[FFXIV] Ding! Samurai level 70! Ding! All gathering classes to 50!

Rakuno posing as a level 70 Samurai

Last week I finally got level 70 Samurai with Rakuno thanks to the help of a few friends who run dungeons with me.

I also finally got all the gathering classes to level 50 and did their required quests. Those quests were surprisingly easy to do considering I had some assorted NQ gear. The only annoyance was to wait for an specific time to gather the requested materials. Now I need to catch up on my crafting.

Story-wise those gathering quests were very flimsy so not much worth talking about. The Samurai Job quest on the other hand…

SPOILER WARNING: spoilers about the level 60 to 70 Samurai Job quest ahead!

Just as I guessed previously, the questline from level 60 to 70 is all about dealing with Musosai’s former disciple, Ugetsu.

But since my character is a protagonist in a MMO story that didn’t give him any initiative at all to go tracking Ugetsu down and ending his crazy plans. Instead it was up to a member of a the Sekiseigumi, Makoto, to come looking for me for help. Well, she was actually looking for Musosai but since he was dead and I was the only disciple of his that wasn’t Ugetsu she had to settle for my help.

Terrible attempt at joking aside, I liked Makoto. She was always pretty polite and was pretty fair when dealing with me. I wish I could say the same about the leader of the Sekiseigumi, Kongo. He didn’t like much the idea of working with an outsider. I mean, what kind of person just go drawing their weapon just because a foreigner is offering to help them?!?

Kongo drawing his sword and accusing the player of being Ugetsu's buddy or even an imperial spy
Kongo, I have no idea why you hate foreigners. But Imperial Spy? Can’t you read? I have the “Imperial Nuisance” title right above my head!

At least Kongo realized the error of his ways in a later quest when me and Makoto did a bit of investigation and found out someone tried to murder him. Also that someone was a traitor in the Sekiseigumi hands and promptly dealt with him.

And then he has to get himself killed later on in a duel with Ugetsu. *sigh* Yeah, yeah, I get it they did that to move the story forward and so Ugetsu could talk about his plans, create a crisis in the Sekisegumi by exposing that Makoto is his sister (who had just been appointed the leader of the group by the dying Kongo) and reveal to everyone that I am also a disciple of Musosai which everyone thought ran away from the country because of what Ugetsu did.

Ugetsu explaining how he sees Hingashi as corrupt and stagnant and why the samurai must cleanse it
We must burn the village to save it.

Speaking of which, I thought this story was kinda like the Meiji Restoration in reverse. For those who don’t know what I am talking about the Meiji Restoration was basically a civil war to end the power of the shoguns and restore actual political and military power to the emperor. It also saw the abolishion of the classes in japanese society.

But then I realized there is a fundamental difference: Ugetsu always speaks only of destroying the current political powers. He never proposes to install a different political system or leader. And even though everybody points how this would lead to chaos and destruction in their nation Ugetsu doesn’t deny it. In fact, he says that if that is what it takes to bring his so-called “peace” then let the soil be red with blood.

Back to the story, in typical “moral lesson to follow soon” fashion, all the non-traitor members of the Sekisegumi end up abandoning upon finding out that Makoto is Ugetsu’s sister and that I happen to be Musosai’s disciple. But kudos again to Makoto for not giving in to despair and still trying to get those guys back.

Members of the Sekiseigumi questioning why they should trust a disciple of Musosai
What Musosai did for peace? Well, besides bringing to justice some evil people and training me as his disciple… I guess he didn’t do anything. :p

Her attempt is to at least clear Musosai’s name which doesn’t start well. They only change their minds once they find out that he used to roam the country under another name, Kogarashi. That being a legendary samurai who punished evil doers before vanishing. Also a lot of them just joined the Sekiseigumi because Kogarashi was their childhood hero.

They are still not convinced to help Makoto due to her connections to Ugetsu. Now comes the moral of the story. It takes Momozigo, who was not only Musosai’s guide in Eorzea but is a foreigner on these lands to remind them that they are no better than Makoto. All of them were from families without any titles to their names. They all had to work hard to get to where they are now. Just as Makoto did.

Then they all hug out and make up. Well, ok, they didn’t. But they were motivated to fight again. Everyone went on to where Ugetsu challenged them to go to finish things once and for all.

Because this is a game, and because it is more dramatic story-wise too, it is up to me to defeat Ugetsu in duel. Somehow he is still alive at the end, albeit very weak. So it s up to Makoto to kill him. She hesitates and her brother forces her, by trying to attack. Makoto then finishes him off with one strike.

Makoto just as she gives the finishing strike against Ugetsu

With peace restored everybody goes back home happy. Oh, and I got a pretty cool oufit too, the one in the top of this post. 🙂

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    • Thank you! Next on the list is getting the crafting classes to 50. I’ve been procrastinating on them since it slowed down a bit now that I am in the 40ies level. Hopefully after 50 things pick up again. Plus I should be able to do some stuff to earn some much needed money too.

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