Games I’ve been playing – April 2020

Despite the Coronapocalypse, or perhaps because of it, April was one of those weird months that felt too long but at the same time too short. The fact that this month had a lot of excellent game releases hasn’t helped either. Seriously, is it too much to ask for at least one year with bad game releases so we can catch our breath and our wallets aren’t being murdered every month?

Even with all that I still end up playing less games than I was hoping for. Granted I did enjoy the games I played but some of the monopolized my gaming time more than I’d like to.

Anyway, enough whining, let’s get this show on the road!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bunnie, you are not exactly making a good argument for coffee here…

To the surprise of no one who reads this blog, Animal Crossing: New Horizons pretty much dominated my gaming time this month. Heck, I pretty much wrote one post every week just about this game! This is highly unusual for me unless it is something intentional!

But like any game, my addiction to this one is finally dwindling as I get closer and closer to hitting my major goals. Or at least the ones I have some control of. There are only a few villagers houses left I want to move and then it is just doing some flower crossbreeding, decorate my own house, giving some finishing touches to the cliffs, think on how I want to implement a couple other ideas and get a 5 star island rating.

Besides those it all depends on the RNG: getting all the fossils for the museum, getting all the fish, bugs and works of art.

Even with all of those goals I am slowly just getting into the habit of just playing a little to do my dailies, talk to the villagers and check on my Turnip’s price.

Mass Effect

Ok, Joker, next time we’ll park in the planet of the hungry werewolves. Should be much better!

I decided to play the whole trilogy again because my tabletop group will be playing a homebrew D&D adaptation of the Mass Effect games. Since I am still a bit in doubt about the class I want to play in the homebrew I’d like to get a feel of how the class play in the original games to see if it helps me deal with those feelings. Yes, I know they are completely different beasts but it should at least help me get an idea of the “spells” I will have.

One thing that surprised me is that the graphics didn’t age as well as I was expecting… At least not in the PC version, which is the one I am playinh. The graphics were really blurry and it didn’t even support my monitor’s resolution. Worse, since I have an AMD CPU, Noveria had a nasty graphic bug where all the characters looked like walking silhouettes. So decided to use some mods to make the graphics look a bit more like that of current games and to fix that bug.

Another surprise was how much I misremembered. For example, I thought the Rachni War was something more recent, maybe a century ago at most. But it was actually thousands of years before the first game started. Getting a refresh on the game’s lore has certainly been a nice bonus!

I am at the point in the game where I need to go to Virmire. There are just a few side quests I want to do before I go there though as I believe after that point things will just speed up towards the end.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Ah, the start of the game when it looked sweet and innocent. That didn’t last long.

I started playing this game back when it was still relatively new and took everybody by surprise with its twists. Unfortunately I never got too far into it. I think it was the usual ADD happening, then my computer requiring some reformatting which led me to losing my saves and forgetting about playing the game again.

A friend of mine recently played Doki Doki Literature Club for the first time and has posted some of the screenshots of her journey through it. This made me want to play the game again and this time finish it once and for all!

I already got past the point where I stopped the first time and things are already getting creepy up to 11! It makes me wonder and dread at the same time how worse things will get.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Tifa! <3

To be really honest, the first time I heard about Final Fantasy 7 Remake being broken into several chapters because the game was getting too big I was concerned. It just sounded like typical hubris that can affect big gaming companies. When they announced the battle system was going to be action-based my doubts just grew.

But after playing the demo I was convinced and pre-ordered the game from a local shop a couple days before its release date. Unfortunately there was a problem and their stock took a while to arrive so I got my copy of the game later than everyone else.

But once I started to play the game proper, my belief in the Remake became even stronger. What I’ve seem so far of the additions to the story is quite good. It fleshes out Cloud’s personality a bit more, giving a lot of hints of things that in the original game we wouldn’t find until much later. The combat system is also very fun with some little bits that remind me of the original. And the soundtrack is still as good as ever. 🙂

Right now I am still at Chapter 3, just finished a bunch of side quests and I am ready to get back to the main story. My hope is to finish this game before the end of May.

Fate Grand Order

Believe it or not this was the least weird thing that happened in the event.

This was the other game that consumed a ton of my free time this month. At first it was with the Anastasia chapter of Part 2 of the game. As I mentioned before they went the Salem-route and made it very story-heavy which means the cutscenes were longer. I was able to finish it at the beginning of the month and what a ride it was. I think it was the closest that FGO got to the original Fate/Stay Night in terms of story. My hope is the rest of Part 2 continues with the same quality. 🙂

A couple nights after I finished it, the event Sanzang Goes to the West – Lite started. People weren’t kidding when they said this was the grindest event on Fate Grand Order so far.

Let me try to explain the problem: usually in FGO events, there are special nodes that drop event-only currency that we can then trade for event CE’s and materials. In Sanzang though we first had to grind some special currency that were then spent to unlock the nodes that dropped event’s shop currency. For every fight to grind the shop’s currency we had to use the special currency to unlock it.

It was just pure insanity and I am glad they decided to not do something similar with other events. Obviously I wasn’t able to clear the event shop, even with a lot of drop bonuses in my favor.

The only good thing I could say about it is that the story was funny. I also was able to get my own Waver, Sanzang and a few other spookies from the gacha. Those two were the ones I was aiming for and I am so happy I got them. Specially Waver since now I can just choose the servants from the Support list that best suit the situation instead of having to always borrow some random Waver to make the fights go faster.

In fact, it already paid off in the current event, Fate Apocrypha – Inheritance of Glory. To keep it short, this event is not nearly as grindy as Sanzang Goes to the West but it is still taking quite some time. On the plus side the story is fun and they are doing a good job of portraying the characters from Fate Apocrypha. Not that it is a high hurdle considering how terrible the anime was, but it was still a nice surprise. I even did some double Waver shenanigans just to finish some fights in 1 or 2 turns. XD

Sieg, aka Cardboard-kun, the welfare servant of this event will probably never see the light of the day though. I mean, I will still level him up just in case but I have absolutely no desire to use him. You can thank the anime for that.

Civilization VI

I like Cleopatra but only when I play as Egypt. When she is my rival she tends to be a pain in my backside!

Normally I wouldn’t even note this game as played because I spent so little time on it. But since I am a part of the Civilization VI Blogger Succession Game I think is worth noting. There has been some interesting developments since my turn ended and I am looking forward to see what shape our empire will have by the time it gets back to my turn to play.

As others have noted this kind of play has been making us try different strategies than we normally would do. It is also making us ponder more each decision as there is another person coming after our turn that will be affected by them. This causes a bit of stress but overall the fun has been higher than the stress. 🙂

There is a certain excitement to hand the game off to somebody else, not knowing what will come next and that you will eventually have to make decisions based on what other people did before you!

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane

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