[FFXIV] The Rising – 2018

Fireworks for the Rising event. They are in the shape of the game's symbol.

The Rising event has been going on in Final Fantasy XIV, celebrating the 5th anniversary of its relaunch.  It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years already since A Realm Reborn was launched. To me it still feels like it all happened a couple years ago or so.

This also marks the second year I participate on this event. The first one, last year, surprised me by having a cameo from Yoshi-P himself. That made me really curious on what they would do for the event this year.

SPOILER WARNING: spoilers ahead for the Rising 2018 event

The story this time is a pretty simple one. The Immortal Flames are doing some maneuvers to recreate the Garlean attack of 5 years ago. The goal is to raise awareness on its citizens that the danger could come back and they should be always prepared.

Dural Tharal, A reporter from the Mythril Eye, is writing a piece on the event and interviewing people who survived the attack 5 years ago. Since we are adventurers he decide to hire us to give our perspective on the subject.

All we have  to do is follow him as him interview some people, hear their stories and give our opinion about it to Dural when he asks for them.

Rakuno having to pick on how to respond to this quest
Take a guess about what was my answer

I actually liked it. It was cool to see the perspective of what happened then from the point of view of the “common” people. When Dural asks our opinion we can also give a more pessimistic view, that adventurers should have been involved in military business, to something more optimistic about the adventuring business.

Of course, those choices doesn’t change anything but it is still a cool bit of roleplaying.

It also makes me wonder what the dialogue would be if it was a character that was transferred from 1.0.

The last person we end up visiting is a Wandering Minstrel singing songs about the Calamity. As he begins to sing we end up finding ourselves in an empty Ul’Dah. This is where Yoshi-P appears and do his usual “Thank you” speech to the players. 🙂

In-game Yoshi-P waving to the camera
It may be a small thing but I always like these meetings with Yoshi-P during the Rising. 🙂

As we get back from that waking dream, Yoshi-P the Wandering Minstrel offers to sing us another song, this one of events yet to come. For anyone curious, here is the song:

“O hero of rebirth traversing,

Soar you the azure skies.

Upon your breast a crimson crest,

Shine Light down from on high.

O hero of rebirth transcending,

Weave you an azure lie.

By your deeds doth crimson bleed,

And Darkness quench the fire.”

Your guess is as a good as mine about what song hints at.

The other part of the event is kinda like a special fate where we get teleported to an instance of Ul’Dah, with other players, and have to fight invading monsters just like it happened in the last days of 1.0

To participate on it we have to talk to a Recruiter NPC that only appears from time to time. From what I hear in chat it is about every 3 hours but I don’t know how accurate that is.

A Red Moon in the sky
And of course it wouldn’t be a faithful recreation without the Red Moon in the sky

The fight is kinda crazy as there are monsters every side and enormous AOEs to dodge.  I thought I knew what AOE hell was but this event proved me wrong.

The reward are some tokens that we can buy a bunch of frivolous stuff like prisms, fireworks and so on. The more interesting items are the “Manderville Earrings” and another earring called “Whiter Ravens”

When I bought them I was kinda disappointed that they were the best rewards for it (they cost 50 tokens each unlike the rest of the stuff which costs 1 token). I mean, their model isn’t all that unique and since they are earrings they are too small for people to notice it. Their stats isn’t all that great either.

It wasn’t until later that I found out these items were supposedly given to players as an “exclusive reward” for participating on an event on the last days of 1.0

Some of  those players are even salty because these items are less exclusive now since anyone who participates on this years Rising can get their own, regardless of when they started to play.

My first reaction was just to roll my eyes at this since I was never a fan of the idea of “exclusives”, specially when it is just digital goodies. Then I thought about it a bit more, and to be honest I am not sure how I’d actually feel if I were in that kind of position. Perhaps they have a valid reason to be salty about it.

My only real disappointment, and it is a complete irrelevant one, is that there was no new mini-game for the event this year, like the “Cheap Dungeon” of the last Rising.

I get it takes time and resources to even make those mini-games and the team probably has some bigger fish to fry right now. So I understand they wouldn’t have time/resources to make a new one. Plus coming up with new, interesting mini-games is hard!

All in all I am pretty happy on how this event went. 🙂

Rakuno and the Wandering Minstrel looking at the fireworks

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