[FFXIV] One chapter ends…

Rakuno doing the Immortal Flame Salute

Last night I finally finished the main story line of “A Realm Reborn”. That is the storyline that came when the game was relaunched as version 2.0. I thought that once I finished it I could start on Heavensward content (that is the first expansion of the game) but no, apparently there is another storyline they added via patches before the release of that expansion. So that is what I will be doing now.

In any case, I liked how it ended. It felt very satisfying and I am glad I saw it through the end. One side note about the way the story is handled is that they make sure to show that the important NPCs aren’t sitting idly by while the world is being threatened. Some times you see them helping you directly in cutscenes, or even in some battles. Other times you just know they are doing something important off-screen. This feels very refreshing after so many games where I felt that I was the only one doing *anything* to save everyone while some big shot is just sitting  doing nothing but barking orders at me.

Yda, Papalymo and Urianger
Random screenshot of Yda because she is the best. Oh, and some other people too. :p

It is also nice to have an MMO where you actually care about the NPCs, even if it just the ones from the main storyline. Or that when they call you a hero and a friend you actually feel like they mean it. Makes the fate of the whole world feel a lot more meaningful when you are out there fighting giant monsters. 🙂

Besides trying to advance in the story, I decided I will be doing my duty roulette as one of my lower level classes. I want to try to level my monk job as close to intended as possible with Heavensward content so the bonus XP would probably mess my plans. Right now I am doing it with as a  Lancer (who is already level 30 and will probably be a Dragoon before the weekend). This also has the advantage that I end up doing lower level, and more relaxing, dungeons.

The Make It Rain Event

Rakuno with the Rainmaker hair style
Rakuno does not look so good with the Rainmaker hair style

Right now in the game there is a live even called “Make It Rain“. Basicly, it involves the Gold Saucer, the in-game casino. It isn’t a very elaborate event as it only gives 50% more MGP ** (the casino’s currency) during the events duration plus some a few items you can buy with MGP only during the event, like a new hair style or cards for Triple Triad, the game’s Collectable Trading Card mini-game.

I got all of the event items, of course, since I never know if I will find an use for them. But for me (and I guess a lot of others too), the main appeal of earning 50% more MGP than we already did is pretty good. There is a lot of interesting items that the Gold Saucer sells that can only be bought via MGP. Most of them are cosmetic clothes but there is also a few mounts and house items too.

Rakuno playing the "Out in a limb" mini-game
The gathering mini-game from 1.0 was repurposed as a mini-game in the Gold Saucer!

I am thinking of buying myself some pieces of the Garo armor set, the ones for the monk. I will probably not use any of them, besides the weapon, since it would make me feel too much like a bad Garo cosplayer. But maybe I might change my mind later or find that it could be used with other cloth pieces to create a cool look.

It seems they also seem to be a discount during this event. :p

While playing the mini-games in the Gold Saucer to earn MGPs, I found myself to be quite addicted to the Chocobo Racing. It is kinda like Mario Kart but clunkier. Still, it is pretty fun and  give some pretty good MGP if you are good at it (which I am not but I have fun anyway!)

Rakuno at the chocobo racing
I did really poorly in this race!

Some of the hourly events are also pretty fun, like one where you have to memorize four emotes that  the NPC is doing and then do it exactly like they did. And you have to do that four times. Another one I like is one where you have to go jump up some platforms to reach a chocobo that needs rescue. All the while trying to avoid bombs that upon explosion can knock you off back to the ground.

One downside of the event is that it seems that the rewards of one year do not return in the next year. Well, kind of. It seems they might appear in the Mog Store, the game’s cash shop. Since I am cheap, I had to change my plans for Casimir and level him up a bit. I just need to get him up a few more levels so he can use the airship travel option between the city states to do the event. After that he will return to sleep. At least until the next event or I decide to actually level him. Whichever comes first. :p

Alright, that is all for now. I will probably write more about Final Fantasy XIV next week. 🙂

P.S.: The launch trailer for Storm Blood, the game’s next expansion is out in case someone didn’t see it yet. 🙂

** MGP stands for Manderville Gold Saucer points in case anyone is curious

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