount of crazy XP.

The only drawback of leveling this fast is that now I have bunch of quests I will have to go back and do without getting that much XP for it. For the crafting ones I will need to check what specific materials the quests require and try to stock on them. For gathering it will be easier since all I have to do is go out in the world and get whatever the NPC wants.

Scrips will be another pain in the backside and I will need a ton of them to buy the special recipe/gathering books. Since the required items changes daily I can’t predict what kind of materials I will need as easily as the crafting quests. So I stockpiling materials will be trickier. Again, the gathering classes will be easier as I can just go out in the world and get whatever is required.

Despite that bit of pain I think it is all worth it. I’ve been wanting to get my crafting and gathering classes up to current content for a long, long time. With the Ishgard Restoration I might finally be able to achieve that! 🙂

Current progress on the Beast Tribes

Among all of this I was able to get max rank faction with the Moogles. A good thing too since I don’t know if they would give me all that much XP now that I outleveled them.

I already started on the Namazu which, much to my surprise, are turning out to be more hilarious than the Moogles. I will probably outlevel them before I can even get max rank in their faction but such is life.

The other ones I want to finish soon are the Vath and Vanu. With the first I only have one more rank to go I believe and with the Vanu it is probably a rank and some 20% or so.

With the extra beast tribe quests allowance I’ve started on the Blue Kojin and the Ananta. I haven’t gotten much faction with them yet but my hope is that it won’t take too long to get max rank with them either as long as I don’t neglect them… like I did with pretty much every other beast tribe before.

Once I am done with all of those I can finally start on the Pixies and whatever other beast tribe released by then. That is another type of content I’d like to finally be caught up on for a change!

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