[FGO] Farming the Christmas 2019 event

I already knew months ahead that farming the Christmas 2019 event for FGO would be hard for me, thanks to someone building some theoretical teams that could farm it quickly. Most of those teams require double Waver or double Merlin and since I don’t have neither of them I had to do some adaptations that required only for me to borrow one of them.

For the most part I have managed to do so with teams that take 5 to 6 turns in most of the gates at the cost of being able to only use 2 to 3 of the event craft essences (plus whatever the support servant comes with). It is better than what I was expecting given how beefy the enemies are but not as good as what I wished I could do.

My best team has been for the 6th gate where I can consistently finish in 3 turns with a combination of Arash, Artoria Pendragon Alter (Lancer), Tamamo (Lancer), Altera the San(ta) and a borrowed Waver. Arash clears the first wave. On the second turn, Artoria uses all her buss and Waver buffs her and Tamamo. Then I switch Waver with Altera the San(ta). She finishes filling Artoria’s NP gauge which she immediately unleashes to almost kill those enemies and finishes them off with some face cards. On the third wave Tamamo uses her own buffs, gets an NP damage buff from Altera the San(ta) and the Attack buff from the Combat Uniform Mystic Code. Then it is another case of defeating the enemy with a Noble Phantasm plus some face cards.

Some times this might take one or two turns extra depending on how bad the RNG was with the face cards and crits but I found those to be pretty rare.

The worst one has been the 5th Gate. No matter what teams I’ve tried so far has barely managed to finish it in 10 turns or so. That is way too inefficient for farming purposes. It also shows I really need to do some heavy investment on my offensive casters. Until now I have been relying mostly on Berserkers and more recently on Mecha Liz to deal with assassin bosses. But this node showed me that kind of strategy can break apart very easily if I am fighting against a couple of assassin servants.

Besides that the grind hasn’t been too bad. I decided to do the same as some people on the GamePress forums and start using gold apples to farm pretty early on in the event. Since I had a bit over a hundred of those stocked I figured I could use a lot of them and still have plenty left for the next Lotto event next year. :p

I don’t know Ana. That just seems how the Santas roll in the Fate Grand Order universe.

Speaking of the GamePress forums, as usual they have a thread going on with people posting their builds and how their farm has been going. It has been good to sift through to find some ideas for teams to try but also makes me wonder how some people can farm so much. I mean, someone posted that they had already opened over 140 lotto boxes.

For comparison at the time of this writing I opened 20 lotto boxes so far. Even if they have the best teams to farm so much I can only imagine how much time (and patience) they have to be able to open so many lotto boxes! And I even been playing more than my usual too just to farm the event! I guess even then I am still probably casual compared to the folks at that forum.

Despite all these issues I am having fun farming and have been profiting from the lotto. I am getting a few needed servants leveled up which should help immensely in the future as well as stockpiling some annoying to get materials.

I probably should mention the story too since I am talking about the event. As always it is a good mix of silliness and wholesomeness that somehow works. They also fleshed out a bit more of Ereshkigal’s story to show what kind of person she is as well as the story of the Underworld. I liked it so much that if I wasn’t saving for the New Year’s banner I’d probably spend all my quartz reserves trying to get her. Oh, well, maybe next time she is on rate-up.

Altera the San(ta) is also pretty adorable and a good support servant to boot. Those factors made her not only my new favorite Santa servant but also an welcome addition to my team. Can’t have too many good support servants, I say.

Well, that is it for now. Back to farming more lotto boxes for me! Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating it or just a good 25th December if you are not or if you are celebrating something different. 🙂

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