[FFXIV] Moonfire Faire 2019

Post #6 for Blaugust 2019

Originally I wasn’t going to write about this year’s Moonfire Faire since it isn’t all that different from last year. The only differences are the rewards and a slightly different storyline.

Don’t take me wrong. I am not dissing the event or unhappy with it. To me this means the developers are busy with some big content for us so they couldn’t spend much time with this year’s Moonfire Faire. It also makes my life easier since I had 3 characters to go through it. XD

Anyway the reason I am doing a recap for it is because I wrote about it last year and it seems these characters will be reoccurring. So in case the event changes next year but with the same characters it will be a lot less confusing if I have it written it down in the blog and I can refresh my memory about it.

Alright, with all that disclaimer out of the way let’s see what the story is this time.

P.S.: I have no idea why I always end up doing these events during the in-game evenings. It really makes the screenshots look off when it is about a summer event. Sorry about that!

Non-spoilers version

In case someone stumbled on this post and haven’t done the event yet. You can find all the details about how to start it and what the rewards are here.

As for what kind of activities you can do it is pretty much the same as last year. If you didn’t do it last year and have no idea what to expect then there are three activities you can do:

The first one, which rewards four tickets, is the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course. Which is just some wooden platforms and a big wooden tower at the end that you have to jump through to reach its top.

It is actually pretty easy, even a scrub like me can do it. And if you feel like a challenge there is an optional part on the back of the tower which is a lot harder and will get you on an higher part of it. Completing this challenge won’t reward you anything though besides bragging rights and a nice view of Costa Del Sol.

Haermaga, despite your claims I find it to be about the same as last year!

If you don’t feel like jumping then there are a couple other options: fishing or cooking. Either gives one ticket as a reward.

Fishing will require you to catch some haddock, which you can just get right there. They are pretty easy to catch and I was able to do so using spoon worms which can be bought at the local vendor. The other baits he sell might work too but I didn’t test that out.

For cooking you have to make some battered fish. If you don’t have any haddock on you then you can buy some at the NPC vendor there too. The rest of the ingredients however you will have to get yourself.

The event items cost between 1 and 2 tickets each and whichever option you choose it shouldn’t take too long to be able to buy everything.

The outfits are pretty cool although I don’t know why they didn’t have some bottoms to go with it this time. I mean, something like in the event’s page would look pretty cool with the happi.

The portable pool actually feels kinda big. My miqo’te who is a medium height, if I recall correctly, gets water up to his neck when sitting on it. While the Wind Chime Stand looks cool but nothing extraordinary about it.

Yes, I know I should decorate my house properly. I need to catch up on my crafting though!

Spoilers version

Warning: Spoilers about the event’s story ahead!

The story this time starts with Haermaga asking us a favor. Seems like there is a new adventurer that needs some “veteran guidance”. Turns out said person is R’fhul Tia, the same guy from last year. He still remember us and still has a an over-confidence problem.

His little sister R’majha is also back and just like her brother haven’t changed much,  she is still easily impressed by her big brother.

Haermaga tries to gently advice the miqo’te to try to be more careful but it ends up falling on deaf ears. R’fhul even decides to challenge us to a duel just to show how much he has grown since our last encounter!

He quickly explains though that isn’t anything combat related, just some friendly competition during the event: whoever gets four tickets first wins.

Here is R’fhul Tia preparing himself for the challenge ahead. It won’t avail to much though.

Of course we end up accepting the challenge otherwise the story can’t progress. Anyway, R’fhul immediately runs off to try to earn some tickets. As for ourselves we can get those in any way we see fit.

Once we have our four tickets it is time to present them to Haermaga. The roegadyn is more than happy to declare us the winner since R’fhul haven’t come back yet. In fact, Haermaga is starting to feel a bit worried and asks us to check on the miqo’te since he can’t exactly leave his post.

To cut a long story short, we end up finding R’fhul giving a try at the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course too…. And just like last year he fails at it miserably. At least this year he was finally able to get to the first platform. Maybe next year he will finally finish the first half of the course if he tries it again. XD

In the aftermath conversation, at first R’fhul doesn’t believe we beat him to the four tickets but once he realizes we are actually serious the miqo’te feels impressed by our achievement and even inspired!

So inspired that he decides it is about time to join his friends to investigate Tam-Tara Deepcroft. I know it is a newbie dungeon but with his attitude I can’t stop but worry for his safety in a place like that.

R’majha is still very cute though and I wish I could adopt her!

At least his sister has some sense and asks us to give him some advice. Both dialogue options basically boil down for him to be more careful, which R’fhul seems to listen to. I say “seem” because, you know even one year hasn’t really fixed his overconfidence problem and I don’t think this advice will change it much.

I am certainly overthinking this and if he comes back next year it will certainly be with the same attitude but with a little more experience. And who knows, maybe next year he won’t be such a pushover too as far as competitions go. XD

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