[FGO] Cruising through the Seventh Singularity

I rarely do longer posts about what games I am playing because I have a hard time figuring out how to talk about it in a way that seems interesting. Even more so when I am going through a grinding phase in a MMORPG or trying to get trophies in a game. Or just jumping through different games trying to find one that piques my interest.

But for the sake of variety and not leaving this blog gathering dust for such long periods of time I am going to try to write these kind of posts more.

So, to begin with let me talk what I have been up to in Fate Grand Order…

First off I will just call the singularities by their names from this point on. Sorry if it is a spoiler for anyone but it is kind of a pain to write “Number Singularity” every time. It is much easier to just call them by name. :p

Anyway, as I mentioned recently I finished the hellish Camelot and started on Babylonia. The difference between the two is like night and day. While in Camelot even non-boss fights could be pretty hard due to the variety and HP of the enemies, Babylonia has been a lot easier. Even the boss fights I am not having as much trouble so far.

It is kinda funny too because Camelot traumatized me so much that every boss fight I go with the expectation of having to use my Command Spells just so I can win it. Thankfully that only happened last night and it was only because of some really poor decisions on my part. Had I picked my team more carefully and used my skills more wisely I probably wouldn’t have had to use it.

The contrast story-wise is also pretty interesting. While Camelot felt like everything went terribly wrong and we were between a rock and a hard place in Babylon things don’t feel, at least to me, so full of despair. Even though the story set up some near-impossible odds for our heroes to beat.

I guess it is a difference of circumstances. While in Camelot it felt like were always just one step away from losing in Babylon we end up finding some allies and refuge relatively early on. And a lot of of the first story missions have been on the more humorous side too. I guess they wanted to give us some breathing room and relaxation before making everything starts to go downhill.

And Mash just raised the “Trouble Ahead!” flag

I am also surprised that I am actually liking a certain character that appears in this story. Usually when they are depicted in other Fate media I just want to punch them. Well, maybe I don’t hate them that much but I am certainly not their fan. In here though they are alright, almost laudable, even though their personality is pretty much the same as always.

Right now I am halfway through the story and things are starting to get serious. But  this might also be the point where the tables get turned and we start to get some actual victories against the opposition.

Besides the story I have also been taking my time to do the dailies and strength up my servants. Due to me spending so much time on both Gudaguda events they are horribly behind and I’d like to be better prepared for future events.

In special I’d like to get Orion to level cap (she is at 80-something right now), Euryale (who is still around 40ish I think) and Ushikawamaru (who is around 50-ish) and Kiyohime (level 60 and waiting one last piece of material to be able to Ascend). These servants should be pretty useful in the upcoming events if I read some info about them correctly.

Besides those there are a ton of other servants I’d like to level just to diversify my options. I only have a handful of servants at 70+ and the majority of the others are at level 50 or below.

Well, that should be it about Fate Grand Order for now. Next time I will probably write about a different game.

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