Games I’ve been playing – January 2020

January has been one of those weird months where it felt too short and yet very long too. I don’t even know how to explain this phenomenon. All I know is there was a bunch of things I wanted to do but didn’t either because I got sick or the weather wasn’t collaborating. Or both.

This also end up happening to games but at least in this case there was only one culprit: Monster Hunter World. Seriously this is one of those games that seem to distort time: you go for just one hunt and next thing you know it is almost midnight and you need to go to bed.

Somehow I did manage to get to play other games too! They were mostly before I got sucked back into Monster Hunter World, but still, they are something else that I can talk about!

Uncharted – Drake’s Fortune

Welcome to video-game land, Nathan.

Because of how distorted my perception of time has been during January I almost thought I finished it in December. But no, I actually finished it in the first weeks of January, if I recall correctly. There was a plot twists near the final chapters that made sense both in terms of storytelling, plot and game mechanics that I am honestly not too sure how I feel about. I mean, it wasn’t bad, it certainly got me by surprise. I guess it wasn’t exciting for me either. Whatever the case, it was an interesting change of pace.

Now that I finished the game I can say it is definitely one of my favorites. I can see now why people regard the Uncharted series so well and definitely intend to play the rest of the series. I just decided to not do it immediately as there are other games that I want to play and variety is always good.

Civilization 6

I didn’t realize my capital was near two volcanoes until they start erupting… Oops!

This one was in a bit of a whim. I got the Gathering Storm DLC during Steam’s Christmas sale but only got to play it during January. In terms of natural disasters it didn’t change as much as I was expecting. But I also only played one and a half of game with it and I chose to keep the “Natural Disaster” level at the default, level 2. Maybe next time I will increase that number to see how much of an impact it makes.

I did like the World Congress and changes to Diplomacy though. There are some good opportunities there to screw up with your rivals but I think I will need to learn how it works better before I can do that. It was one of the things that I liked to do in… Civilization 5, I think? It was really fun to screw up with other Civilizations without having to go to an open war with them.

For now I am putting Civilization 6 back in the proverbial shelf until I feel the itch to play it again.

The Witcher

Uh… Thanks, I guess?

The Witcher Netflix series made me want to go back to this game during this month. I finally finished Chapter 3 and made some good progress on Chapter 4. The end of Chapter 3 answered a lot of questions I had about the plot and I am starting to see the Big Picture. There were also some unexpected twists which will be interesting to see how they will pay out.

I am also continuing to try to keep my version of Geralt neutral however the game already pushed him to choose sides. I tried to choose the one that felt the most sensible given a neutral Witcher but I don’t know how this will turn out.

If it wasn’t for Monster Hunter World barging back into my life like an angry Devil Jho I’d probably have finished this game by now. I will try to finish it in February just so I can finally move to Witcher 2 and thus get one step closer to my ultimate goal of playing the Witcher 3.

Monster Hunter World

I some times wonder what is the thought process behind some of these gear designs…

This is the game that consumed my mind for most of the month. Iceborne successfully reignited my love for the game… for a while at least. I got to the point where I had to fight Barioth and got to Monster Rank 3. This is one of those points where the game gets harder, you have to start farming for better gear and need to think about your build. It is also at these points where my interest in the game starts to dwindle because I hate grind and I hate to come against problems where I can’t find a solution that will solve it quickly.

I did get to the point of at least getting a new set of armor at least (it is an MR Odogaron Alpha set, if anyone is curious). Still trying to decide on what upgrade to get for my weapon though.

Anyway, now that my passion for this game has cooled down considerably, I am planning to keep playing it from time to time. Just so I don’t completely forget how to play it and so I can finish Iceborne’s story before Capcom changes their mind about making another expansion.

Fate Grand Order

FGO Out of Context

January was a pretty busy month in Fate Grand Order. First there was the Lucky Bag Summoning Campaign. I tried to get Merlin or Waver through it but unfortunately didn’t get either. I did get Abigail though and she already has earned her place in my roster as the Berserker-killer.

Accompanying that campaign was the Katsushika Hokusai trial quest. It was pretty short like all other trials but I loved Hokusai. Unfortunately she didn’t answer my summons either. I did get Musashi though which was another servant I wanted so there was at least that. Maybe next time I will have better luck with Hokusai.

Shortly after that it was the Da Vinci and the 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits Revival. It was a hilarious event that showed sides of Da Vinci and Jeanne Alter I’d never expected to see. But better than that was the lotto. Thanks to that I was able to raise some much needed servants, materials and to get out of QP Hell. At least for a few weeks. I am already back to QP and materials Hell thanks to raising some skills…

One unexpected event was a ticket for a Free 4 Start Servant to celebrate the release of the anime adaptation of the Babylonia singularity. This took most people by surprise because we all thought it was going to be a Japan only thing. Now we are wondering if because of that we won’t get a ticket later on the year as we usually do in the NA side.

Once again I didn’t choose Caster Gil because the GamerPress forums convinced me, indirectly, that Helena Blavaztky would be a better choice for me. A team-wide 20% NP charge is nothing to snub after all, specially for someone who doesn’t have a Waver or Merlin. It will take me some time to raise her skills but I will get there eventually. Caster Gil though I many never get at this rate since there is always someone I end up choosing over him. XD

Lastly there has been the Setsubun event. This was an interesting event since the gimicky of it was that we couldn’t use servants from our Friend List, only our own. Also, we going through a 100 floor tower with servants being able to only fight in one floor before getting too drunk to continue. They could come back later but there was a downtime for it.

This forced me, and pretty much everyone else, to use servants that we would not normally use in fights. It led to some interesting discoveries, most that I will probably forget. Still it was fun to try to figure out teams outside my usual setups.

One thing that almost drove me mad was that when I got to the 100th floor there was another 100 floors to climb. The first 100 were the only ones with a story. The next set of 100 were more like a “Hard Mode” version. But they also had some pretty nice rewards and ironically felt easier than the first 100 floors. At the end I was able to complete this event without much trouble and now I can go back to my usual routine for a couple of days. Abigail was definitely the MVP for me in this event as she made some fights against Berserkers a lot more doable.

The next months should be pretty busy with events too but hopefully not as crazy as January!

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane, Dead by Daylight, Fire Emblem Birthright (Finally finished it!)

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  1. I recently felt the itch to play Civ 6 again… I mainly wanted to try to actually start a religion as I’ve never been able to do that. Also, I usually disable religious victory because I hate being bombarded by missionaries. -.- When I started the game, I still disabled religious victory and chose a civ that’s best suited to a cultural victory. Old habits die hard… 😉

    • I always try to start a religion in any game just for the bonuses for my own empire as well as to lock those options out of any other empire. But the actual religious victory I only went for it once and never bothered again.

      Yeah, I hate being bombarded by missionaries too. I think if you left an apostle near your city they wouldn’t bother it but I don’t remember if that was in Civ 5 or if it works in Civ 6 too. Or if just your own missionaries could work for that too.

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