[FFXIV] More mini-goals achieved

I am still making my way through the main storyline in Stormblood. Although I have a lot I could say about the stuff I’ve seen so far I am still trying to digest every thing.

I did accomplish a couple of other goals though which should be easier to write about. This post will be about those.

P.S.: My connection to the internet is really crap right now and I can’t access the game to take screenshots. I will add them as soon as things get back to normal here.

Crafting and Gathering at 40+

Due to my focus on the storyline I have been seriously neglecting leveling my crafting and gathering classes. Still I managed to finally get them to level 40 which allowed me to start on the Ixali beast tribe quests.

Their crafting quests are far easier than I expected, even with the gloves they make us wear to lower our CP. Even better they give all the materials too so I don’t have to worry about those either!

I also liked that the quests vary a bit by requiring us to kill stuff or gather quest-specific materials in exchange for the quest materials. It keeps things more interesting than just “go to this person and craft this stuff”.

The XP is also pretty good.  In a few days I got Weaver and Blacksmith to level 45.  Then once I get the rest of the crafting classes to 45 I will do their class quests. Once that is done I will go back to the Ixali and keep doing their quests until I get them to 50.

The only thing I am a bit afraid of is what my level 50 crafting classes will ask for. Those two star gear looks challenging to make.

As for gathering  they are all at least level 45 right now. I am not as worried about their quests as I am with crafting but that might change once I get them to 50.

Machinist level 50

WARNING: SPOILERS about the Machinist storyline

I wasn’t really in a rush to level Machinist but it was still nice to get this Job to level 50. The story however just didn’t feel all that exciting for me.

Don’t get me wrong. The story is fine as it is. I think my problem with it my be more one of execution.

The plot is all about how Stephanivien wants to prove that a commoner with a gun can be as effective as a noble knight in the war against the dragons. Not only this is a tall order in a nation like Isghard that is pretty much stuck with the idea of tradition they are also very resistant to any outside influences like the use of magitek.

To make it even more interesting Stephanivien has to even prove to his own father  that his inventions aren’t a waste of time or else he could lose his workplace.

Despite all that, the conflicts just don’t feel all that hard to overcome, with everyone quickly accepting its effectiveness after one demonstration. Granted, that last noble guy, whose name I can’t bother to remember, did seem to grudgingly accept to bring some machinists along to the field and not really believe they would help any.

They even mentioned how this power in the hands of commoners could shake the foundations of Ishgard society but never addressed it which I am not sure was a missed opportunity or something they plan to address in later storylines.

I did like Joye though, specially how her personality completely changed when she started using a gun. The next storyline seems like it will be focused on her so that is already enough to make me look forward to it. 🙂

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