Games I’ve been playing – August 2020

This has been another month where I played way less than I wanted to due to my mood just being… low, so to speak.

Seriously, brain, what is up with you? We should have been back to normal last month! Why are you still like this?

Random crazy talk aside, I did manage to make a bit of progress in a couple of the games I wanted to play. Not much progress but still better than nothing. Hopefully this month should be a bit better.

But that is enough rambling about that. Here is what I’ve played last month.

Atelier Rorona ~ The Alchemist of Arland ~ DX

If it is like that then how will you even know I am making the right items?!?

After a bit of a rough start with this game in July I decided to try poking at it again. To start with I decided to load up from one of my earliest saves, effectively beginning from the start. I also gave a try to a different guide than the one I initially tried. The one I am using right now is for the original version of the game but it is way better organized, easier to understand and to follow.

The consequence of all that is that I am starting to get the hang of the game and not feel as stressed about the time limits for each task. In fact, if Atelier Rorona continue as is it is now then it might be a pretty easy game. Knowing my luck though it probably won’t stay this easy and it will become harder before I know it.

In any case, I am enjoying my time with Atelier Rorona a lot more now and still intend to finish it ASAP.

Final Fantasy XIV

I swear nothing suspicious is going on here!

I could swear I didn’t stay away from Final Fantasy XIV for that long. But I couldn’t deny the evidence. The first time I logged into the game last month I found all my characters wearing the bunny costume. From the Easter event. That is how long I have been away.

Patch 5.3 also dropped last month, which essentially finishes the Shadowbringers storyline if I am understanding it correctly. I haven’t done it yet, in fact I haven’t done any main quest after 5.0 since I don’t have the gear with the minimum iLevel to do the required dungeons and progress with the story.

I love Final Fantasy XIV but these gear requirements always drive me crazy, specially as I tend to just drop off the game for a while.

Since whining about it won’t get me anywhere, my plan right now is the following: Get my gear upgrades either through crafting it myself or running dungeons. I am too poor to buy it off the Market Board so those are pretty much my options.

The problem is I have to catch up all my crafting professions to level 80 first. As for dungeons I have been restricting myself to the Main Scenario one since I don’t feel confident enough that I remember enough about how to play to join any of the other Duty Finder options at this moment.

It is a stupid, terribly slow plan but it is a plan. Hopefully I will be able to do all that story content before the next patch comes.

In other Final Fantasy XIV news, I also did the Summer event which was pretty interesting, although short. I liked the new items that came with it though. Still need to do the Rising and see what I want from the Yokai Watch event.

So, I got lots to do in this game, so much that I could play nothing else and would still feel busy.

Civilization VI

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

I always keep forgetting to mention this but one drawback of participating in the Long Live the Queen succession game is that 10 turns go way too fast. It just feels more like an appetizer for a much larger buffet.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the succession game and I am grateful Naithin started it. It is just that it always leaving me craving to play more Civilization VI.

Last month I gave in to the craving and decided to give a try to the Ethiopian civilization as well as test the new secret societies mode. My first impression is that the Ethiopian civilization might be an interesting one for a religious or cultural victory. I only played one game with them so I can’t say I got a good grasp of everything they can do (not that I am more skilled with any other civilization, for that matter).

As for the secret societies, they were interesting. Again, didn’t get to play around with them much as I only tried in one abandoned game and another where I actually won. It is probably a mode I will be turning in for all my games, if for no other reason for the possibility of worshiping Cthulhu!

Fate Grand Order

After all these events I am starting to think Robin Hood might be the only servant without a loose screw

The month of August in Fate Grand Order was marked by the Summer 2020 event. Unlike the 2019 Summer event this time they didn’t break it into two parts… which didn’t make it all that much better, mechanically speaking.

This time they had 3 different currencies for the event shop plus 3 different reward tracks as you grinded certain types of nodes. As always it also had different servants and Craft Essences that gave bonuses to each of those. The end result was an horrible grind that ate a good chunk of my gaming time. This is not an event I am looking forward to do again next year.

At least the story was still pretty funny. I specially liked the interactions between Jeanne Alter and her regular version. The welfare servant, Jeanne Alter (Berserker) is a pretty good one too, if it is a short fight. For longer fights… not so much but then again there are few Berserkers who are good for long fights.

A few days ago they started the rerun for the Fate/Zero event, based on the anime of the same name. I haven’t done much on it yet but the original version was way in 2018, when the US version wasn’t even one year old. Therefore it has some oddities like having to buy stuff in the event shop to unlock nodes.

The fights are also stupidly easy. So easy that I think if someone started today they probably could finish all of them too. Well, maybe not the Challenge fight, but I don’t even know if this event has one. Besides the Challenge fights are meant to be hard and always optional anyway.

The story so far hasn’t been too bad either. Hopefully it will keep like this. I really could use a “break”, so to speak, after the horrible grind in the Summer 2020 event.

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane

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