[FFXIV] Monk level 60!

Rakuno as level 60 monk in Final Fantasy XIV

So, I know I said I was going to take it easy and slow down after finishing with ARR’s storyline but I decided to change my mind and focused heavily on Heavensward main storyline. All just so I can get to Stormblood (which I should be reaching the moment this post goes up or shortly after)

Another change of plans is that originally I wanted to make a post talking about the Monk level 50 to 60 Job storyline as well as Heavensward. But since there is so much to digest about Heavensward story I think I will talk about it on another post. If everything goes well, it should be on Wednesday. If that post turns out to be too big though I might break it into two so it would be part 1 on Wednesday and part 2 on Friday. We’ll see!

WARNING: From this point forward there are spoilers about the level 50-60 Monk story line.

Wildarget realizing another chakra just opened
If this pattern continues in a few years Monks will have opened 108 chakras!

Since this was my first Job I got to 50 I was curious if I would have the same mentor as the previous monk quests or a new one. Turns out it was Widargelt again, which makes sense since he was pretty much alive at the end of the previous quest and there was really no point to introducing a new mentor.

Anyway, I liked to see that Wildarget had moved on with his life, taking disciples so the monk order would survive in some form. Not only that but throughout my interactions with him through the whole quest he really felt like a completely changed man from the one who was obsessed at obtaining vengeance at any cost.

Professor Erik was still pretty much an arrogant jerk though. But since he is just a support character I don’t mind that. :p

Wildarget telling O'tchaka that her death won't make things better
Wildargelt I am so proud of you now!

One thing I didn’t understand though is if Wildarget was the last of the original monk order, I always assumed he trained at their temple. So how come he didn’t know about the Shadow Sect?

I mean, even if the two sects had different temples where they trained, each with their different philosophies and fighting styles, only ever meeting when they needed to fight each other, why wouldn’t one not know about the other? Why keep it a secret to trainees?

Ah, well, maybe I am just overthinking it.

H'raha boasting how he is invincible
H’raha you shouldn’t have said that. That was a death flag!

I am also curious what would happen if we accepted O’tchakha proposal to fight her to the death so we could open the 7th chakra. I am pretty sure Wildarget wouldn’t allow it but it would still be pretty amusing if they let us fight.

The only thing I found disappointing was H’raha Tia as he was pretty much a villain by the numbers. I get this was a very short quest line and it was more about showing how Wildarget had changed and to introduce O’tchacka and D’zentsa so they didn’t have much time to build an interesting villain. And for me it just doesn’t feel all that satisfying to beat a villain I met for a couple scenes and all I know about him is that he is a power-hungry jerk.

Oh, well. It was still worth it to catch up with Wildarget and I am hoping to see more of O’tchacka and D’zentsa in future monk quests. 🙂

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  1. OK, I’m not going to pretend I understand anything of the above (despite FF XIV being one of the MMOs that allures me, I haven’t given it a go), but assuming that’s your monk on the top picture, they look badass. Congratulations on level 60!

    • Thank you! Yes, that is my monk at the top. That is the armor set they receive when they complete their level 60 Job level quest. The 70 one will look cooler in my opinion but I still have a few levels to go until then. 🙂

      If you ever decide to give FFXIV a try there is a trial for it. I believe you can use it to get to level 30 and there is no time restrictions. I could be wrong though. Also, if you do give it a try and like it, let me know as I have friend codes that would give both of us some goodies. >_> <_<

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