[FGO] Fate Grand Meme

Yes, that is a level 90 Spartacus. No, he is not mine.This Tuesday I finally finished the Seventh Singularity: Babylonia in Fate Grand Order. It was just when the CCC event ended too so I got to use the half AP for almost the entirety of the last two singularities!

Story wise I am still not sure which one I like more, Babylonia or Camelot. Probably Camelot more due to a lot of reasons. But anyway, here are my thoughts on the rest of the Babylonia singularity without any spoilers.

Just after I wrote my last post on the game there were a series of setbacks, story-wise. Just enough to feel like things finally got real and it was time to start fighting back. After that part the story became really hilarious for a bit.

Granted  this change to a comedy tone did happen naturally and made sense given the story’s context. It was also nice to get some levity during this part of the story since things were going to get really nasty after it. It was also the part where we got to spend some time getting to know the new support characters that joined the team.

At the middle of this part though I did have to spend all my Command Spells to defeat one boss. Not so much because her gimmicky was annoying as that was easily countered but because she was really strong. In the defense of my servants they took her HP down to 40k before I had to resort to it.

After the end of this mini-arch of recruiting more allies and preparing for the final battle is when things went back to drama and for everything seemingly to go bad for the heroes. Mechanically speaking the fights became a lot harder too.

I even had to use my Command Spells to finish some monsters because they were that tough, it was getting late, I was tired and I wanted to finish this singularity as soon as possible!

In fact these fights were so annoying that I think they are my current most-hated monsters in FGO right now. Both in terms of story and mechanics.

Despite the meme, Jaguar Warrior might be my latest favorite crazy servant

Ironically the last boss was pretty easy to defeat. Probably the easiest last boss I had to face so far too. Although I will admit I had to try it twice since in the first attempt my strategy broke down early on in the fight for reasons I am not completely sure I understand.

Going through this singularity also made me real curious about the mythology of Babylonia. So much that I want to do some research on it. Just need to set some time aside for it.

Another random note: Chevalier d’Eon earned their keep in this singularity. I got them as my free SR servant at the end of the tutorial and back then I was completely clueless about the game so I didn’t reroll. For a long time I resented them because they are a tank saber, a very niche role and one that it took a long time for Chevalier to grow into.

Well, in this singularity Chevalier did a pretty good job of taking over tanking duties when Mash got defeated. Thanks to them the team was able to successfully finish some nasty fights and I am grateful I have Chevalier d’Eon in my roster now. I still want a four stars or higher offensive-oriented saber though. :p

Anyway, now there is only one Singularity left before I finish Part 1 of Fate Grand Order’s story. I am just not entirely sure when I will start on it though. Right now there is the Hunting Quests event going on and I think in a week it will be the Rashomon Rerun event and the Onigashima event 3 weeks from now. Or something like that.

Yes, this was the best servants I could assemble for this quest. Yes, I need to invest in other servants. It will take time though.

These might be the first events I am actually looking forward to since I don’t have to catch up on the story as much. Specially because I also need a bunch of materials to ascend my servants and it will be easier to grind during the events than the free nodes.

The Onigashima is one that I am particularly looking forward to as it will reward Sakata Kintoki (Rider) as a welfare servant. He is an extremely good Rider and one that I borrowed often from people in my friend list.

I am a bit anxious if my servants will be up to the task since even in these Hunt Events they aren’t being able to kill the mobs that fast. I mean, I’ve been reading about people finishing the Hunting Quests fights in 3 turns while I am struggling to finish it in 12!

Oh, well, as long as I can get the materials I need the most I will be happy enough. And as long as can get Kintoki too! He is my real goal in the next set of events. XD

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