Games I’ve been playing – July 2019

This is post #1 for Blaugust 2019

July has been the most intensive month this year for me thanks to Shadowbringers. I loved it so much that I could already declare it Game of the Year. The only other contender for the title could be Fire Emblem Three Houses but since I haven’t gotten it yet I can’t say anything about it.

And yes, I know there are still months until the year ends and a lot of other games that haven’t been released yet. I do expect them to be good games too but I doubt any of them will make me feel the same way as the journey through Shadowbringers did. 🙂

Anyway, let’s get to the topic of this post, shall we?

Final Fantasy XIV

Lali-ho! is my new favorite greeting by the way

Half of my month was spent playing through the Shadowbringers’ Main Story Quest. Part of it is because I loved it and part is because I was afraid of spoilers so I tried to finish it as fast as possible. It is the internet after all and we are lucky if someone doesn’t spoil everything in the first day of release of anything. Lucky was with me as I only got some minor spoilers and it was stuff that I already had a hunch about.

After I finished Shadowbringers I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. Not for lack of content mind you, it is just that is how I feel after I finish something that I’ve put so much energy into and got so much enjoyment out of.  I think I may have finally settled into trying to raise my much neglected crafting classes and giving some love to the alts. But we’ll see how long this will last.


This game is beautiful. Unfortunately I have terrible screenshot skills so this is the best I could provide!

When I first saw a trailer of Oninaki I just wasn’t impressed and was ready to give it a pass. I mean, it wasn’t a bad trailer but there is a LOT of other games that I am more interested about to be released this year and you know there is only so much money and time for them. :p

Since they released a demo (available on the PS4, Switch and PC) I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did because now I am really intrigued and highly considering buying it at some point.

It is a pretty fun action JRPG which seems like it will have some pretty interesting tactical choices as far as combat style and skills go. I also liked how they took an idea and pretty much let it shaped its world, characters and story.

Just one warning though: this game, even in the demo, deals heavily with the themes of death, loss, grief and even suicide. If you are sensitive to any of these issues you might want to skip it. I didn’t feel like they handled it poorly in the demo but your mileage may vary.

Monster Hunter World

Uh… Good monster?

With an event going on and a looming expansion on the horizon, I decided it was time to make a return to Monster Hunter World. I was hoping it to be a triumphant one but in reality it turned to be a confusing and annoying return as I tried to remember the controls and figure out what I had to do to get to  the next part of the story, which was to hunt Nergigante.

Then once I did get to that part I got delusional enough to think I had a chance at it. Nergigante quickly put me back in my place by killing me just by sneezing in my general direction. Ok, it wasn’t that bad but it certainly felt like that.

I still intend to play it more, remember how to actually play this game, hunt other monsters so I can get upgrades and eventually give a try at Nergigante again.

I just need to find the time and mood for it first. Which might be a bit complicated as there are other games I wish to get back to as well. *glances at Yakuza Kiwami 2*

Fate Grand Order

I did watch it and I am sorry to say Sieg but it wasn’t all that good…

I swear this month in Fate Grand Order feels like it was just a string of events, one right after the other. First there was the anniversary that came with All the Statesmen event. The anniversary part was a bunch of challenging quests that I don’t even remember anymore what they rewarded. I am just surprised I was able to complete them all, although the last one did give me some trouble.

All the Statesmen was probably the most hilarious and insane event I’ve seem in this game so far which is kind of a tall order considering that almost all of the events I’ve seem tend towards that. My surprise though was with the welfare servant it rewarded, Paul Bunyan. I was expecting not to like her since she is pretty much a joke character in the comics but I liked her in the event’s story and I am seriously considering investing on Bunyan to use her as a farming servant.

After that it was the Summer 2018 Rerun event which was also a bit on the insane side but not quite as much. The island building part was actually interesting but the grind for all the materials in the event shop was horrible.

Now we have the Summer 2019 event going on. It is back to pure insanity as Ishtar claims that she can solve a singularity by hosting a racing competition with Chaldea servants as the racers. Although it is pretty clear that the goddess of beauty and war is up to some kind of shenanigan. I am just not sure what exactly she is up to yet.

The grind for materials in this event also seems to not be as bad as the Summer 2018 event but I am just expecting to be proven wrong and end up regretting these words!

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane

8 thoughts on “Games I’ve been playing – July 2019”

  1. Oh hell, you’re up to Nergigante?

    That thing is a giant PITA. Practice and love the superman dive. Superman dive is life. Superman dive is love.

    If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s when you run and dodge (I think it’s via the dodge key, geez, I’ve been away too long) such that you just pancake yourself on the ground belly first.

    You can hold that a few seconds if you don’t touch any additional inputs, and while in that state you’re (essentially) invulnerable.

    When the black spikes mature on Nag’s tail and they go up for the soul crushing one-hit dive kill, the general idea is to run and superman dive before it lands and crushes you. xD

    I’ve done Nergigante solo once or twice, but it is no cakewalk no matter what your gearing is like. (Not to say it doesn’t help, it absolutely does. But… Yeah. xD)

    • Yup, that is the part I am at. I don’t think I even got to the point where he does hies one-hit dive kill, I just die before. D:

      But yeah, the plan is to gear up as much as I can before I give it another go. But from the way you talk about it seems like it will be Pink Rathian v2. D:

          • If it makes you feel any better, I did a quick google and most of the internet would disagree with me and say Pink Rathian was the harder challenge of the two.

            I found a ranked difficulty list as well, but I disagree with most of it. It put Black Diablos pretty low down it (granted, this is a top 7, but still). Black Diablos was an aaaa-hoole. xD

            They also put Odogaron as harder than Nerg, but that is patently untrue no matter how much subjectivity you allow for. Haha. Odo was a hard fight to start with though with how fast he is and the bleed, but harder than Nerg? Not a chance.

            I guess this all, in addition to being subjective in the first place, depends a lot on what weapon you are working with too.

            For reference my comments are based on the use of Longsword.

  2. Gee… Apparently my theme only allows 4 levels of reply to a comment. So, new comment it is!

    I don’t think I fought Black Diablos yet…. But if it is anythign like regular Diablos, yeah, I could see it sucking to fight. I couldn’t beat Diablos without the help of a friend.

    That I agree with you. There is no way in hell Odogaron is harder than Nergigantes. I beat Odogaron, don’t remember how many tries it took but I did it. And yes, it is an annoying fight put I wouldn’t put it in the top 5 hardest fights. Maybe top 10 but I’d have to think about it.

    Longsword is the weapon I am thinking of using too! I figured it would be the best balance between speed and power. I considered a bow too but without someone to keep between you and the monster it seems too risky of a strategy.

    In any case I haven’t hunted any monster on the Elder Recess as I should have done in the first place and that is what I will be doing next. Those new armor sets and weapons should count for something, I hope!

    • I don’t think you ever have to fight Black Diablos as part of the story… But don’t quote me on that, it’s been too long.

      I remember needing, I think 2x Black Diablos horns and 2x normal Diablos horns for one of the Longsword upgrades on the chain I was working on. I simply had to get help in for this. Had a friend using hammer who was well suited to breaking the horns off.

      In terms of armor, I found the Odogaron set to be amazing as a Longsword user. I used both the low rank and high rank versions of it if I recall correctly, and then upgraded to max with armor shards.

      • I don’t think so either unless it is after Nergigantes.

        I am sure I will try to fight it eventually because I am the type of “Must hunt all the monsters!” even though I am sure I will regret it. /sigh

        I liked the Odogaron set too even though I was using it with a bow. I was playing more with my friends back then and the bow allowed to have less… “friendly hits” than a sword. XD

        I need to hunt the high rank version of him though as I’d like to add that armor set for my collection.

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