Games I’ve been playing – February 2022

February was another month where weirdly enough it felt like it lasted almost forever. Honestly, I would be fine if the rest of the year felt like this. It is certainly better than the last few years where it felt like I just blinked and the month was over.

As for the games, not as many variety as I wished for but not that bad either. So let’s get to them!

Hitman 2

Agent 47 behind a cardboard with space for someone's head to take a picture.

The cardboard is of someone holding a grumpy merman by their tail.
47 really deserves a vacation

I actually finished the story for this game. Or at least I think I did. There still a couple (or was it three?) missions to do but I think those are bonus ones. I am pretty sure I saw the credits roll on the last mission I did.

Another thing I spent some time doing was the challenges in Miami. I got almost all of them and will try to finish them next time I play the game. Well, I might skip the Assassin Only/Suit Only challenges as those involve different difficulty modes and I don’t really care about playing at the hardest difficulties of any game.

No idea when I will do that though. Part of me still want to complete those challenges but another feels like it can go back to the virtual shelf.

Final Fantasy XIV

Pukty Piko claiming they are not an expert in love but they think love is all about sharing everything with the one we care about, be it happy moments or worries.
Well, they are not wrong…

Nothing much done on it this month except for the Valentione’s Event. Thankfully enough it was one of those very short and to the point events with no group content. Given that I am not exactly in the mood for a MMORPG right now this was a blessing.

Again, another game I am not sure when I will go back to, except for events… /sigh

XCom 2

The legendary Sid Meyer plus some other guys and some mods!

Every time I do my turn for the XCom 2 Blogger Succession game I get an itch to play the game with all the DLCs. Every. Time. Most of these I am able to resist but this month I could not.

Just to amuse myself I decided to cheat a little and get the Hero soldiers. Much to my surprise they didn’t feel all that OP. Well, except for Sid Meyer since he is a Psi Operative and… well, he is Sid Meyer.

Another thing I decided to try was some mods but more about this in a future post.

Fallout 4

A "Stranger" saying that the ASAMs will help build settlements.
He is right, the ASAMs make building settlements a lot less painful!

I have been suffering with an itch to play this game again for a while but the thought of updating my mods kept putting me off. Then some people on Twitter start posting screenshots of their play in Fallout 4 and that was enough to push me into playing it again.

One one hand all the time without playing turned out to be for the better since I found a better mod for UI, crafting, item sorting and possibly for scrapping too.

On the other hand there was a mod exodus from the Nexus due to some change of their policies and some of the mods I used are now gone from there. No idea if any of them found a new home somewhere else. There might also have been cool mods that released during this period that I will never know about because of this too.

Anyway, another mod that I also benefited from not playing during all this time was Sim Settlements 2. It got a bunch of bugfixes and even a Chapter 2!

This is the first time I am actually experimenting with it and so far it is a lot better than the first Sim Settlements. I do have some nitpicks though.

The first one is that it is kind of annoying to have to do the Sim Settlements questline to unlock some plot types. I get why they did that as the questline is a pretty good tutorial for how the mod works. But as a veteran of the first Sim Settlements it was a bit disappointing since I just wanted to start building my settlement right away.

At least the questline is pretty good and there is an option to cheat and unlock all the plots, which I might do in the future. Plus it did help me understand how the new types of plots work so there is that too. Because of all these points I am not going to complain too much about it.

Another nitpick is the requirements to unlock some plots seems a bit too high for me but again we can probably use the cheat to unlock them so it might not be a big deal. That or it is just how I am approaching the settlement building aspect of the game.

Otherwise I am in love with Sim Settlements 2 and curious to see what the future will bring to it.

In terms of main quest I haven’t done much as I have been busy building up Sanctuary and doing the Sim Settlements 2 questline to unlock some plot types. Now that is mostly over I am doing a lot of side content while trying to make Strong to like me, get his perk and then abandon him in some settlement to never have to look at him again! (At least until the next time I start a new game…)

Fate Grand Order

Sei Shounagon (?) saying she is a new party girl now looking for a new hobby.
Only in FGO you will see a famous author of classic literature portrayed as a party-girl with bright colored hair.

The month began with the traditional Valentine’s event in Fate Grand Order. A while ago, when looking for future events I saw a picture of Sei Shounagon and since then have been wondering what kind of character she was.

Well, this event pretty much answered that and honestly I really love her character. I don’t know what it is about crazy carefree characters but I just love them. Although in this case I am pretty sure her voice actress helped too.

Another surprise was that the event didn’t feel very grindy. Now that I think about it I wonder if this is a trendy going forward. Probably not but one can always dream.

Another event that happened was the Main Interlude, which was kind of a re-run of the Christmas 2019 event. I say kinda because it wasn’t the full event, just the main story quests. Still it was another chance for people to get their copy of Altera the San(ta).

I already had her but it was a nice opportunity to get some free Rare Prisms. Apparently that is something that they will be doing with other events too but I don’t know much of the details of those.

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  1. I often check like.. Reddit communities and Google to find places that will help with finding the best mods. I guess a Nexus exodus makes this more necessary than ever, unless you’re happy to make do with what’s still there, of course! 😀

    • Checking the Nexus with a certain frequency when I was playing used to work well enough for me. Pretty much everybody uploaded their mods there so it made things easy.

      I never considered checking Reddit for the mods but now that you point it out that is a pretty good idea, even more so with this Nexus exodus.

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