[FFXIV] Moonfire Faire 2018

Rakuno with the Moonfire Faire 2018 outfit

Post #5 for Blaugust Reborn

I think this is the second time I did the Moonfire Faire event and it definitely became my favorite seasonal event in the game.  It is after all the event for my favorite season of the year, Summer. Plus it has been cold here where I live (Brazil if anyone is curious) in the last few days. Well, cold by our standards anyway. For people in the northern hemisphere it is probably chilly at best. :p

Another reason why I like it is that it has a pretty good mixture of silliness and light drama. This seems to apply to almost all of the seasonal events in Final Fantasy XIV too but for some reason it just seems more light-hearted during Moonfire Faire. It is probably the beach setting. Beachs makes everything feels more relaxed for me.

I did get slightly worried when I heard that we had to do a jumping puzzle to get the rewards this year. Fortunately my worries weren’t warranted this time. 🙂

WARNING: Spoilers for the Moonfire Faire 2018 event ahead!

The lore for the event is that the original one was created to recruit adventurers to fight some invading bombards. Which I imagine was either first Moonfire Faire or maybe an event at the end of 1.0… Anyway, the initiative was a success, the bombards have been hardly seem again but the Adventurer’s Guild still runs the event in the hopes of getting new recruits.

This year they certainly had an interesting idea on how to do that… They built a giant obstacle course on the beaches of Costa del Sol so that only the bravest of adventurers would attempt it.

Only members of the Adventurer’s Guild (which all the players are) are allowed to give it a try too. The idea being that this would be a way for adventurers to show off their skills and hopefully encourage others to join the guild.

I guess this would be kinda like the Olympics. Except that instead of inspiring people to enter into a life of challenging the limits of one’s body and mind it is trying to inspire people into a life of risking lives for glory, riches and saving the world on a regular basis.

Oh, and they are calling this “The Eorzean Nimble Warrior” course.

The jumpin puzzle platforms for this event
Not shown here: all the NPCs who failed the jump

Before we can even accept the challenge, a young Miqo’te man, called “R’fhul Tia”,  and his little sister intrudes in the conversation wanting to try the challenge. Haermaga, the… host, for lack of a better word, for this event refuses since R’fhul is not a full member of the guild but also seems “a little to wet behind the ears” to become one.

The Miqo’te insists saying  that if he is good at something it is jumping and some over-dramatization of how important this is for him. Haermaga reluctantly gives in but insist that we go first to show the ropes.

The challenge itself is a giant wooden structure they built over the waters of Costa Del Sol. It is divided between 3 parts, each one harder than the previous one. At the end of each you speak to a NPC to confirm you complete a section and to move to the other one. There is no time limit and we can try as many times as we want.

The first two parts are the easiest since it is only some horizontal jumping. The last part is a vertical one but pretty easy too. Completing it gives us some pinwheel and a bombard bloom. Not the kind of reward I was exactly expecting but it opens up the second quest which gives a much, much better reward.

Rakuno doing the platform jumping
Yes, I did this during the night. If I was more hardcore I would have done it in heavy armor too. Not that it would make any difference but the thought is what counts!

Oh, and for those who really want a challenge, at the back of the last part there is another jumping puzzle they can do to reach the top. There is no reward for completing it besides a nice view of the area, I guess?

All I know is I tried that once… And immediately fell like a rock. XD

It is also funny that across the entire course you can see some NPCs in the water or barely hanging by their fingers at some points. I don’t know if being better than NPCs make me feel better about this light jumping puzzle but it was certainly funny. 🙂

On the second quest it is time for R’fhul to try the challenge. Haermaga gives him one last chance to give up but the Miqo’te will hear none of it. He is too inspired by our actions to quit now and he immediately runs off to try beating it.

It just doesn’t go well. Despite that he just dusts off and laughs about it. His little sister, R’Mahja, however doesn’t understand why he is laughing, gets mad at him and then runs off.

Rakuno and R'Mhaja scared by seeing R'fhul failing miserably
I imagine this is how people would react if they saw me trying to do jumping puzzles too

Guess who has to help to help R’fhul to look for her? You have 3 chances. :p

Fortunately  she isn’t too far off and nothing bad happened to her. She is just sulking and refusing to talk to her big brother.  R’fhul decides to do the only thing he can  think of a situation like that: splash her with water!

He even asks us to join in too. It is really just an excuse to get us to use the new emote they added to this event, the splash water.

This not only makes R’Mahja smile again but apologizes for being angry. She explains that she got so mad is because after this event her R’fhul is supposedly going on a long journey of adventure.

Apparently she heard her big brother and her mother talking the other day where R’fhul was discussing becoming an adventurer. R’Mahja thought he never told her about it because she would be sad about it. And even though it does make her sad, she promised herself to not cry so her big brother wouldn’t give up on his dream.

That is why when R’fhul laughed at failing the jump she couldn’t understand it and got mad.

Random note but Miqo’te children are very cute!

R’fhul admits that she is right, that he should have been upset when he fell in the water. But he is serious about becoming an adventurer. He also explains his motivations to try becoming one. They don’t have a father and R’fhul realized he had to become stronger to support his family.

In one of the Moonfire Faires he saw the adventurers fighting bombards. That is when he realized that if he became one he could not only protect his family, he could also provide for them.

He  got overeager in this event though, failed miserably and tried to laugh it off to hide his embarassment. He didn’t give on his dream, of course, and asks for our opinion.

This is one of those meaningless choices, of course, but it is interesting they give us an option to be encouraging or just being mean.

There are some more feel-good words and they both go their own ways. We report back to Haermaga and he gives us the new Moonfire Faire outfit, the one pictured at the top of this post.

All, in all, I really liked this event. It was short, easy and the story was nice. I also liked the rewards more than the previous year’s ones.

My next goal will be to try doing the Monster Hunter World collaboration. But first I need to beat that inventory full boss….

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