[FFXIV] Ding! Level 50 Astrologian

Rakuno posing as Astrologian

Continuing to catch up on my planned post, this is the one about my journey from level 30 Astrologian to level 50.

Unlike the Red Mage one this post should be a lot smaller as there isn’t as much to explain, story-wise. That doesn’t mean the questline is worse, quite the contrary, it has a many interesting characters, if not more, than the Red Mage one. It is just that it is easier to sum things up. 🙂

With that said, let’s get to it, shall we?

WARNING: Spoilers for the Astrologian story line for level 30 to 50 ahead

As it is always the case with Jobs introduced in expansions I am always curious to know how they will introduce it, not only in terms of lore but also in terms of questline. I mean, with the Jobs in ARR you already start in a guild dedicated to a certain class and when the time comes the mentor just points you out to someone else who can continue your training or need your services or some other reason that will end up with you unlocking it.

Turns out it isn’t all that different from unlocking any other class. We go to the Athenaum Astrologicum in Ishgard, start talking with a guy called Jannequinard de Durendaire and before we know it he is roping us into becoming an Astrologian!

Or as he would put it “his protégé”. As it turns out there are two schools of Astrology. One is the Ishgardian school where they used it for nothing more than predict the movements of the dragons. The other is a Sharlayan one where they use magic to cast beneficial magic and read into people’s fate.

The Ishgardians think the Sharlayan school of astrology is pure rubbish fortune-telling, too close to heresy. Jannequinard is the exception who does not think that. He loves it so much that he has been trying to convince others in his home country to start studying it too. That and because he hopes to use it as a way to enter into the history books as some kind of revolutionary who brought Sharlayan astrology to Ishgard.

Mace, Leveva and Rakuno just about to watch a constellation
Memorize this old man’s face because he probably will never appear in this game again. Also, it is one of the few screenshots I have of him.

As part of his plans he was able to get his old mentor, Mace, to come from Sharlay to Ishgard to come talk to the Holy See (for anyone who never played Final Fantasy XIV it is kinda like the Pope and ruler of Ishgard all in one) on how to use Sharlayan astrology in the defense of their nation.

Unfortunately Mace’s party has been late for seven days so our task is to find out what happened and bring him safely to Ishgard. Jannequiard doesn’t even bother to make an excuse of why he won’t do it himself.

After a brief investigation we find out that Mace has been seem in Gridania, near Quarrymill. That is where we go to next, accompanied by Jenniquiard’s manservant, Quinperain.

Before we find Mace though, Quinperain asks us for am moment to talk: he isn’t too happy with Jenniquiard’s obsession with this astrology business as this has been bringing the wrong kind of attention. To the point where Quinperain is concerned that someone might try to kill his master. He even pleads us to not encourage Jenniquiard to continue on this path, to let him do it quietly, where nobody will be hurt.

Quinperain does  that in a very polite, and respectful way. It is clear that he is a very loyal man and one who cares a create deal about his charge.

After this brief exchange we find Mace outside town, being surrounded by what seems to be bandits on one side and Mace’s granddaughter, wounded guard and Quinperain on the other side.

When we arrive at the scene Mace’s soul crystal shines for a brief moment. Mace mutters “The Soul… has spoken…” then throws the soul crystal in our direction. The bandits ignore it thinks it is some kind of useless bauble.

The Ewer Constellation

The bandits give an ultimatum: bring them Mace’s granddaughter or the man dies. Then they leave.

Mace’s granddaugther notices the soul crystal at the ground and picks it up. At first she thinks it is strange that he would throw it away like that. Then she remembers a reading Mace did a while ago about someone special they would meet in Eorzea. She wonders if that would be us and then give us the soul crystal, telling us to use its power to become an Astrologian while herself will provide us with the tools and knowledge to use it. She also presents herself as Leveva.

After switching Jobs to Astrologian, Leveva does a brief explanation about our new tools (the star globe and the deck of cards) then it is off to rescue Mace! Fortunately it is not too hard to find them as Mace left a trail of cards for us to follow.

The rescue turns out to be pretty easy too, although the bandit leader, a Duskwight Elezen woman with tattoos on her face ends up getting away. She will be back.

Mace isn’t amused that Jannequiard didn’t even bother to show up to this encounter. But doesn’t seem very bothered by it either.

He then takes us to watch the constellation of the Bole, which is thought to the be the gate to the first heaven. I am not entirely sure what this means, but it seems that doing this attunes us to the magical powers of the stars.

Back in Ishgard, Mace gives Jannequiard quite a scolding for sending others to do his duties. Leveva also takes the time to announce she decided to stay in Eorzea to help train us and Jannequiard.  It seems Mace was coming only out of courtesy for his old pupil. Oh, and because it was all part of fate so he would meet with us.

Mace does admit though that despite Jannequiard’s many failings as a Astrologian he has been trying his best to promote Sharlayan Astrology in Ishgard. That is why he asked Leveva to stay around to teach him too.

Leveva immediately recruits Quinperain to serve as her bodyguard too. After all he is the only other person who has been actually competent in this venture.

Leveva ready for a fight!
Underestimate Leveva at your peril!

After this all the quests are about going with Leveva to a location where another Heaven’s Gate will be open while trying to save Leveva from some kidnap attempt by the same group that attacked Mace’s party in the first quest.

This might seem like I am criticizing the quests but that is not my intention. I just trying (and failing, I guess) to keep things short so it won’t be another gigantic wall of text. I quite enjoyed the quests. The banter between the characters was pretty fun as well as the different schemes they will come up to kidnap her.

Leveva is also probably one of my favorite mentors. She is intelligent, has a very strong personality and even though the story often puts her in a “Damsel in Distress” position she often finds a way to get out of it by herself. We are basically there just to mop up the enemies and because it is a MMO and apparently they couldn’t figure out a way to make it interesting without some excuse for combat.

The lore about each constellation is also pretty interesting, giving more context of why each card provides certain buffs.

It is also funny the excuses that Jannequiard gives on each quest to not accompany us. Although in the last one he does get a tiny bit of redemption by joining in the trip to watch the last constellation.

On the last quest we also find out who was behind all these kidnapping attempts. On the body of one of the bandits there was a letter incriminating Ishgard’s chief astrologian, Forlemort. He also happens to be Jannequiard’s uncle.

I will just note that Jannequiard is innocent on this (at least as far as this questline tells us). He just isn’t that smart or nefarious to betray Leveva. Not to mention the bandits in the last quest tried to kill him too.

Jannequiard looking very determined
Jannequiard may be many things. But a traitor he is not!

Anyway, Levava decides to use this to blackmail Forlemort. Janniquiard is at first shocked at this but as Leveva explains if they used this letter to take Forlemort from his position it would only be a question of time until someone takes all these problems start again.

Back in Ishgard they meet Forlemort, show him the letter and demand that he stop his efforts against the spread of Sharlayan astrology as well as any kind of physical attacks against Leveva, Janniquiard and ourselves.

Forlemort agrees, grudgingly. But he also remarks there will others in Isghard opposing them, whether or not he has any say on it. He also makes some insinuations that bigger troubles may be in our future.

Leveva however isn’t the kind to let this courage her and she plans to keep walking this path together with us.

And with that the questline for Astrologian level 30 to 50 ends.

Probably the only thing that felt pretty different to me is that the quests pretty much put me into a position of being a heal bot. Yeah, I know this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since it is the questline for a healer Job. But even in dungeons, unless the tank is doing big pulls, I can always manage to sneak in some DPS too. While in these quests I had to keep on my toes, making sure the NPCs didn’t die. Perhaps it isn’t so different for professional healers and only to me since I haven’t healed that much in dungeons yet.

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      I will check later tonight to check what specific skill it was and write another reply then. 🙂

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