[FGO] Onigashima and Shinjuku

Onigashima, the event I have been looking forward to, has finally started in Fate Grand Order. Despite my success with Rashomon I was still apprehensive about my servants perfomance due to a lot of reasons.

A lot of people were saying this event was going to be a lot easier than Rashomon but I still had my concerns. I mean in a game like this difficulty can be very relative due to what servants you have available and my roster still needs some work.

Well, turns out they were right. Onigashima is way easier than Rashomon.

That isn’t to say I can just go to the 6 million HP raid and clear it with ease. Far from it. I have a pretty good shot at it but not enough to kill the boss every time. I am still experimenting on my team composition so I might be able to do that regularly, or get close to it.

I am also enjoying the story far more on Onigashima. There is a lot of hilarious moments and the interaction between the characters is pretty funny too.

The only thing that sucks about this event is that it is a mixture of raiding and regular quest nodes. That takes a lot more time than if it was just one or the other. It also has 3 different tokens to purchase stuff in the event shop unlike Rashomon which only had one type of token. Granted that isn’t anything new in FGO events but it still sucks to have to farm so much and can be a pain to plan on which nodes to do it. At least on there is always a  guide on the GamerPress FGO site with a handy calculator to help plan where to farm.

Oh, well, I can’t really complain since I will finally be getting Sakata Kintoki (Rider)!

On a different note, I finally began my adventure through the Pseudo-Singularity Shinjuku. Again, it was another place I had my apprehensions before going in but so far it turned out to be alright. Some of the fights have been a bit too long due to my lackluster servants but there hasn’t been any I haven’t been able to complete. I haven’t even had to use my Command Spells! (Famous last words)

As for the story it might be the best I’ve seem on this game so far. Since it is a slightly smaller singularity the story just feel more tight without as much filler as the previous ones.

The dialogue and banter between the guest servants has also been top-notch, and often pretty hilarious too. Again, possibly the best that this game has offered so far and some that I will definitely miss.

Lastly, I like that in this singularity the new servants don’t outright tell their true names instead only revealing their classes. This feels a lot more like classic Fate to me than… well, pretty much everything that came before in this game. XD

I will probably be finishing Shinjuku soon. Just have a few more fights to go and then I can just worry about events, dailies and clearing free quests for a bit. I think the next Pseudo-Singularity will be released as soon as Onigashima ends so I’d like to be ready to just jump in on that.

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