Games I’ve been playing – August 2019

There were so many games to play this month. So many that I almost lost what little reason I have and went “Let’s play ALL the  games!”. Not trying that was the wisest choice because even the ones I decided to play didn’t get as much time in them as I wished due to a combination of general lack of energy and being busy with Blaugust.

I’d like this next month to at least keep playing the new ones and making some progress on them though. But we’ll see how the month turns out.

Alright, this is what I have been up to this month:

Final Fantasy XIV

Sadly I barely played this game in August. It was mostly to do the Summer event too. I haven’t even started on the Rising which I had planned to do three times already!

At this point I also gave up on getting the Garo mounts via PVP. The grind would be too much for me and I’d rather play other games to be honest. Anyway, going to see if I can at leas do the Rising event tonight once I finish this post!

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk

First off it would be nice if you explained the reason. Secondly, I don’t think this lady has anything to worry about whatever the reason for that is.

This game has been on my Wishlist for a while and Steam had a free weekend to play it recently. Since I didn’t even remember why I put this game in there or what it was about I decided to give it a try and it was pleasantly surprised.

Usually I am not into dungeon crawlers unless they have something to make them stand out and this game sure have it in spades. The little bit of the story I could play felt intriguing, the dark comedy was hilarious and the art style is the usual Nippon Ichi greatness. The only reason I didn’t buy it right away is because I already have too many games to juggle right now and this month turned out to be more expensive than I was planning. But I was really tempted.

Dark Souls

Playing this game again has been a joy. I restarted playing it partly to scratch an itch for Dark Souls and partly to play something while I awaited for my copies of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Judgement to arrive. Unfortunately like Final Fantasy XIV it fell to the wayside when those games arrived despite my best intentions of playing more of it.

When I stopped I was trying to kill the Stray Demon, an optional boss which leaves me pretty close to where I stopped my first playthrough. One interesting thing is this time I am not feeling nearly as anxious or stressed because of this fight. It is still frustrating not to beat it, sure, but I can see why I am dying. Which I suppose goes to pretty much every fights I’ve been doing this time around.

Fate Grand Order

Me too, Caligula. Me too.

I feel most of the month was spent on this year’s summer event just grinding away. It had… 8 different types of currency, I think? It was a lot of grinding. By the end of it I was so sick of all the grind I was relieved when the event ended

The story at least was funny and just I thought it was just some shenanigans on the part of Ishtar. Also we got her rider version as a welfare servant and I can never complain about those.

I do however feel it sucks that they put the currency to buy rider Ishtar’s ascension materials behind some hard quests. I managed to do them all, thankfully, but it breaks the pattern from previous events where you just had to grind regular event tokens to buy the ascension materials. For new masters this was way harder than it had to be and maybe impossible for some.

After that there was about a week or two of respite with half AP costs for the Free Quests which was a nice incentive to go back and clear all of those from America and Camelot.

Then Nerofest started and compared to the summer event feels way more relaxed, grind and all. What is making this one feel way better are the lotto boxes. They have given me so many XP embers, QP and other goodness that I have been able to get a couple of servants to their level cap and increase the skill of another one to level 10.

Even the Extreme Hard Difficulty fights I have been managing to complete despite all my complaining about it on Twitter. Still need to beat the one with Nero though and I think there are new ones for this year’s version of Nerofest that will be unlocked soon too.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

One of the games I’ve been looking forward the most this month and another one I wish I could have played more. Unfortunately general lack of energy has cost me some precious game time that could have been used on it.

Anyway, I think I am at the start of Chapter 5 right now with the Black Eagles. I think I am finally getting the hang of the game. Just need to figure out a good strategy to get those class masteries though and the best way to get the skills to recruit other students.


I have no words….

Back when we only had some trailers of this game I had some concerns about some of its gameplay. But now that I have been able to actually start playing it I love it! It is like they got the best parts of the Yakuza series and built a great detective story on top of it. 🙂

I don’t remember at which chapter I am at right now but it is still pretty early on in the Main Case investigation. Right now I don’t have many clues to formulate what happened but I am really curious to see if it will somehow tie in with the reasons that Yagami quit his job as a lawyer. 🙂

Gundam Breaker 3: Break Edition

I bought this game a while ago because I wanted a mecha game that wasn’t overly complex, available with english subtitles and on a system I could play. After googling some I found about this one. I was saving it for after I finished a few other games but then Pizza Maid started to tweet about a mobile Gundam game similar to this one and I got the itch to play it. :p

Anyway, for a game that looks cheaply made it is pretty fun. Each mission so far have been pretty short and fast and haven’t felt all that difficult. Everything about it is pretty simple and to the point. The real fun though is the customization as you get different Gundam parts from enemy drops or as by buying Gunpla kits for in-game currency. They seem to have parts for every mobile suit for every series up to this game’s release too which gives it pretty much an infinite amount of customization possibilities.

Each part also has different stats but thankfully they can be upgraded so you never are really gimped for making your own Gundam from your favorite parts.

Overall it is a pretty fun game to play when I only have 30 minutes or so and just want to have some  fun. 🙂

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane, Orochi Warriors 4 (for Achievements)

2 thoughts on “Games I’ve been playing – August 2019”

  1. Oh I see how it is. We’re in competition now for most games played in a month. *cracks knuckles* Alright then. ;D

    More seriously, before this post Judgement wasn’t even something on my radar. Now.. xD I may have to take a look.

    • Oh, noes! You saw through my ruse! Yes, it is a competition and I don’t intend to lose! 😉

      If you liked any of the Yakuza games or just detective stories in general you will probably like this one. 🙂

      If you never played a Yakuza game keep in mind their stories tends towards high drama, some times even soap-opera like. But I don’t find them any worse than any current drama series on TV and the only one I found the story to be weak so far was Yakuza 4. But I haven’t watched a full Let’s Play of Yakuza 5 and don’t know much about the story on that one so that is a game in the franchise I can’t judge.

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