[FGO] Nerofest Woes

For months I’ve been hearing in a forum I tend to lurk how Nerofest would be so good. And they weren’t kidding! Thanks to the event’s lottery I have been able to raise some much needed Servants to their level cap as well as level some skills.

However I did make one terrible mistake. I didn’t research properly which servants and craft essences I’d need to finish the petal nodes in three turns. For some reason I thought it would require some combination of very specific servants and/or craft essences that I didn’t have. I was so, so wrong.

Until a couple nights ago I just have been trying to complete them in about 6 to 7 turns because that is the fastest I could get with the servants I have. I thought that was good enough and I wouldn’t be losing that much. Then someone in my support list was claiming, in the friend message feature, that he was getting double the amount of lottery boxes I got (It might be triple by now). That was the first sign I needed to reconsider my position.

Then while reading a thread about Nerofest in the above mentioned Fate Grand Order forum someone said that getting a three turn team wasn’t too hard. That was the second sign for me to reconsider my position and actually go out and do some research.

Turns out that forum poster was right. All the servants required to do it are easy to get as they are low rarity ones. I even had Arash already with the required skill at level 10, one Maximum Limit Break of Imaginary Element and I think an extra regular copy tucked away in my Second Archive.

The problems are my Spartacus and Shakespeare who are horribly underleveled. I am already doing some course correction but I doubt I will be able to get them ready before Nerofest is over.

Currently Spartacus has his second and third skills at level 7 but I can’t raise it anymore because I lack the Octuplet Crystals to raise further. The ones from the event shop I already bought and used it on other servants before I knew about this.

Shakespeare’s first skill I was able to get to level 10 at least. But he needs to be leveled up, Ascended and do his Rank Up quest to unlock his third skill. I should level Spartacus up to his level cap too just in case.

I am still surprised this team composition worked so well. Specially since my Geronimo was kind of underleveled and all his skills were at level 1! XD

Even if I can’t get them setup for the end of Nerofest I will try to get all those done before the next lottery event which should be the Christmas one if I am not mistaken.

In the mean time I will just keep going with my inefficient setup. Even with that this event’s lottery has been crazy good for me and I want to see if I can level up some more servants before it is over.

Another thing I’ve been enjoying is the High Difficulty Quests. Well, sort of, I am enjoying and cursing it a lot too. XD

Since they are optional I am not worried too much if I don’t complete them. However they only cost 1 AP and reward a Summon Ticket for the first time completion so it is not like I lose much by giving them a  try either.

Much to my surprise I have been able to complete most of them so far. Granted it has been taking a lot of tries to finish almost all of them.

The one I am most proud of was finishing the 2018 High Difficulty quest against Nero. Theoretically I had all the servants (plus the right Support servant) to be able to complete it. Yet I was failing near the end. It took me too long to figure out what I was doing wrong and I still can barely believe I finally completed it.

One thing I learned from it is that I should keep an extra copy of Georgios and Leonidas around at level 1 just for those quests where I need someone to taunt for a couple turns and die.

I think I will try to get a second MLB copy of Battle of Camlann too for those strategies.

For now I will go back to figuring out the next High Difficulty quests. Starting with Suzuka Gozen.  That fight doesn’t feel very hard, just very tricky and I haven’t figured out a good team composition yet. The Da Vinci fight though might be another nightmare if the message I saw at my Support list is anything to go by. XD

Anyway, that is all for now and I hope you all have a good weekend! 🙂

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