[FFXIV] How I became a Delivery Postmiqo’te

Rakuno wearing his postmoogle hat

This is post #1 for Blaugust Reborn

Ah, the things I do for fashion. Or the Fashion Report in this case.

To get 100 points in last week’s Fashion Report required a hat (the one pictured above) I had never seem before. That got me curious enough to google where it came from and how hard it would be to get. It was the reward from a quest I somehow missed and seemed easy enough to get. Or so I thought at first. As I found out a little later that quest was the last part of a very long questline.

“No problem”, I thought for myself “If I start it now I probably can be done with it by Sunday evening to get those 100 points.” As you probably guess by the time I am making this post that didn’t happen. Not only because I grossly underestimated the time it would take to do the whole questline (as usual) but also because I got side-tracked by other games during the weekend….

Momodi commenting on the oddity of a non-moogle delivering letters

Anyway, the quests themselves weren’t too hard as for the most part it was just helping the Deputy Postmoogle to deliver letters to people around Eorzea. Most it just revolved around going places and talking to NPCs. Although about half-way through the questline they also started to put one easy fight in the them.

Usually I’d find these kind of delivery quests pretty boring but in this case they were more like mini-stories that fleshed out some important (and not so important ones) NPCs. There were a few I didn’t recognize though and makes me wonder if they were part of another Job questline I didn’t do yet or from previous events.

My only regret was missing it before. In my mad rush to level-up and getting caught up with the expansions there was a lot I missed with my main character. I am slowly going back and correcting that though.

In the mean time I will just enjoy using this hat. 🙂

P.S.: In case anyone is wondering, I did try get an outfit for the Fashion Report last week but that one got me 98 points. Still pretty good and got met some nice MGP. 🙂

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    • There is. It is in the Gold Saucer and it runs from Wednesday evenings to Sunday. You need to do a mini-quest first to unlock it. Then every week you need to match whatever the Masked Rose asks to gain points.

      The rewards are MGP plus some items you unlock to buy from his assistant.

      Here are some more details:


      If you want to see what item will give the most points each week, usually Reddit has a thread about it.

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