[FGO] Banana Bullying

The Rashomon event in Fate Grand Order finally started. I was apprehensive if I’d be able to build a decent team to do this event considering how lackluster my roster of servants is. But so far it turned out ok.

From my tests so far the only raid I’ve been able to clear consistently was the 1 million one. The 3 million I can survive but it can be a bit dicey. Plus I am not being to do much more than 1 million damage.

This might make things complicated for me. I think with the 1 million option I could clear  the shop but the ladder might be difficult without spending all the rice balls to fill back the BPs. I am still willing to experiment a bit more with the 3 million option though and see if I can borrow a servant from someone to carry me over as well as test different strategies.

If not then maybe on Day 5 I might have better luck with it since that day the Hands mobs should be saber types and I have a couple decent archers at least.

I can’t really disagree with that kind of philosophy

One thing I am liking about this event is that the raids use a different point system, the BPs, to limit how many we can do in a given day. This frees me to use my APs to do the dailies, clear those free nodes I haven’t been able to do yet or even continue with the story. I am considering doing the latter since I don’t know when there will be another break between events where I can just focus on the story again.

One random note about this event is that I really want to have Sataki Kintoki (Berserker) now. He seems to be the kind of crazy servant I like. 🙂

Now if only my luck with the gacha wasn’t so rotten…. T_T

Well, that is it for now. I hope everyone have more luck in your endeavors than I have with the gacha! XD

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