[FGO] Nerofest is awesome!

Last week I whined about my lack of foresight in preparing for Nerofest and how that affected my ability to grind in the event.

Well, on a whim I decided to give that 3 Turn team composition a try during this weekend. Just to see if it would perform better than the team I was using at the time. Turns out that even with Spartacus second and third skill at level 7 it worked! Well, not “3 Turns” worked but still worked much, much better than my previous team. πŸ™‚

This is the team composition I am using now to farm the petals: Arash, Medusa, Spartacus, Shakespeare and a borrowed Waver from the support list. For Mystic Code I am using the Chaldea Combat Uniform.

The idea is for Arash to use his Noble Phantasm plus the Attack Buff from the Chaldea Uniform to clear theΒ  first wave. On the second wave Medusa uses her skill to charge up her NP bar and Waver uses his skills to fill up her bar as well as Spartacus. Then she unleashes her Noble Phantasm which usually don’t kill the demon. That one they end up having to kill in the next turn with face cards.

On the last turn Spartacus uses his skills to finish filling up his own NP bar as well as boost his Buster cards. I use the Chaldea Combat Uniform skill to switch Waver for Shakespeare who then use his buff to boost the team’s Buster cards and if necessary use his third skill to charge Spartacus NP bar. Spartacus then releases his NP killing the enemy Nero Bride and finishing Gilgamesh with some face cards.

The beauty of this team composition is that it is very F2P friendly and I can just borrow any Waver from the support list as long as he has all of his skills unlocked. πŸ™‚

The second wave could even be cleared in one turn with a better AoE Rider or if I could boost Medusa’s damage further. But for my purposes it is working pretty well and I have been consistently finishing the fights in four turns. Five turns if Spartacus doesn’t get any Arts cards or doesn’t get hit by enemies on the previous turns which is pretty rare.

My team plus an Angry Mango for bonding purposes

This is so much better than what I had before where I could clear it at best in 6 turns and even that was horribly inconsistent as it depended on what cards I could get during the fight.

With this team composition my farming for petals has increased a lot and I have been clearing a lot more lotto boxes. Thanks to this I’ve been leveling some much needed servants as well as raising some skills to at least level 6. Not to mention the crazy amount of Mana Prisms and some materials I have been accumulating. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I will be able to just use this team composition to grind in this year’s Christmas’ event as there are some servants who give bonuses to it and I currently don’t have any of them!

I will probably have to improvise something else but I will start to worry about it when it is close to the event and I have a better idea of what I have available to work with.

In an unrelated note, I finally decided what servant I will get with the upcoming free 4 stars ticket. I will be picking up Caster Gil (CasGil for short). The reason is my only gold caster right now is Tamamo-no-Mae. So having another gold caster, and one that can deal some damage, would be really nice.

Also most of my damage dealers are Arts based and apparently CasGil can offer some pretty good support for those. It also helps that I don’t hate CasGil as much as his original Archer version. :p

That is it for now. Hope everyone is having aΒ  good start of the week! πŸ™‚

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