[FFXIV] Reaching Heavensward

Rakuno posing in Ishgard

While a lot of people were taking advantage of the Early Access to the latest expansion to the game, Storm Blood, I was just reaching the lands of the first expansion, Heavensward. That isn’t to say however that I didn’t get affected by Storm Blood, quite the contrary as it did bring a lot of mechanical changes to all levels of the game. Just for the sake of keeping things tidy and clean I will talk about those in a later post.

As someone who literally has ADD it was hard to focus for long on doing nothing but the storyline to reach Heavensward. But it was so worth it. I said this before and I am certain I will say this many times again but Final Fantasy XIV has one of the best storytelling in games. In fact, I can only imagine how much it sucked for people who played before the expansion was released to wait to see how the story continued as there was so much going on!

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait that much because as soon as I finished it I made my way straight to Ishgard, the city that was previously unavailable to me.

My first impression of it was that it was really big. But upon further exploration I realized it was about the same size as Gridania. My wrong impression was because they build a lot of tall stone builds. It is a kind of architecture that fits well with its people though as it provides protection against the a harsh climate and powerful enemies without losing elegance.

Rakuno as a machinist

I haven’t done much of the main storyline for Heavensward yet but so far I like it. It has a different feel from the A Realm Reborn one in large part because of the events leading to it which puts you in a complete different set of circumstances and threats to deal with.

The only reason I am going slower with the main quest storyline now is because I wan to catch up on things that I feel have been neglected, like my crafting and gathering, a couple of other jobs I unlocked and so on.

Speaking of which, one of the first things I did when I got to Ishgard was to unlock the Machinist job. Apparently before the recently released patch 4.0 it was a confusing and hard job to play. But the patch changed the job to be easier to play which was pretty much my experience with it: It isn’t all that different from any of the other DPS jobs that were available. Granted, mine is still only level 32 right now so that isn’t enough to form any concrete opinion on it. But it is one of the jobs I plan to level up in the upcoming weeks.

My only quibble with the Machinist so far was their first quest. We are put into a relatively big area and told to kill some specific mobs to progress. It took me a bit of running around to find the ones they asked for which was annoying. But after that the quest progressed smoothly.

Rakuno and his chocobo ready for battle

I am pondering if I should unlock the Astrologian job now too. I am hesitant in part because it is a healer class and I wouldn’t like to just go healing random groups in dungeons without knowing what I am doing first. The other reason for my hesitation is that I already have a couple other jobs I want to level right now (Machinist and Dragoon, respectively). There is also the recently released Red Mage which I am really tempted to try too. I will have to think more about this.

Oh, and I finally gave in to the glamours. I was going to wait until I could craft my own but the gear I got for my monk was so ugly that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was dumb and didn’t read what types of glamour prisms I needed though so I spent more money  than I needed by buying the wrong ones. On the plus side, I have some glamour prisms saved up for future use. :p


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