Games I’ve been playing – August 2022

August was another month that was almost dominated by one game: Minecraft. The only reason it wasn’t completely dominated by it is because, ironically enough, I had to take a break from it to play something else completely different: Ys Origin.

Playing Ys Origin is also increasing my itch to play some other games, particularly of the japanese variety and ones I have stopped midway too. For now I am resisting it but once I finish this playthrough I will probably delve again into one of those.

Anyway, here is a summary of my game time in August:


A machine made with a bunch of belts, grinders and other stuff. With lava and some water to create the cobblestone that will be processed through it all.
A prototype gold generator that I was testing in my creative world

My town building using the MineColonies mod continued, although not much progress was gained since my last post about the game.

The reason for that is I’ve been moving some buildings around, working on my storage system and re-creating my usual machinery.

I am due on an update post on my town progress but I wanted to finish my machines first. And the reason I haven’t finished that yet is because, like I said above, I decided to take a break to play something else for a bit…

Ys Origin

Epona  talking with Hugo in one of the rooms of the Devil's Tower. She says "I thought I had you pegged as this uptight, self-important asshole, and I pretty much hated your guts..."
You know, Epona, you were not wrong…

This is a game that I actually finished a while ago, with one of the starter characters, Yunica. However like all games with multiple protagonists to choose from if you want the full story you have to play the game again with a different character.

But when I tried to play with Hugo, the other protagonist available from the start, I just couldn’t do it. Even at the easiest difficult, just to see what his story was, I found myself bouncing off the game. I don’t even know why. My only conjecture is that it was because of my usual boredom with casters in any kind of fiction.

Fast forward some months (years?) to last month. On a whim I decided to give it a try again as I needed a break from spending so much time thinking in Minecraft. I was craving to play something more mindless and Ys Origin was a good candidate with it’s action-based gameplay and linearity. It also helps that the story isn’t anything earth-shattering that requires you to remember much.

And for some reason this time I found myself enjoying playing with Hugo. So much that I am pretty close to finishing the game, with only a few floors of the tower left to finish it.

Once I finish it again there will be only the third unlockable character left to play. Then I will have seen the entirety of the game’s story. But I will probably leave that for another time as playing the game again from start so soon would probably make me burnt out from it.

Fate Grand Order

An angry Mordred with a castle and a battle training camp behind her. She says "You guys want me to Clarent all your asses? Is that it?"
Despite Mordred’s temperament and foul mouth they are actually pretty good at strategy assessment

In September, Fate Grand Order had the rerun of the Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth event.

Since I already did the event once it went relatively smoothly for me. I say relatively because some of the fights took to many turns for my taste due to the mix of enemy types and their relatively high HP/Defense.

Still I managed to get everything I wanted from it before the event was over.

After that there were some mini-events like the Interlude Campaign Part 14 which added new interludes for some servants. Nothing much to comment about that besides it always amuse me the kind of things we learn about the servants through these quests.

Finally there was the Land of Shadows Battleground Blitz. It was this year’s substitute event for Nerofest and Gilfest, aka Lotto time!

For this event they tried to do a kind of strategy battle mini-game in addition to the usual farming quests. Usually I’d welcome a strategy mini-game with open arms but the way they implemented it just felt annoying.

It was way too different from regular battles as the servants we could use were limited to certain classes and had very strict costs. The result is all that we learned through the years in terms of tactics, group synergy and CEs wasn’t very useful here.

Because of that I beat the first two battlefronts mostly by sheer luck than any actual strategy from my part. From the third battlefront and onward I watched some videos see how they could be beaten and then improvised any part that went differently. That helped the other fights go a lot more smoothly.

One good thing that came out of it though is that it made me realize there are some lower rarity units that can be pretty good with some investment. It will take a while to do it though as I have other higher rarity servants in the line first, waiting for their upgrades.

The event still has some days to go but I already got everything I wanted from the shop. Now I am just grinding for lotto boxes as the rewards from them are too good to pass.

Honorable Mentions: Final Fantasy XIV (Summer event)

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