Games I’ve been playing – December 2019

Happy new year!

The last few months of last year were a bit of a blur for me. December in particular I am not even entirely sure of the games I actually played and which ones I thought I played. So I will just stick to the ones I am absolutely sure I played for this post.

One of the things I wanted to do for December was to finish some games that I was close to the end. Another was to get some easy trophies/achievements I was missing to finally move on from them. In the end I was only able to achieve it with Nier: Automata. I guess this gives me some thing to look forward in the beginning of the year.

Anyway, enough rambling, let’s get on with this!

UPDATE: And I just remembered one game I forgot to include the first time. I put it at the end of the list since I don’t have enough to say about it for a whole new post. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Stardew Valley

Temporary crop placement ftw?

After my last post on the game I didn’t end up doing much. I started my reform of the farm so it would be cooler/have all the stuff it was missing but didn’t go far with it.

I did get to test the new fishing ponds though. They are pretty easy to setup, by just throwing the fish you want into it once it is built. You can even place a sign on it that automatically changes to show what type of fish the pond contains and the current number. It doesn’t seem like it produces something everyday as I initially thought. Nor have I figured out what I want to do with such produce yet.

In other news my farmer had a second baby, a boy this time. Not that it will matter much in that game but I thought I should mention it. XD

Other than that I guess I am putting the game aside again until I get in the mood for the farm life.

Final Fantasy XIV

Not seem here: How much I struggled with this mini-game

Another game I didn’t do much this month. It was pretty much just doing the Starlight Celebration event and most of it was very last minute to boot!

I guess I am still feeling burned out from grinding crafting levels with the Ishgard Restoration. But this is a game I’d like to play a bit more in the near future, do the patch 5.1 MSQ and get some more crafting levels. Oh, and give some more love to the alts too. And decorate my house. And do all the things because it is just how I roll.

Uncharted – The Nathan Drake Collection

Those convenient explosive barrels in these ruins that have been untouched by man in centuries!

Uncharted is another one of those series I was really curious about but couldn’t play because I didn’t have a console. When I bought my Playstation 4 it did come with Uncharted 4 but I barely played it before Persona 5 dominated my life. Fast forward to December of last year, my brother gave me a gift card and while I was browsing the shop for games I discovered the existence of this one.

Uncharted -The Nathan Drake Collection is basically it what says on the tin: it is a port/bundle of the first three Uncharted games for the Playstation 4. A pretty good deal for anyone who wants to get started on this franchise.

I decided to start with the first game in the series, Drake’s Fortune. So far I’ve been really enjoying it. It is a fun kind of adventure/platforming (?) game. The story itself also has pretty much the vibes of it just being a big adventure without taking itself too seriously. And Nathan Drake himself is a pretty charismatic character.

Now I wish even more that the Tomb Raider reboot games were more like it. Although I am pretty sure the developers of the rebooted Tomb Raider games went for the super-serious/gritty tone exactly to stand out from Uncharted. But that ends up making Tomb Raider’s story looks silly when it adds it supernatural relics and just not as much of a joy to play through.

Anyway, I think I stopped Drake’s Fortune at the beginning of chapter 6. My intention is to get back to it some time this month.

Monster Hunter World

Who is the boss now, huh? … Yeah, not me either. But my friends are!

Another game I bought with my brother’s gift card was the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World. I was planning to do that after I finished the base game but since there wasn’t anything that I was interested in that wouldn’t go over the gift card’s value I bought it earlier.

Thanks to help from some friends I was finally able to kill Nergigante and move on with the story. After that I didn’t do much as I was experimenting hunting with the Switch-Axe and the claw hook, now that I can use it for combat thanks to the expansion.

Now that I don’t have to worry about Nergigante blocking my progress I am finding myself enjoying the game again. It is such a relief that I can continue to progress in the story without having to worry about a stupidly hard monster. Not that the next monsters on the list look to be easy by any means but I hope that I can at least kill them on my own. If not, I will just call for the cavalry. Again. :p


Goodbye Holy Ivy Empire. It was fun playing with you while it lasted.

I finished my second playthrough of Stellaris a few days before the end of December. This time though it end up in a loss, thanks to a tactical mistake I did at the beginning of the end-game. Well, it technically wasn’t a loss. I could still try to wage another war against the rest of the galaxy to win the game but wars at that scale can be such a drag that I rather just stop where I left.

Despite losing it I am actually pretty satisfied. This time I played with a species of sentient plants who wanted to be friends with everyone. Their government was based on a religious megacorp and ironically their first friends were some sentient butterflies who were also xenophiles. Together they went on to form The Wholesome Federation and try to befriend other species in the galaxy.

Eventually my species ascended to develop psychokinetic/telepathic powers leading to a bunch of new possibilities. They also discovered a way for all the species of the galaxy to interbreed, if they so choose, regardless of how impossible it might look. Love conquers all!

Near the end-game though two, out of the three Fallen Empires, woke from their decline and they just happened to hate each other. So I had a few options: either become a vassal to one of them or try to stand against them. I thought if I chose the latter option I’d be standing alone so I chose to become a vassal of the religious Fallen Empire. It just seemed like our empires would have more in common than if I joined the other one.

Well, turns out I was wrong. There were others who decided to stand against the Fallen Empires, one of those being my butterfly friends! I really felt bad to have to fight them.

Oh, and if an all-out war between all the civilizations in the galaxy wasn’t bad enough, there were also a few other crisis that popped up shortly after its start. And guess who had to mop it up? One of these crisis was a robot uprising due to some decisions on my part. It made enough economical damage to my empire that it took decades to recover from.

So, yeah, I lost. But I did so by bringing order to the galaxy. By eliminating a bunch of other civilizations. And giving up my empire’s independence…

I have some ideas for other Stellaris games I want to play but I think I will just wait for the next DLC, Federations. That one should bring some much needed depth to the federation mechanics, a galaxy council and an origin systems for our custom species. It should make the game even more fun to play! 🙂

Yakuza 0

Even to answer phones Kiryu does it like a boss

When I got back to this game I was in the middle of a Majima chapter. I forgot how tense those early chapters were, at least in terms of story. In terms of gameplay it was just business as usual. XD

After I finished that chapter it was back to Kiryu and I finally got to the part in the story where the Real Estate mini-game is unlocked. It is pretty fun to go buying places all over Kamurocho. It is also interesting to see which of the random people Kiryu helps out end up being employees later on.

There are a few things I need to work on though: the Karaoke and Dance mini-games. Oh, and the telephone club too. Specially the telephone club. That one turned out to be way harder than I thought. If you ever see someone streaming that mini-game, respect their skills because it is not easy!

Vampire: the Masquerade – Coteries of New York

Nothing like waking up and biting on someone’s arm!

There isn’t much I have to say about this game that I didn’t do in Favorite games of the decade – Part 3.

I still have one character route to go through and a bunch of achievements to get. One achievement in particular I don’t know why I didn’t get as the impression I got was that one didn’t depend on the choice we made. Oh, well, I like the game so I don’t mind replaying a route to get an achievement. Good excuse to test some other options too. 🙂

Fate Grand Order

Have another Christmas screenshot since I don’t have any of Salem right now.

December was a pretty eventful month for Fate Grand Order. First there was the new pseudo-singularity, Salem. Just like people said it was the best of the pseudo-singularities. I credit that for the developers taking their time to tell the story, instead of the usual Story-Fight-Story format.

That was a good strategy too, since it deals with one of the most horrible periods of human history, the Witch Trials. They were able to capture all the madness and fear of those times with some surprising tact for this game. It also served to explain what the new servant class, Foreigners, are all about.

All in all it is probably my new favorite singularity. Not only in terms of story but also in terms of new servants introduced. Speaking of which I got lucky and managed to get Caster of Okeanos with a Summon Ticket. Now my luck for a few months will be completely gone. XD

Another event that happened in December was, obviously the Christmas 2019 one. I already gave my thoughts on it in this post.

Then the month ended with a prologue for Part 2 of the story. I was really curious how they would setup it given that Part 1 was all about travelling through time to save humanity. So how would they up the ante from something like that? Well, I got my answers for that with this prologue. The story was pretty good, the new characters were interesting and the twists were pretty unexpected. They are also continuing to do some pretty good use of cutscenes for some good visual impact. All in all, I am excited for Part 2 which should start in a few months, I think. 🙂

Marie’s Room

I first heard about this game over Syp’s blog, Bio Break. It is basically a very short, free to play, walking simulator available on Steam.

In this game was play as Kelsey who used to be friends with Marie. As the title implies we have to go through Marie’s room, clicking on each object to figure out what happened to their relationship.

I personally like these kinds of games for when I want something that doesn’t require much thinking, is relaxing and absolutely mundane. Given the nature of games finding some like these can be quite hard to find. So I was very glad when I found about this and enjoyed an hour of my time about it. I probably could have spent less time but I was missing a pretty obvious clue to finish the story. Still worth every minute of it. 🙂

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane, Dead by Daylight, Ring Fit

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  1. For Monster Hunter World, check the armory and smithy for the Defender weapons they recently introduced to push laggard players into Iceborne by giving them a boost with the main story. The stats on those things are pretty nuts compared to the rest of the non-expansion stuff.

    I ended up with such high defensive stats that I could take plenty more hits from the monsters, staying around long enough to get the hang of their attack patterns, rather than carting after 1 or 2 accidental hits and then getting frustrated as hell with the run back.

    Those eventually helped me get through Nergigante, then all of the main story, so on one hand, mission success and working as intended… But I admit I’m now a bit hesitant about jumping into Iceborne after seeing that happen.

    Something about how I’m not so sure it’s worth the repeated grind for tiny amounts of stats on gear and obsessive preparation to kill bigger monsters, if I don’t actually like such gameplay, especially if the difficulty can shift so drastically if they can just decide to introduce new stat tiers and “overwrite” previous efforts. Y’know, the same complaint of traditional vertical progression MMOs and raids, just in a new solo/small group format.

    It’s a me thing, a personal hangup, others seem to be perfectly ok with it. Maybe I’ll just chill and wait for a sale.

    • Yep, got those too. They also helped me enjoy the game more again.

      Like you I don’t enjoy much the grind to get new gear just to have to kill a new monster. Which is kinda weird because in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate I was generally fine doing it. On the the other hand I never finished that game so maybe I am misremembering things.

    • I’ve heard others praising Uncharted 2 as well. I just stopped on chapter 10 of the first one today and still enjoying the game immensely. 🙂

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