Games I’ve been playing – July 2022

This post is one day late because I decided to spend the day yesterday recharging. Sunday my group started testing Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. I had lots of fun but it was still a social event and as a huge introvert it still drained some of my energy. Thus the need for resting.

As far as video-games are concerned though, there wasn’t that much variety. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing but it does make for short posts.

So here is what I have been up to in terms of playing:

Persona 4 Golden

Kanji saying how he wants to become someone that his mother and friends can be proud of.
We are already proud of you, Kanji!

I am pretty close to the end of the game. There is only one mystery left to solve!

The problem is I made the mistake of blowing up all my money buying as many costumes as I could. Now I don’t have the money to resummon old personas to fuse into the last personas I need to fill the compendium and get the achievement for that. And I don’t have enough patience to grind the money or the required personas for it.

So the game been on hold for a while. However I’ve been pondering about just not worry about it, finish the game and then try to fill the compendium during the inevitable New Game+. Specially because there is one Social Link I wasn’t able to get to maximum in this save and I don’t know if there will be some special event to get that or if I missed something in the walkthrough and now it is impossible to do it. If it is the latter that is another thing I’d have to resolve in a New Game+ and more reason for me to just finish the game as-is.

This is something I need to think a bit more about.


A villager that sells armor
Good-bye furnace engines! I liked your concept but hated your implementation. And yes, I am aware this is a terrible screenshot to display them but it is the only one I have with the device in actual use.

On a whim I decided to check out what was added to the latest version of one of my favorite mods, Create. Version 0.5.0c of the mod has some pretty good additions. My favorite is the steam engine which substitutes the furnace engine. It looks like it can be a much more compact and easy to make setup than the ones we had to make with a furnace engine.

The only problem is this version of Create is available only for Minecraft version 1.18.2. I was playing on version 1.16.5. So, you can guess what happened next. Yes, I re-started on a new world with a version 1.18.2. More details about it Soon ™.

Fate Grand Order

Asclepius explaining how the zombie he just found out was just an ordinary one and how he was bringing it to his laboratory for research.
Even the side stories of the Summer 2022 event were really hilarious!

I really should just check the wiki to make sure I am accurately talking about the events that happened in the previous month. However I am in a bit of a rush to get this post out I will just go by memory instead.

So, first there was the anniversary event. To be honest I was only expecting the usual Lucky Bag gacha and completely didn’t consider the amount of new systems that were added to the game. How naive of me!

Anyway, my goal for the Lucky Bag was to get Arjuna (Alter), possibly the most OP damage dealer in the game right now. Another alternative would be Qin Shi Huang who is probably the current king of stalling, if you know how to use him.

I didn’t get either. Instead, I got Sima Yi (Reines) which is honestly a pretty good support servant. Specially if there is a node where you need to bring support but bringing a Caster could be too dangerous. Because of that I am not salty about what I got. Miyu Edelfelt also came as a spooky. No idea how good or bad she is and honestly I will probably never use her as I have more interesting Casters to play with.

Altria (Caster), a.k.a. Castoria, also came with this update, changing the meta towards Arts servants. Somehow I managed to get her and I am pretty happy. Some of my favorite servants are Arts type and with Altria (Caster) I have been able to make them shine like never before.

It is also interesting to see a version of Altria that is seems to be more chill than her other versions.

Lastly, there was the usual Summer event for this year. I loved how they parodied a bunch of different horror movie tropes with it. They also did a very clever plot twist that at first I thought was some kind of bug then as it kept occurring made me wonder what the explanation would be and it paid off really well!

I also really love the whole senpai/kouhai dialogue between Yu Mei-ren and the main character. Speaking of her, Yu Mei-ren was the welfare servant this time, as a Lancer. A pretty good one at that too. Which is kinda ironic since her original version, as an assassin, is pretty weak right now.

This was also one of the few events where I couldn’t be bothered with the Challenge quest. I just took a look at the write-up for it over at Gamepress and gave up. It just felt too much like a pain. Maybe next year I will try it when the inevitable event re-run comes.

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