[FFXIV] Getting back to the routine

Time for a smaller and lighter post, just  for the sake of variety and for what little sanity I have left. XD

So I’ve been slowly recovering from Post-Expansion Syndrome. You know, that feeling of aimlessly once you finish a pretty emotional journey through an expansion’s story.

To achieve that I have been trying to clear off some items from my bucket list.

My first item off the list was unlocking the Doman Restoration. I haven’t done that before either because I was focused on something else or because I completely forgot about it. It was just overdue to get it done.

Since I have been getting to  the cap of Grand Company seals and have enough ventures to last me for a while this has been a good place to dump all that gear from dungeons I can’t use. Even then it doesn’t seem like I will finish it any time soon. Which makes sense since I think the different phases of it were added over the course of several post-Stormblood patches.

I have also been leveling my tank classes through the Grand Company squadron system. My goal with it right now is to get them all to level 60, the level which my Gunbreaker is right now. This way all the tank jobs would be sharing the same gear and it would save me some slots. It is a long term goal though since the other tank classes I have are between level 35 to 40.

I’ve also been chipping away at the grind necessary to level the NPCs of the Trust System. I’ve been using this as an opportunity to level up and gear my Monk with dungeon gear drops. After I get it to 73 I will start working on Samurai since they share gear sets.

Astrologian is another Job I’d like to level to 71 and working on the Trust System. I just need to think on how to do it. The easiest would be to just do Main Roulettes with it and even though they are pretty easy I don’t feel like healing strangers right now, specially since I haven’t really gotten into all of their changes. I might just try doing FATEs to get to level 71.

Lastly I finally started  to tweak my UI last night in the hopes of getting a setup that will work better for me. My current one isn’t too different from vanilla but the way my hotbars are setup there are certain abilities I feel I am too slow to use when I need them. There are also a few other things that I’d like to access in a more convenient way.

I am going to test these changes with an alt first. If it works out then I will implement them on Rakuno. 🙂

Other things on my bucket list in no particular order:

  • Getting all crafters and gatherers to at least level 60
  • Work on the Heavensward beast tribes
  • Get back to working on the Hildibrand questline
  • Level Dragoon to 60
  • Level Arcanist, Conjurer and Thaumaturge to 30
  • Level Blue Mage to 50
  • Level Bard and Ninja to 60
  • Start building the Free Company’s Airship parts
  • Buy all the Garo gear that interests me before it vanishes with patch 5.1
  • Play the alts more!

So, yeah, I got enough to keep me busy  for a long while. :p

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