Games I’ve been Playing – July 2021

During most of the month of July I had this funky mood where I didn’t really feel like playing games… or do much of anything. This time, what I found entertaining was to read the Pathfinder 2e Core Rules book, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

For people who do not play TTRPGs the idea of reading a book of rules like that may seem boring but I like to delve into new interesting systems and see how they achieve their goals. In the case of Pathfinder 2e I think it does an excellent job of being a game about heroic pseudo-medieval, everything and the kitchen-sink, kind of fantasy. I’d even go as far as to say it is my new favorite for that kind of genre.

Anyway, I did play some video-games this month, not many as I’d like but enough to make this regular monthly post. And those are the ones I will talk about!

P.S.: Blaugust has started and this is my post #1 for it. If you never heard of it, you can read all about it here. The TL;DR version is that it is a kind of challenge/celebration of blogging kind of event for both new bloggers and veterans alike.

Splatoon 2

Marie singing "Climbing in the Skyyyy" while the player shoots at a wall
As much as I appreciate Pearl and Marina, Callie and Marie will always be the my favorite idols in the franchise.

Splatoon 2 is a game I have been horribly neglecting despite the franchise being near and dear to my heart. Then I decided to watch a VTuber called Ninomae Ina’nis (or Ina for short) playing Splatoon 2 and that gave me the itch to play the game again.

Since I am horribly rusty at the game I decided to focus on the story mode first. In part because I never finished it and that is one of those things that was frustrating me. The other reason was so I could recover a semblance of skill before I jump back in multiplayer matches.

Before I returned to the game I thought I was much farther along with the story mode but turns out I hadn’t even finished the first sector! Well, I completed that and I am now at the start of Sector 4.

I was even regaining some skill but then my plans got a bit derailed by ADD and I got completely focused on Fatal Twelve. I will get back to this game soon to at least finish the story mode!

Fatal Twelve

Parca saying "Good evening, my lovely little slaves to fate."
This little phrase doesn’t even begin to show Parca’s cruelty.

I have no idea how I even found out about this game or decided to buy it. I think it was during a sale of visual movel games at I liked the game’s screenshots and description and in my usual impulsiveness decided to buy it.

Whatever the reason I have no regrets about it. Like a lot of visual novels, the story is amazing, the artwork is gorgeous, the voice acting is superb and the soundtrack is perfect.

I decided to start playing this one because I got an itch to play a visual novel, saw it on my library and decided to install it. My original plan was to play it alongside Splatoon 2, spending a few hours on each every night. But then I got so engrossed in the story that I end up playing it exclusively in the last week or so…

I think I am getting near the end of the game now. After that I am not entirely sure yet if I am going to jump into another visual novel or try to finish one of the gazillion games I haven’t finished yet. I will decide that when I get there.

PULSAR: Lost Colony

Someone looking out of the window of the ship while we warped
Names covered to protect the innocent! (?)

This is a game I haven’t heard anything about until a couple friends from my D&D group asked if any of us wanted to join them. I decided to take a look at the game’s store page, thought it was interesting enough and bought it.

If you never heard of it like me, Pulsar is basically an off-brand Star Trek game. But if you don’t want to play Totally-Not-Federation you also have an option for a few other factions like pirates, two different types of corporations and I think even an option to be an independent crew.

Unfortunately it does not have as many choices for species and the UI is a bit confusing. Maybe the latter might be better in VR since the game seems to have been designed for it first.

Nitpicks aside, it can be a fun way to spend a few hours with friends.

Fate Grand Order

Siegfried in his summer attire saying "My clothing is restless. It's telling me that nothing about this city is right."
Believe or not this is not the weirdest of most absurd line uttered in Fate Grand Order.

I swear every time I write about this game I need to do a double check about what events happened that month because there are so many of them that it kind of gets blurry some times. Specially when Re-runs are mixed into it.

Anyway, the month began with the 4th anniversary of the english version of Fate Grand Order. There were the usual amount of improvements, additions and other kinds of updates. Among the additions, one of the most interesting is that they added a bunch of one and two star servants to the Friend Point Summon pool.

To be honest, I will probably not use most of them unless I am either curious or are there are really extenuating circumstances. The exception might be Chen Gong whose Noble Phantasm gimmick of sacrificing an ally might be useful for some strategies. But I still liked to see who they decided to add as characters to the game.

There was also the traditional Lucky Bag which gives a guaranteed 5 stars servant from a list and this year I got Ivan the Terrible. He wasn’t even in my list of servants I was interested in but a new addition to my roster is a new addition so I am not complaining!

After that there was the Re-Run of the Summer 2020 event. I was afraid it was going to be an horrible grind like during the original run but fortunately it wasn’t that bad. The fights still took too long for my tastes but at least I didn’t have to grind as much as I feared would be required to buy everything I wanted from the event shop.

Right after that the Summer 2021 event started. It has been around for only a few days now and so far it doesn’t look it will be nearly as bad as the 2020 event, at least as far as grind goes. The fights still feel a bit too long though.

In any case, I am enjoying the story portion of the Summer 2021 event so far. Like always, I am amazed how FGO can make the mostly insane plots somehow work and make it so funny.

Oh, and this morning I got lucky with the gacha and got myself Merlin. I’ve been trying to roll for him pretty much in pretty much every rate-up banner with him and Lucky Bag but he never answered my summons. I thought it would be the same this morning but luck was on my side this time!

With this addition to my roster I have all the current big support servants. Now I just need to grind all the embers and QP to level him and his skills up.

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