Games I’ve been playing – August 2021

Another year, another august gone and done. Speaking of which, I’d like to make a brief note about my participation in this Blaugust.

Although I did purposefully aim for the low post count of 5 posts for the event, in retrospect I wish I’d aim higher or made a bigger effort to go with the theme for each week.

Granted, I made this goal for myself because back in July I wasn’t in the best of places, mentally speaking. In fact I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to make 5 posts during August. Yet I still wanted to participate in some way and aiming that low looked like a good idea at the time.

However it still feels kind of pointless for me to participate in an event like this if all I am going to do is post as usual. This is something I need to keep in mind for next year’s Blaugust so I actually put some effort into it.

That aside, this Blaugust was fun as always. Lots of interesting topics and discussions to read, as well as some new people joining the fold or coming back. In this sense Blaugust is still fulfilling its purpose well.

A big thank you to Belghast for organizing this event once again!

Anyway, sorry for that side note there. Let’s talk about games!


Double doors on the side of a very flat hill.
A door to something ominous or hiding another one of my crappy builds? You decide!

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but the problem with games like Minecraft is that they are pretty much like crack to me. If I am not playing them as much as I can then I am definitely thinking about the game.

It is so bad that I need to actually force myself to play something else least I end up abandoning a different game for years or missing an event in an online one. And no, I am not saying this with any sort of pride. It is kind of annoying actually.

Anyway, my current Minecraft shenanigan has been to try to rebuild a village. This wasn’t something planned and I am already regretting it for some many reasons. But I will save the details for a future Minecraft post.

For now I will just say that of all the stupid things I’ve done so far in Minecraft this one probably takes the top spot. XD

Final Fantasy XIV

Nekeke drowning on the waters of Costa Del Sol
I am also like this trying to swin.

I wasn’t planning to come back to Final Fantasy XIV just yet but with all the talk about it in my Twitter time line got me itching to play it again. Then I remembered there was a campaign for returning players that gave them some free days and I was wondering if it was still going on… and it was!

I took the opportunity and used it to do this year’s summer event. It was pretty fun, quick and gave a cool mount. I was going to plan how I wanted to approach the game from there since there is a lot of things I want to do before Endwalker hits.

Unfortunately Minecraft then whispered in my ears “Just one more project. It won’t take long.” and I answered with a “Yeah, you are right! Let’s just do one more project! It won’t take long!”. Then I didn’t log in since then… /sigh

I do want to try to at least do the Rising though as that is an event I love. We’ll see how it goes!

Random Note: Even with a SSD, Windows Explorer is a terrible program to organize your screeenshots when there over a 100 of them…

Fate Grand Order

Reece XP, the flying (?) shark, repeatedly saying "Play with me."
In case anyone is wondering, yes, I played with him and it went just as well as one could expect.

This month saw the traditional Summer event in FGO. Despite the fights taking a bit of time to finish the event itself didn’t feel grindy at all. In fact I cleared the shop a few days before it was even over!

Even better than that it rewarded a ton of QP which was very welcome since I just got Merlin. All that QP went straight into leveling his skills up to level 10. His actual level is still level 79 though but with Gilfest coming soon I should be able to rectify that.

For now I am just doing my usual dailies, slowly earning QP back and raising as much as I can the level of my servants.

Honorable Mentions: XCom 2 (For the Blogger Succession Game) and Fatal Twelve (Finished with the True Ending)

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