[FGO] My first 5* servant and my history with them

A while ago I found this thread on the Fate Grand Order forums at Gamepress. It is pretty much what it says on the title, a thread where people can talk how they got their first 5 stars servant in the game and how it has been since then.

Since it is an interesting thread, I thought I’d copy my post there over here. Enjoy!

My first SSR was Orion which I got from a ticket at the last day of the Moon Goddess Event Re-run. Back then I was still new and didn’t know anything, I just threw the ticket hoping for a good Craft Essence. Imagine my surprise when I got Orion instead. XD

They came at a good time too since my only Archer at the time was Arash, a servant I unjustly disliked for a long time due to his low rarity. 1 Orion was also the only gold Archer and SSR I had for months and during all that time they fought well for me during many battles. So much that for a long time I thought about grailing Orion as a reward for their services but never did due to: 1) Never having enough QP for that as there is always some other priority 2) Not being able to say with 100% conviction that I love them.

I might still do that but it will be after I grail a servant that I can say without any doubt that I love. In the mean time I will try to get all their skills to 10. Right now they are at 10/8/8. At least this much of a reward of a reward I’d like to give to Orion for all the help they gave me.

  1. It took me a while (and the fine folks at the GamePress Forums) but I finally recognized Arash’s usefulness. He is fully leveled up now and is an integral part of my daily farming team. :)
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