Games I’ve been playing – January 2019

Daru from Steins;Gate saying "Hell Yeah! I will give my best shot!"I had planned to play so many different games this month but in the end I only played a few of them. Which is pretty much my life in a nutshell: make lots of plans, grossly underestimate the amount of time and/or effort they will take then fail at them or end up doing something completely different. /sigh

The fact that it has been scorching hot around here hasn’t helped either. That kind of temperature just saps my desire to do… well, pretty much anything.

Anyway, here is what has been happening in the electronic lands haunted by the urban legend monster called Rakuno.

Final Fantasy XIV

An armored kojin
Here have some completely out of context image because I have no idea for a better one to be honest

When patch 4.5 launched I decided it was about time for me to get back into the game, finish the storyline for patch 4.4 and just catch up with the latest content.

There was one small problem in that I had yet to do the required dungeon to progress, “The Burn”, and my iLevel was a little short of the requirement to do it.

So instead I spent a bit of time doing roulettes so I could get enough tokens to upgrade my gear. And then I did a bit more to make sure my iLevel was as high as I had the patience to get it to do “The Burn”. In the end I still haven’t done it because honestly from what I’ve seem of that last boss it scares the hell out of me.

I know sooner or later I will have to do the dungeon though if I want to progress through the game’s story so I will see if I can ignore my fears and do it some time this month.

Besides that I also started on the Four Lords optional side story to as a couple of dungeons from that are required to unlock the level 70 duty roulettes. I stopped just after completing “Tortoise in Time” and haven’t continued it since then.

So far, I like that storyline and Byakku was a pretty interesting fight.

I also got to level 30 of Heavens-on-High and have started on the grind to get a shiny new weapon from it. I also unlocked Blue Mage, getting it to level 30 but haven’t done anything with more with it.

Currently I am on a mini-break from Final Fantasy XIV but I should really get back into it before they release more story content or even the expansion itself!

Persona 5

This is actually my second play through the game. The reason I decided to do it now is because I still had 3 trophies (counting the one about having all other trophies) and those can only be earned in a New Game+.

There are also the rumors of a “Gold” version of the game thanks to the release of the Persona 5 R site and the news that more announcements related to the game will be coming in March.

If  those rumors end up being true I’d like to have all the trophies for vanilla Persona 5 completed before then as I’d most likely end up buying it to see what additions have been made to the game.

For this play through I decided to go with the easiest difficult just to get through everything as fast as possible. That combined with all the gear from my previous play through has made going through the Palaces a very enjoyable walk in the park.

Another extra bonus of the New Game+ is that I don’t have to worry about my leveling my social stats thus I can focus just on the relationship bonds.

The story cutscenes still take frigging forever though. I know I could skip them but I actually like the story. Plus I am trying to see if there was anything I missed or some foreshadows of things to come.

Right now I am at the building up towards the Fourth Palace. If I play it consistently I might be able to finish the game before the end of February (Famous Last Words)

Fate Grand Order

A typical fight in Fate Grand Order
Not seem here: All the terrible decisions I’ve made in this game so far

Until recently I haven’t really found a mobile game I enjoyed. Mostly because I really hate their free to play business models, specially the ones who use the gacha system* . Then I started to play Fate Grand Order, in a bit of whim, since I already liked the anime adaptations, just wasn’t sure if the games were for me.

Turns out I actually like this game. The gameplay is relatively simple but has enough of a strategic layer to make it interesting enough for me. Same thing about the story, it isn’t anything extraordinary but it works enough to explain what is going on and get not bore you to tears. What I think I like the most though is the humor, which doesn’t appear much in the main storyline (so far) but really shows up in some of their events.

As for the gacha… Eh, it is not that bad. Unless you want to collect specific servants then it can be just as bad as any other gacha out there. :p

What I dislike of the game though is the way to level the servants which is a bit annoying. I guess they made it this way so people wouldn’t just blaze through the game but it still feels a bit clunky and with a dash of RNG for me.

Another nitpick is their choices for servants. I mean, they are supposed to be Heroic Spirits which to me means people who were great warriors or shaped human civilization either in real life or mythology. But in the game we have servants like William Shakespeare and Mozart…. Although I suppose that is more a problem with the Fate universe as a whole than just the game given that Shakespeare also appeared in Fate//Apocrypha.

Right now I am making my way through the Fourth Singularity. Due to my noobiness I didn’t plan very well how to use my time and thus didn’t level up my servants as well I should probably have done. The end result is that I am having a bit of trouble getting through some of the fights lately to the point of depending on Guest servants to carry me through some of the fights.

I am trying to correct that and trying to do more of the dailies that drops the required items to level up my servants.

All in all though I have been enjoying it and pondering about giving other mobile games a try.

* Gacha systems are essentially loot boxes by another name


Mayuri is one of my favorite characters in this game. <3

This is one of those games I keep meaning to finish but always forget about. To make it even more sad it is a game I just love. The characters are great, the writing is superb and the art style is beautiful. I have no idea how can I explain my neglect besides pure ADD.

It will also have an upgraded version using scenes of the anime for some of the cutscenes that will be released on February 19th in the international markets. I very much doubt I will finish the game before then, much less get all the achievements, but I’d sure like to try.

I am currently at chapter 5. The plot seems to be getting really thick right now, with  some pretty interesting twists. I am really curious to see what will happen next.

My only nitpick with this game is that all the options you choose are in what answers you pick for what seems to be on completely unrelated e-mails between the characters. To make it even worse is that the replies from Main Character are all written in his usual “Mad Scientist” delusion. Because of that I have been relying on a guide just to make sure I get the True Ending.

Besides that I’d say this is easily one of my favorite games ever.

Hopefully in February I can add a few other games to this list that I have been meaning to finish *coughs*YakuzaKiwami2*coughs*TheWitcher*coughs*VampireBloodlines*coughs*

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