[FFXIV] Ding! All crafting classes to 50 on Rakuno

It took me far too long but yesterday I finally got all the crafting classes to level 50 with Rakuno.

Part of the reason it took so long is because once I got to level 40 I decided to level them exclusively through the Ixali Beast Tribe quests. On one hand, they gave me some pretty good XP and all the materials necessary for crafting. On the other hand, I was limited to 12 quests per day, had to use some stupid glove that lowered my CP and do it with a debuff that not only lowered my CP but some times limited what skills I could use.

To make matters even worse the grind became so bad that just the thought of it didn’t me want to do it. And yes, there were other options I could use to level the crafting classes (and I even did use levequests for one of them). It is just that I was stubborn and didn’t use them.

Story-wise, I don’t have much to comment on. The bulk of the questlines were pretty much “Hey, make me this item so I can see how your skills have improved”. It was only late at the questlines that they did add some actual story to it. Which ok, makes sense, since they aren’t going to give any important job to the person who just walked in the door asking to become an apprentice craftsman. But it doesn’t give me much to write about either.

Not that I am complaining. If I went to do a detailed account of each one of their stories like I do for the adventurer’s quests it would take me a month at least. :p

Hopefully getting some levels from now on won’t be nearly as painful but I haven’t really looked into my options yet. Although I did hear the grind for the scrips (a kind of currency) to buy the master books can be pretty bad too. I really hope that isn’t the case anymore.

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  1. Yay! Congrats!!

    I never did much of the script grind, though it does exist. Definitely look into the Moogle Beast Tribe quests, though. They are far less painful than the Ixali. I mean, FAR less. They also level you faster in much less time per day (IMHO). No to mention you can get cute cosmetics, a mount and a fun dance at the end of it all.

    If you want to supplement these quests, also consider doing Grand Company crafting turn-ins. If you turn in high quality items, that’s a big chunk of experience every day.

    • I definitely intend to look into the Moogle Beast Tribe quests. As long as I can craft normally with them it will already be far better than the Ixali ones.

      I intend to do the GC’s turn-ins too. I was doing that until level 40 to raise my crafting but after that I got lazy since some times it would require crafting something that required too many materials… ^^;

      I also heard that doing… collections, I think? for the scrips can give some pretty good XP but I haven’t looked into that yet. Still might be a good idea to start it as early as possible to lower the grind for the scrips.

      Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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