Games I’ve been playing – June 2020

I honestly thought I’d be able to finish at least a couple more games this month. But then I got distracted with modding Skyrim (more about it below) and all my plans went downhill.

Oh well, it wasn’t a bad month for gaming either way. I did make some progress in the games I cared the most and got to play a few others with friends. Plus there was the Steam Games Festival, which albeit short, was a nice way to get introduced to a bunch of great new games too.

With all that said, here are some thoughts on the games I’ve played this month:


There are only two things I expect every time Monokuma shows up: trouble and bad jokes.

This is a game I actually started a long time ago then my controller broke and I put it aside. I got a new controller but didn’t immediately go back to it, months (maybe years?) passed, and the new controller broke.

But recently I really wanted to play it again since a friend of mine just did that and was posting screenshots of the game over on Twitter and Discord. So I decided to just improvise with a PS4 controller until the new one I ordered for the PC arrived. And yes, I know I could play it with a mouse and controller since I got the PC version but for some reason I just prefer to play it with a controller.

I decided to restart it from scratch since I didn’t remember what button did what anymore or the trial’s mechanics. Currently I am the start of Chapter 2. This was one of the games I was hoping to finish before the month was over or at least get to the point where I originally stopped at but ADD got the best of me. I suppose this was too unrealistic of a goal. /sigh

Skyrim Special Edition

I lost count of the times I went through this road

It has been a long time since I played Skyrim but I got a bit of an itch to do it and I already had a save that wasn’t too far into the game. So I figured I might as well continue with it, get some more achievements unlocked and just play it very casually.

Unfortunately during the Steam Games Festival I accidentally updated Skyrim which meant that some of my almost an year old mods had to be updated too. Now if I had some common sense I’d just update the required mods and continue playing. Which I did just to finish the Companion’s questline as I was near the end of it anyway and I hadn’t unlocked the achievement for that in the Special Edition yet.

After that I decided to throw away that save and make some changes to my mod list. That decision was influenced mostly because of some must-have mods from the original Skyrim being finally ported to the Special Edition by their authors but also from discovering some new to me mods that I wanted to give a try.

What followed next was about a week or so of downloading mods, installing them and testing. Much to my surprise it got to near 250 mods. At least the ESPs and ESLs and discounting retextures and such files. In actual numbers the ESPs are about 180 or so mods with the rest being flagged ESLs. And of those ESLs the vast majority are compatibility patches. I doubt most of these will even survive one full playthrough too. With any luck I might get the urge of dropping them before that and ruining yet another save file.

Believe it or not I did restrain myself a little. There were some mods I thought were too frivolous right now for me while there are some others that I intend to test in a future playthrough, once I unlocked some other achievements.

I already played it for a few hours and the game hasn’t crashed or imploded under the weight of all those mods. We’ll see if it keeps like that.

Fate Grand Order

That is at the same time amazing and disgusting

The month in FGO started with the GUDAGUDA Legend of the Imperial Grail. Much to my surprise the main story of the event was actually serious instead of the usual silliness of the GUDAGUDA events. The new welfare servant, Sakamoto Ryouma was pretty interesting too. His… partner, for lack of a better term, Oryou is even better. At first I thought she was a vampire but her true nature turned out to be something very different.

The epilogue of the event though was the usual GUDAGUDA craziness and fourth-wall breaking, which I loved.

The only thing I didn’t like about the event much is that I couldn’t finish most fights as fast as I would like to. Guess I am not as good at this game as I thought. Maybe next year when it comes back I will be better.

After the event they released Chapter 2 of Part 2, Götterdämmerung. They are continuing the trend of making it more story-heavy, which has only been a good thing for this game. I am also still liking how they are making these Lost Belts feel far more dangerous and strange than the Singularities of Part 1 even if in practical terms they aren’t all that different.

I am about a little over the halfway point in the story. With any luck I will finish this chapter this week.

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane, Civilization 6, Tabletop Simulator, Trouble in Terrorist Town

Progress: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Chapter 14)

Finished: To the Moon

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  1. I feel you on the Danganronpa games, I was hoping to finish the first game too last month but I didn’t get around to it because of life and other entanglements. (ಸ_ಸ) Hopefully this month there will be headway

    • That sucks! I hope life is less hectic for you this month.

      I will try to finish it this month too. Got my new controller for the PC and I am itching to test it out!

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