Games I’ve been playing – June 2019

I almost forgot to write this post. I haven’t been sleeping all that well in these last few days and Shadowbringers, the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, is the only thing that has been in my lately. And no, the sleeping problem isn’t because I have been up late playing the expansion. :p

Anyhoo, this is what I’ve been up in the last month:

Final Fantasy XIV

Here, have a screenshot of Nero looking derp in a cutscene

I got Machinist to level 70 a few weeks before the expansion release. Unfortunately I haven’t been in the best of mental states too and for that reason I haven’t done my usual recap of the level 60-70 story yet. I will try to do it Soon ™.

The only other goal I was able to complete was to do the World of Darkness raid, which finishes the Crystal Tower storyline. Despite my allergies to raiding, all three Crystal Tower raids were pretty fun. Although I imagine it was just because that content is stupidly easy nowadays. XD

More than that I wasn’t able to do as I couldn’t  get myself to log in and play due to said mental issues. Even Shadowbringers I had to initially force myself to login and play since I wanted to get as far into the story as possible least people start to spoil it. Fortunately the expansion has been so good that it lifted my humor quite a bit. I will try to write a first impression about it in the next few days. 🙂

Fate Grand Order

Onigashima ended but the grind to buy stuff in the event shop were too much for me so this time I wasn’t able to get everything. Besides the extra copies of Kintoki (Rider) to get his Noble Phantasm to level 5 and the extra copies of the Craft essence all I could buy were a few of the materials. I did complete the damage point ladder though (which was pretty easy) and for the first time I was able to beat the Challenge Quest too (which was also surprisingly easy).

Right after it ended they released the new singularity, Women of Agartha. I went in ready to hate it because that seemed to be how everyone felt about it. As I went through it I didn’t feel any strong feelings about it. The story just felt a bit too on the nose and repetitive with its themes.

The only things that were entertaining was the dialogue of a couple characters and the Berserker of El Dorado parts. Then I got to a part that really made me hate it. Not only that but also made me hate the servant in question too. So much that if they ever spook me I am burning them on sight.

The rest of the singularity after that continued to be on the meh side. I hope the next singularity is better. Also, when it release I should avoid any kind of forums about Fate Grand Order as I got spoiled on a few twists on this one even on threads I thought were safe to read!

Now I am back to just doing my dailies until the Summer Event starts.

Devil May Cry 5

Dante pulling a Michael Jackson was the most unexpected thing in this game. At the same time also felt completely in-character.

I wanted to finish this game before the end of June but, once more, due to mental issues I haven’t been able to. I think I have one or two more missions before to finish it.

I am still curious about how the story will end however. So far it has been pretty good and the twist with V was one I couldn’t see despite it being right under my nose the whole time! I blame it on not being to knowledgeable about the series which I intend to correct eventually. :p

I also loved Dante in this game. He is probably my favorite of the protagonists both in terms of personality and gameplay. Which is another motivation for me to play the other games in the series.

That was it for this month. The next one might end up just being nothing but Final Fantasy XIV due to the expansion! Well, and Fate Grand Order I suppose since those dailies and events won’t play themselves! XD

Honorable Mention: Azur Lane

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